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Celebrating with Buckeyes


I could ‘subtitle’ this post: “Partying with the Younger Crowd.” We

were going to a big Sugar Bowl party.  I was excited to be included

by my youngest daughter. I would be rooting for Ohio State Buckeyes

to beat the Alabama Crimson Tide. Both my brother and my friend

who works at the Columbus Dispatch at the Sports Desk felt we had

little chance of winning but both texted me frequently over the eve.


I was the D.D. for the after New Year’s Eve party celebration in the

basement of a fun, pizza serving bar called “Zeno’s.” My youngest

daughter and I were coming off a high from just having watched a

finely written and acted movie called, “The Imitation Game.”


We had followed my junk food movie snacks up with a stop at Ruby

Tuesdays for a nice, healthy salad bar.  She is one of the healthy,

gluten-free, fresh ingredients, low sugar, group of smoothie-drinking

vegetarians who sometimes include fish or eggs in their diets.


We found first rate Columbus parking, in a No Towing area. Unlike a

late arrival friend who had to literally walk a mile to the bar!  (Later,

we drove her back and discovered she was not kidding!) We waded

through the first packed floor of varied ages. I noticed there were a

couple of men I would have to stop with me and flirt with them. We

sallied forth to our destination. There were only a handful of fellow

workers from the restaurant. I was the one who spotted the string of

white Christmas lights and plugged them in, I checked out the three

steps in the women’s bathroom, leading upward from the sink to sit

on a ‘throne.’ When I later reported this bizarre restroom, I was told

by a tall, lanky man that the same situation is set up in the men’s

room.  He had me imagine men stooping down to not hit their heads

on the short ceiling level. Standing up has its down sides, at times.


I ordered a seltzer water with a slice of lime in it from Jessie, a

patient barkeep. We were amidst the fellow servers of an upscale

restaurant, where they had all worked New Year’s Eve. Their one day

off having planned and gathered extra money to reserved their own

‘place under the sun’ or ‘spot under the rafters’ of a stomping and

exuberant crowd of Buckeyes upstairs. We became more excited as

our numbers increased. I like to develop characters and watch other

people so here are some of my impressions of the young people.


There was one older woman who had had no children and was their

appointed “Mother Hen” named Mary Beth. There was a man in his

forties with a nice head of hair, a Steve Martin look-alike. Barry stayed

involved in the Beer Pong activities, writing competitors’ names and

scores on a paper taped to the painted cinder block wall.


Here is a list of real names, inspired by Famous People:

1. Mariah- She is wispy and sweet, telling people about their ‘aura’s’

and their ‘spirits.’ Wait for the most unlikely love story to be shared

by her and a man named, Grant. Mariah says the surprise ending was

more on her part, than his. They have plans to marry next year, 2016.


2. Whitney- She is a petite, blonde young girl who is also matched with

an equally unlikely man who is possibly the polar opposite of her.

She is so open and forthcoming, hugging me immediately upon being

introduced by youngest daughter. Whitney is a server who brought the

next party-goer who sounds like he walked out of a soap opera. . .


Chance- This thirty year old man is tall, has his head shaved close in

a nice way like a service man. He looks like he belongs in a computer

lab. He was quiet and polite, his conversation and stationary stance

unusual amongst the sports fans. In over four hours, he spent barely

moving except to jump up and down for joy at any progress the Bucks

were able to make. He stood still and tall, his shoulders slim and his

waist narrow, hands in his pockets. He probably is composing a musical

or writing a book in his head. I was unable to break his ‘code of silence.’

Imagine this, who can get almost anyone to blab their life’s secrets.


4. Gabriella (aka “Gabby”)- Dark wavy hair, engaged with the ‘boys’ in

Beer Pong, winning at least two rounds. She was bubbly and warm,

hugging many people in the room. She appeared like a soccer player

in her build and like several of my daughter’s outgoing friends.


5. Grant- He shared a funny love story which melted my heart. I sure

do love men who are open and not guarded. He did describe himself

as a ‘geek’ or a ‘nerd’ in high school. I shared about my Science Club

group and my view of being rather ‘nerdy,’ too. He has thick wavy hair,

was wearing a sweater. Not the typical red or gray OSU t-shirt party-goer.



Now, for the Exotic Names:

1. Yonida- born and raised through her toddler years in Albania, she is

very “American” in her word phrasings and her appearance. She is a

close friend of my youngest daughter, the two of them meeting at a

Fourth of July (2014) party. Although Yonida works at another upscale

restaurant, everyone in this crowded basement with the big screen t.v.

and one woman bartender bar had invited a few extras. Yonida liked

the idea of my getting them in the tunnel, Whitney, Yonida and Felicia,

to take a picture. Since the hallway was brick with wooden paneling

and held a few photos of OSU greats, including Woody Hayes.

So, as most young people do, they decided to ‘look tough’ and pose in

this rugged setting. It is the hall directly under the Zeno’s bar.


2. Jose- The older bus ‘boy’ who helps the waitstaff by clearing tables

and makes jokes that get the servers rolling. I think it is the Spanish

accent, we had a long and convoluted conversation with my usage of

Spanish phrases interspersed with English. How do you say, “party?”



3. Zeke (Ezekial) came from New York, learned from one of the best,

(the upscale restaurant’s owner of several unique and individual

restaurants) how to be a hand-crafted, fresh-flavored Chef. He reminded

me of my son, the one who cooks for Son of Thurman, here in Delaware.

Zeke admitted to two of Felicia’s friends and to me, “I have a crush on

your daughter.” He is not Italian or Greek but has the dark, brooding

look and is actually Jewish in descent, but not in practice.


4. Jade- She does not want to be a server forever, she proclaimed this

as soon as we started chatting. She is a petite, long-haired sensitive

young woman who thinks she wants to be a teacher someday. She has

two years of art college and has a Yoga Instructor license. She is one who

admires my youngest daughter’s business acumen and wished she had

completed her art college. She will go back and get a Bachelor’s degree,

she says in teaching Art. I believe in her, I can see the potential of her

truly making her ‘mark’ in the world. I told her there are many children

who need art, since it is one of the most fun places to be, especially those

who don’t ‘test’ well or are floundering in their reading skills. She told me

that she is worried (as so many of my fellow bloggers are) at the way that

schools take funding away from worthy projects and subjects such as Art,

Music and Gymnastics. Literature is not always valued as it should be.

You can tell, I spent a lot of time talking to Jade! She was an ‘old soul.’


Love Story:

“First Impressions Mix-Up”


Grant led with the simple truth of, “I guess you must believe in the fact

that people should not judge a book by its cover.” He went on to say that

Mariah seemed very confident, ‘clique-ish’ and ‘snobby.’ Grant gave me

what he considered a ‘valid’ example,

“I sat beside her one entire day of orientation and she did not even turn

her head in my direction. Not even once.”


Grant told me, when I told him I had a smart, funny son who sometimes

was like him. I mentioned that Jamie is quiet until you get to know him.

This helped Grant to open up more to say,

“I guess it is true, we sometimes ‘carry a chip on our shoulders,’ maybe

due to actions of others, that remind us of someone from our past. I

was predicting and stereotyping since she is ‘drop dead gorgeous.'”

“Mariah seemed to look right through me,” was another response,

he shared with me.


Before I share how these two got together, I will contrast Mariah’s image

of Grant. Mariah felt he was,  “stuck on himself” and “almost arrogant.”

She does not remember ever sitting next to him at orientation. She is a

little embarrassed to be asked about her memory of their restaurant

orientation. It is part of what people ask her now that they are engaged.

She admits, she may have been ‘distracted,’ since she was ‘getting over

someone else.’


Mariah is an out-going young attractive woman, who may have intimidated

Grant. Grant is also a nice looking young man who is very intelligent but may

have a negative self image.


It was funny since Grant also exuded confidence and was polite as to call me,

“Miss Robin,” along with calling the other older server, “Miss Mary Beth.”


So, here is the hilarious and simple way the two young people found each

other as told by Mariah:

“Three months after we had worked together, Grant was standing by the

coffee station, cleaning all of its parts in boiling water. It was the end of the

shift, I approached Grant and said verbatim,

“Hey Grant, do you want to come to our rolling party in the PDR?”


“Grant stopped what he was doing, looked at me intensely (Mariah still talking)

and said,

‘Did you say ‘robot party’ because I am IN!!  And where is the PDR?'”


Mariah rolls her eyes, glancing at Grant who is talking to Zeke.

“Honestly, how can a man work as a server for OVER Three Months

and not know about rolling silverware or the Private Dining Room? I

was just using a fun tone trying to get him back there to join us in

rolling silverware!!”


Grant told me his version,

“So, I am already cleaning an area, while the girls are supposed to be

rolling silverware, and Mariah asks me to a party. What was I supposed

to think? I got excited, maybe she was into science fiction and would be

having a robot party. I was serious. No, I had no clue about when they

go into the Private Dining Room their abbreviated way of saying this. Nor

did I know about their calling this process,  a ‘party.'”


Grant felt she was so friendly and cute, standing there that he went

back to the PDR and sat right next to her, asked her several questions

about where she grew up and her high school, this helped finally to

‘melt the ice’ between them. They fell for each other after that.


Mariah saw him as a very articulate and interesting man, someone

who would be a nice change from the athletic guys. She felt ‘bossed

her around’ and were ‘very pushy’ in their personal behavior. She

finished the story with her own warm summary to me,


“It’s a shame because we lost three months to spend time together.

But, for me (Mariah), the lessons are:

‘Everyone has an interesting potential,’ and ‘Don’t be closed to

opportunities to connect.'”

The end or beginning of Grant and Mariah’s Love Story.


The end of my well spent four and a half hours can be summed up as

having been engaged in lively discourse and rowdy team spirit. I had

eaten six (or 8?) wings, half were medium hot wings and half were

pineapple teriyaki.

A young man, not named above, had a few so I lost count of my basket


I had a few sips of my youngest daughter’s mixed drink, but had a 2nd

water with lime and hydrated. It was surprisingly hot in the basement.

Some were playing beer pong, some were swearing, others were shouting

in their excitement (we won by a very close score) and when a manager

stood by me, I exclaimed,

“You have an incredible work group gathered here, this shows such a

great team spirit. I get the feeling you all become ‘family’ and a lot has

to do with the leadership, an equal amount has to do with such amazing

people you chose to be employees.”

He smiled and nodded. Then Greg said,

“The corporation is run by someone who worked his own way up through

the ranks. He is very encouraging of self-growth and hopes everyone will

find their own paths.”


I hope you had a fantastic New Year’s Eve! The sports ‘after party’ was

a great outing. I enjoyed the time with family, friends and Mom this year.









Slurred Speech


The Dark Side of Comedy

While laughing and coming up with a wide selection of old time shows

that were either variety and/or talk shows, we came upon a somber

moment. My coworkers and I had listed The Jackie Gleason Show, which

included a funny character named, “Crazy Guggenheim.” We had also talked

about how many of the talk show ‘hosts’ or ‘hostesses’ held cigarettes

in their fingers or had a amber colored beverage in their glasses.

Who doesn’t remember Dean Martin, for example, having a drink in

his hand?

By the way, Frank Fontaine portrayed Crazy Guggenheim on both the

Jackie Gleason and Jack Benny shows. He died of 58 years old, about

to donate a check for heart disease studies. His heart attack was

a shock to those who loved him. He knew how to sing well, having

filled a whole album of the songs he sang, while Jackie G. portrayed

his famous alter ego, “Joe the Bartender.” Frank F. was famous for

his slurred speeches, his drunken behavior and his bug-eyed look

and facial expressions.

We thought that it was interesting how times ‘had changed’ and

decided there were “pro’s” and “con’s” to the past.

Let me insert a famous line from the movie, “A Night at the Opera,”


“Let there be dancing in the streets, drinking in the saloons, and

necking in the parlor.”

This line was spoken by Groucho Marx, in his portrayal of the film’s

character, Otis B. Driftwood.

We know now that famous people are just like us, in many ways.

We also realize that, although there were “Time” and “Newsweek”

magazines trying to bring to the forefront of the population,

the downfalls of alcohol, drugs, gambling and smoking, there were

many disregarding the after effects, side effects and we did not

have such a stigma attached to these ‘bad’ habits. Two of us at my

lunch table on Thursday, became rather sad and quiet. They were

reflecting on recalled deaths of family members due to smoking and

cancer. One of us had experienced abusive, “mean drunks” for parents.

We decided that addictions, such as these, are still not considered

as ‘big of a deal.’ Society, in some ways, continues to ‘brush them

under the table.’

Even the subject of rehabilitation has had its lighter comedic film

moments. People either laugh, due to the antics and situations that

don’t seem real or out of being uncomfortable. It is hard to explain

why we laugh when someone runs into a wall, falls off a roof, or

trips and does a pratfall.

Treatment for the addictions, in the form of actually facing that

these ARE diseases, is important. Still, we felt a little sad

about the fun we had, when young and felt ‘invincible’ and our

lives, for the most part, had been impermeable to the aging

results of sometimes almost impossible challenges.

Slurred speech, in the ways a person sometimes cannot help it,

while in persons who have had a stroke, live with the challenge

of disabilities and speech delays are NOT FUNNY! We would not

laugh, hopefully, when someone has a speech ‘impediment!’

We still felt a little ambiguous, as we thought back upon the

variety of comedy skits that made us roar with uncontrollable

laughter. Melvin admitted to sometimes, while in the armed

forces, being drunk and thinking it was funny when his buddies

and he pulled pranks while drunk. It is considered a serious

offense, and if caught, these days, you could be court-martialed!

Melvin remarked, that in the ‘old war stories’ of the past, often

there would be stories of men ‘letting off steam.’ We also agreed

that the Viet Nam war movies, seemed to include a prevalent use

of drugs.

Who can forget Crazy Guggenheim’s humorous lines, his leaning

into a person, while breathing out his alcoholic breath? Who

cannot forget when there have been famous movies, with drunken

scenes, sometimes with innocent types of sloppy behaviors?

Who can forget the drunken orgies in “Animal House?”

Who has seen and enjoyed some teenaged or college-aged

movies (or personal memories) where it was very funny being

drunk or being around people who were high?

Who did not laugh (if they are above 40 years old) at Cheech

and Chong’s movie, “Up in Smoke?”

Adding, “Arthur,” with Dudley Moore and The Benny Hill Show,

to the mix, we had international connections of drinking in

movies and television shows.

I have seen Doris Day, Sandra Dee, Humphrey Bogard, Elizabeth

Taylor, Richard Burton and other classic actors and actresses

who have done scenes where they portrayed alcoholics. Some

were quite dramatic and serious roles with “mean” and “sloppy”

drunken roles as their focus. Yet, some were fun ‘romp’ movies

where the drunks were silly.

A lot of comedies include either drugs, alcohol or addictions,

going over the top in their portrayals.

There are also famous movies with the dark and angry side of

the picture:

“Days of Wine and Roses” and “Leaving Las Vegas” come to mind.

We have moved forward in some ways, then stepped back, too.

After all, we still have three “Hangover” movies…

I still will watch comedy sketches with the Saturday Night

Live crew, some who are great at making me laugh, acting

silly while stumbling around and falling down drunk.

Super Bowl XLVIII Menu


The Next Great Excuse to Party On! February 2, 2014

I have made a fairly comprehensive list of all the

delicious choices to have at a smorgasbord or potluck

event! I hope you will consider hiring a teenager to

supervise the younger children, purchasing juices in

non-staining colors like white grape juice or apple

juice, other finger foods that are not on the following

list to serve, if you allow children to tag along with

their adult parents.

I also encourage to plan ahead and have two areas, if

possible, to have the Super Bowl football game playing.

One, of course, will be for the diehard fans that don’t

like too much commentary, chatting or just aimless

conversation! I am a big fan of the commercials, the

sometimes great but always entertaining Half Time Show.

I am not so much of a follower of the blow by blow football

plays, so I would hang out with the aimless conversers,

and don’t lecture me, but usually the women who are in this


You can make a menu and divide these choices up or you can

contemplate the audience of guests, check your budget and

figure what is best for all out of these scrumptious choices!

1. Guacamole dip and tortilla chips. I love black bean tortilla

chips! I also like hummus… there are many dips that are natural

and have elements of healthy ingredients to include. Veggies to

dip in these could also be set out.

2. Jalapeno poppers. I love the smell of these, for some reason

these spicy little things get my mouth salivating, when I smell

them baking in the oven.

3. A huge submarine sandwich, cut into 3-4″ slices. This can

include all sorts of deli meats, cheeses, vegetables and a

sprinkle of Italian dressing. Mmmmm…!

4. Pizzas! Endless choices here.

5. A crock pot of chili can be served with side toppings,

such as sour cream, grated cheeses, chives or onions, and

tortilla or Frito chips. I also think an inexpensive side

can be a pan of hot dogs and hot dog buns.

6. Baked Potato Skins. Again, some of the side toppings

used in the chili suggestions can be used, along with

bacon bits and peppers.

7. Meatballs in tomato sauce or barbecue sauce

or Small wieners in a chili/grape jelly mix prepared

ahead in a crock pot. Another hamburger possibility,

but is kind of messy, is sloppy joes.

8. Deviled Eggs. This is sometime, in some areas,

a tradition for any and all family/friends’ gatherings.

9. Bacon Wrapped jalapeno poppers or bacon wrapped

water chestnuts with a maple syrup glaze. Yummy!

10. Quesadillas and the different side ingredients.

11. Cheese dips or cheese balls. Crackers or bread

sticks are good, along with those tortilla chips.

12. Chicken Wings! With sauces on or on the side.

I like mild Frank’s Hot Sauce prepared in a pan with

a tablespoon or so of butter, then each piece dipped

and baked. Once out of the oven, a good blue cheese

dressing with celery sticks to “cool” off your mouth

served on the side.

What’s your favorite dish to eat?

What’s your favorite dish to bring?

Here are some All Star Football Players’/Broadcasters’

Favorites that are recommendations from an article I saved

from January, 2012.

1. Steve Young recommends Bean Dip.

2. Terry Bradshaw recommends his family’s Ribs and Beans.

3. Roger Staubach’s choice is Chili.

4. Vince Young recommends a Short Rib Chili.

5. Dan Marino’s Pasta Bolognese.

6. Barry Saunders suggests Chocolate Cookies.
(Hey, in my list above, I forgot desserts!)

7. Brett Favre serves Jambalaya at football


8. Mike Ditka recommends having Pork Chops.

9. Jerry Rice suggests Sticky Honey Wings.

Mainly, enjoy and have fun! Hope you have a little

friendly rivalry. I hope that you will drink and

imbide responsibly. If you have to work the next

day, take care and be prepared to get up for work,

maybe with protein and/or your needed ‘after drinking


Please have a designated driver, if you intend

to get carried away!

Wine, women and song


While talking about Santa making a “Naughty or Nice” list for behaviors,

Melvin asked which list he would be on. He launched into a story that

would  (I am fairly sure) make him land on the “Naughty” list! This Army

game was played in Germany, initiating and also, landing a few of his

buddies in trouble.

Over thirty years ago, Melvin served in the military. He started by telling

of his adventures in many European countries. He and his pals had plenty

of dark beer or ale, wine, women and music in all sorts of unusual places.

While traveling around, I found it interesting to find this out, on a bus,

the men would sing songs and talk to the women upon this form of

transportation. He says that the Europass or European railway service was

more expensive than the bus, so that is the way these men ‘rolled.’

They were able to go on weekend furloughs to Spain and Portugal. Then,

another time, to Scotland and England. While going to Holland, they ended

up visiting several places that sold Hummel figurines, for less than found in

Germany. They also would chat to the local women, maybe this “cheaper”

form of transportation had more than one benefit, occasionally. This was

implied but the main story will be told and its title should be:

“The Ironing Board Game”

So, before I retell Melvin’s game story, have any other servicemen heard of

this wild and wicked game?

On weekends while the men stayed on base, there would be lots of alcohol

flowing. Melvin would go to the commissary and purchase the stronger stuff,

while some of the other guys and gals would get beer and wine coolers.

One man, Bob, whose wife had recently come over to live on base with his

husband in the service was “kept on a tight leash.” Melvin felt sorry for the

guy and asked him if he could come to one particularly well-planned party.

They were going to have a luau with a wide variety of musical choices, food

and liberal amount of liquid libations flowing. Bob’s wife, as all servicemen’s

spouses, was invited. He lived upstairs from Melvin and yet, he really did not

expect the guy to show up.

One game, Melvin told us, that “worked out best for newbies or ones who had

never been to their parties” was sort of like an initiation, it was meant all in

fun, it was a way of letting off steam. None of the married guys were encouraged

to be unfaithful or hire a prostitute while off base. Melvin says their were strict

moral codes and practices among the Army men and women.

When Bob walked in, everyone was happy to see him out and about. The D.J.

for the night, one of the guys put on a rock and roll record on the stereo and

turned up the volume. Bob, as Melvin put it, knew he only had a certain amount

of time, so he made the best of it by immediately going to the “bar” they had

set up, skipping the food table. He was soon “doing shots” and getting a lot of

attention from the guys who were in his group.

One woman, Shirley, asked if anyone would like to volunteer to participate in a

game called the “Ironing Board Game?”

Bob, who liked to flirt and tease, when he was on his own, answered with a

resounding and loud,  “I will!”

Shirley took Bob’s hand and led him back down the hallway to the bedroom.

Within minutes, drunken Bob was coming out of the bedroom in a sheer

negligee that came just at the end of where boxer shorts would land. Shirley

followed him with a real ironing board and threw it on the floor. She was

used to being the one who would get men to participate in this game, being

attractive and fun-loving, Melvin said.

A man named Dick told the rules, they go like this,

“Shirley will blindfold you, she will place your feet on either side of the

ironing board. You will try to straddle the board, waddling to the end,

if you make it that far without stumbling we will give you an award!”

Bob got blindfolded, just as that happened the phone rang.

Melvin said, “I answered it and told Bob’s wife he was in the bathroom,

he would call back in a few minutes. She asked me, ‘Did you know I gave

him a 60 minutes’ time limit?'” I told her, ‘He will be a little late, he is

busy at the moment.'”

Bob made it almost to the end of the ironing board and another single

woman slid down behind him, quietly lying down on the board, stifling

a giggle. Shirley took off the blindfold and put a plastic medal on a red

ribbon around Bob’s neck and said, “Congratulations, Bob, you made it

without falling onto Mary!” He turned around and saw her lying on the

floor, now roaring! Bob’s head was filled with the images from her view-

point of his private parts and his rear came into his mind.

Melvin said that “Bob turned a bright red, looked really embarrassed and

seemed to sober up quick! He grabbed his ‘jewels’ and started back towards

the bedroom.”

And of course, we  listeners started to see what the end result would be

but we waited for it.

Yep! The apartment door was flung wide open, slamming against the thin,

poorly constructed Army base apartment wall. Bob’s wife “looked searchingly

around the room of dummies, trying to see her own “dummy” and didn’t see

him. She immediately surmised that he must have gone in the direction of the

bedroom, heading there on hurried feet.

By the way,” Melvin added, “the D.J. turned the record off and the entire party

fell silent. You could hear a pin drop!”

Bob’s wife went into the bedroom and found him stark naked, trying to get

the negligee untangled around his feet. She looked in the closet, under the

bed and could not find any woman in the room! The partyers were listening

as she opened and shut doors, going into the hallway and checking for what

she thought would be another guilty, naked person.

She was upset and shouted and probably could have been heard outside and

down the road,

“Where is she?!”

Well, Shirley had not followed Bob into the bedroom, she was over at the

“bar” having a stiff drink and laughing about the whole escapade of  tricking

poor, ole’ Bob into playing the Ironing Board Game.

Melvin and all of us were laughing heartily at lunch. I wondered aloud if she

thought he was a “cross dresser?”

Melvin said, “Oh she believed the worst, I am sure, of the situation! Because

Bob was never in the next 3 years allowed to come to a party nor was

he allowed to speak to ME!”

Tammy asked, “Were there others that Shirley conned into playing this

game after Bob? Didn’t she feel guilty for the end result?”

Melvin said, “That sort of thing didn’t really cross any of our minds, back

then, it was just all in good fun! So, of course, we continued this and we

even had one drunken man play this twice! He had forgotten about the

way the woman laid down while the man is blindfolded! Now, that was

hilarious! Talk about a dumb son of a gun! There were some other pranks

and wild games that I may tell you about another day!”


Crazy, wild weekend memories…


Am recovering from a fun activity that involves drinking shots of

Captain Morgan’s spiced rum whenever a particular team gets

a home run! Not going to alienate my readers by saying any

political, religious or favorite home teams’ names!

Also, big group of multiple age groups downstairs playing beer

pong! Not me!

Anyway, definitely not a good idea after fifty to try this.

You end up eating as much as possible hoping to absorb the

alcohol, round up 4 pillows and practically sit up to sleep or until

the room spins, rest uncomfortably.

A person mentioned that was at this drunken gathering he remembered

he last time this happened it was winter. He said he actually saw a guest

walk up in a complete daze to the Christmas tree and pee on it!


That tipsy man thought he was outside and possibly invisible to other


What a crazy party house my gym teacher friend has!

I will tell you that I did have a weird encounter at the same social setting

where someone was sure that I was their neighbor and having an

affair with their other neighbor. I am wacky and witless but my moral

compass is still intact!

No worries, I got that straightened out!

I am not at home so I feel like my brain is made of mush…. sorry.

I will fill you in on any other memories should they still be with me

once I sober up.