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Suburbia Police Stories: Escort Service and Tree Poisoning


I was up over Labor Day weekend, reading many articles that my Mom,

God bless her, saves for me. She is very excited about my “blogging

career!” She calls it that! She found some nice articles about nature,

fishing and this one was on a page of the local “Police Beat blotter.”

I am going to type it word for word, leaving no room for different

interpretations. These are the facts, simply the facts!

“Weslake, Ohio:

Escort Adventure, Cahoon Road.

Reports vary about what occurred after a self-described “lonely”

26 year old called an escort service for some companionship on

August 21, 2013.

As could reasonably be predicted, a dispute arose over what

exactly was agreed to with the Cleveland woman, 20, who arrived.

A Cleveland man, 32, drove her to the scene and collected the

amount of $145 fee up front.

After dancing in a manner reminiscent of Salome, she either was

(or wasn’t) given a $100 tip, which then either was (or wasn’t) taken

back by the “lonely” guy.

The dancer then either demanded (or didn’t) a framed picture of an

elephant as compensation. The caller also supposedly requested

(or didn’t) some sexual contact. The female and her driver were sent

on their way; the prosecutor will rule on a possible menacing charge,

due to the threats made by both sides during the encounter.”

Now, I am going to say, first off, Isn’t it cool how my Mom saved this

for me?

Next, aren’t there more than the usual embellishments in this police

report? I was shocked at the way the writer included the way the

woman danced like Salome. I mean, isn’t that taking the liberty and

privacy away? Also, that each side of the story was so obviously told

in opposite fashions. Also, does this mean escorts can be minors?

It mentions her age as 20 years old!

I have another short Police Beat blotter story that is not quite as

sensational but is very intriguing because of its totally off the wall

uniqueness. I hope this one will tickle your funny bone!

“Westlake, Ohio:

Tree Concerns, Hunters Point Lane.

A resident suspects her neighbor of trying to poison her cottonwood

tree and has gotten several city departments involved. After the Fire

Department, city arborist and a private tree-trimming company

examined the tree and did not confirm her suspicions, she called the

police. The woman’s video surveillance system recorded a man in her

yard on August 18, 2013. Police looked into the matter, and the

neighbor she thinks is involved denied any involvement with her tree

or being in her yard.”

I want to know more about this! Does the woman have to pay those

city employees for their time? Does the neighbor who was caught on

her video surveillance tape, get into trouble for lying? I mean if he

was caught on tape, doesn’t that mean he did something?

I am laughing and hopefully, you are too at these antics in the

nice suburb of Westlake, Ohio.

Just when you thought you had heard

it all!