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Typing Class troublemakers


The class sounds so archaic: “Typing 101.” In our classroom,

my high school friends and I had a blast there! I am talking

about some girls and guys who usually stayed out of trouble and

got excellent grades.

We were the ‘brown nosers’ and the ‘goody two shoes’ most of

our high school career. In this class we were sometimes called

to the front of the class, got low C grades and could barely

concentrate on our assignments!

What made us go a little crazy in typing class? We were assigned

some letter writing tasks that made us decide to not only be a little

creative but a little ‘dirty,’ too. We were writing to each other and

when we would have to hand them in, our typing teacher would

roll her eyes and seem to get exasperated! (Too bad, it is too late

to ask her; “Did we entertain you?” Hope so!)

This is what we wrote about: movies and specifically, our place in

famous peoples’ lives! Each of the young girls in our tight knit group

had chosen a famous person to be married to. So, Becky was Mrs.

Redford, I was Mrs. Newman, Diane was Mrs. Hoffman, etc. We also

included a couple of guys who were happy to be married to Farrah

Fawcett and Cheryl Tiegs.

What on earth was the reason? Because we thought it would make our

letter writing tasks more unique and interesting. So, I could write that

I went to a fantastic movie premiere, checked in with the babysitter on

our car phone and then went to an “after party.” Or I could mention to

my dear friend, Becky, that I needed to borrow that cute red bandana

top to go sit in the grandstands to watch my husband, Paul, race his

car towards the finish line! It made the tasks bearable and fun!

I forget who was married to Steve McQueen but you can bet she wrote

about the amazing stunts he did himself in “Bullitt” or in “Le Mans.”

I also forget all the wandering adventures that Mrs. Warren Beatty

engaged in, but she was every bit as racy and naughty as her husband!

Each of us pushed the indecency a little to include sexual encounters,

swinging experiences and dangerous situations. All while trying to

stay connected as friends and learning about our own sexual desires.


Did you ever engage in such escapism or fantasies while in high school?

Do you want to or dare to comment?

Famous Newlyweds Interview, 1958


I was so pleased that my friend dvr’d the show that we

watched on Sunday evening. We had taken a break from

technology and then, played ‘catch up’ on all the things

we ‘missed.’

The famous newlyweds, Joanne and Paul Newman, were

sitting on a sofa in the 1958 black and white interview that

was taken out of the CBS “vault.”  It was shown again on

Sunday morning and made me think of my parents. They

were wed in 1955. Joanne is knitting and listening to her

husband talk about film, directing and acting. She had won

an Academy Award and was not interrupting nor adding too

much to the interview. Paul had said the famous comment

that is quoted often, I will paraphrase it, did not write the

exact words down: Why would I step out on my wife? That

is like having hamburger when you have steak at home! I am

sure you have heard that and can check on the accuracy of

the words. (I admit I did not.)

The content is so sweet, how many handsome and popular men

in Hollywood stay married for fifty years? How many men form

a company and have given $330 million dollars away to charities?

The non-profit Newman’s Own company is just another example

of the man’s character. He had a wonderful wife who also had a

great presence, adding to the film world and also, sharing in the

company that does so much.

I write about relationships as part of my journey and yours may also

benefit from the different things that I come across. Did you catch

the interview? I was looking at these unassuming, attractive people

who came back to Ohio from time to time to their alma mater to

promote theatre in the midwestern part of the country. To race cars

at the Midway in Mansfield, Paul created interest.

I like the movie,” Mr.and Mrs. Bridges” showing them in their elderly

acting days. They cannot help but show their love for each other and

Paul’s twinkling eyes brighten when his gaze lands on his wife. We

can look at marriages closer to us and be amazed at the longevity. It

is even more awesome to know that Joanne and Paul made it look

simple and graceful despite, we must admit, challenges that could have

torn their vows asunder.