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Look at the Time!


I like to remember that phrase, “Look at the time!” Do you remember how we

would look at our watches and realize a conversation in a grocery store or

on the sidewalk had suddenly taken quite a lot of time?

Do you remember the advertising slogan, “The watch that takes a licking and

keeps on ticking?” Are there any other name brands of watches that had


How many of you look at your cell phone to see the time? I do this so often

it isn’t funny! I also try to look at the clocks around me, enjoy the variety

of designs. Watches have been around since the 1500’s and it is interesting

to look this subject up on Wikipedia and find so many different kinds of


Rolex watches have such prestige, in my opinion. When I think of Rolex,

I think of someone who is in the business world. There are some who adore

Bulova, Seiko or designer watches. There were the railway conductors who

would shout out, “All aboard!” immediately after flipping open their pocket

watch. My grandfather and my artistic, oldest daughter used to have pocket


There are delicate and expensive watches with diamonds decorating them. My

Mom had a Wittnauer watch with the word, “Quartz” written just above the

6:00 position. I looked up the date when we were first starting to see quartz

run watches, it was 1969. This has more complicated inner workings from the

description of it. My mother’s has a chain to keep it from falling off of

her wrist. I have this running watch in a drawer of my jewelry chest with

a few other memorable watches. This watch still runs years after my mother

put it away, saying it irritated her eczema and she was retired by then. She

and Dad claimed they didn’t need to know the time once they reached that

point in their lives, unless they were meeting someone, expecting company or

wishing to watch a particular television show. I envy and yearn for that

“freedom from ‘watching the clock!'” Or freedom from having a daily set

work schedule to follow…

I admire the beauty of watches, the well made ones with Swiss inner workings,

the gold shiny ones with the numbers in Roman Numerals. I remember my first

watch was a simple Timex with a black leather band that was like a miniature

belt with its little way you hooked it and then tucked the end into a small

loop to keep it from catching on things. I wore that until that watch did

stop ticking!

Last Spring, I cut out an advertisement to inspire me to write a post about

time and the way it passes far too quickly. How minutes, hours, days, years

all seem to quickly slip through our fingers like that silly soap opera that

used to have an hour glass with the sand slipping through the “Days of Our


The bright yellow and neon green Swatches in the saved magazine ad, made me

visualize the seventies and how I used to have an orange Bobbie Brooks’ skirt

and vest made of corduroy. I know my oldest daughter, thoughtfully and so

lovingly, has saved some of those mini skirts of yore in the brightest colors

imaginable! It just seems like yesterday that I chose to wear a Mexican poncho,

with a few stitches and creative tucks as a SKIRT! I wish I had a photograph of

that wild wardrobe that I created from different fabrics, colors and styles.

I was a “hippie child of the love generation” or a “Child of the Universe,”

referring not only to the way I was raised but how I felt during that “Age

of Aquarius.” While I wore a watch during my summer jobs, watched the clock

while attending classes in high school and college, I was less apt to have

a watch on in the evenings and while enjoying my youth. This all depended on

whichever day I was trying to float around and spread happy thoughts amongst my

friends and neighbors!

A Movado watch on a man’s wrist shows great style. A watch may be considered

one of the only acceptable ways of a professional man to demonstrate “jewelry.”

There are many fine companies of watches, my youngest daughter asked for and

received a gorgeous man’s gold watch that looked stunning while she wore the

corporate greys (grays) and blacks of the financial planning world. She chose a

Kenneth Cole watch to be her “brand” worn on her wrist.

Once my youngest daughter graduated from college, she was as far away from my

bright and colorful seventies style. After what seemed the speed of light time

‘warp,” five years in the corporate world and she realized it wasn’t all that

it was ‘cracked up to be!’

She now embraces the natural life of being a health and wellness coach, Pilates

instructor and still serves people, only at a fine dining (healthy foods) place

on High Street in Columbus, Ohio. Goodbye to the gold watch and hello, to thrift

store sweaters! She wore a gorgeous black bejeweled sweater for Thanksgiving up

in Cleveland, with her Grammie O. who loved it!

All who saw her walking through the senior living apartments, “oohed” and “aahhed!”

They all asked where she had bought it or who had given it to her? She responded

proudly, (now, more evidently “my” daughter than a few years back),

“I bought this at a thrift store on Henderson Road in Columbus, Ohio for only


Watches come in all kinds of shapes and purposes. This subject makes me

think back upon my younger brother and how his big, rubbery, black sports

watch measured the minutes he would take to run miles on end. He decided

in junior high school that he was going to ‘beat the freshman track

record!’ He ran and ran during his summer after graduating from eighth

grade! The watch would help him calculate and measure his “time” or

speed that it took to run each mile.

Rich would have my Mom or Dad measure the miles in the car, keeping his

log and journal of the roads he ran. He was a philosopher and thinker,

writing about the natural wonders that he would view, as he ran past

them. Looking up into the branches, seeing the dark skies in the morns

and eves. He could tell quite a few tales of sights he has seen around

the world, Israeli, Scottish, Irish, Canadian, French and English

countrysides. Simply running around the track was not his ‘mode of

operandi,’ he felt more comfortable on earthen paths. This led him

to try out for Cross Country first, then Track. (Oh, not to brag, but

he did beat a few High School records, along his road in life!)

He loves the all-terrain paths he now runs, accompanied by his Golden

Retriever, named “Hamlet” and his Newfoundland, “Fiona.” (Wife of “Shrek,”

is where that name came from…) He ran the Turkey Trot again this year

with canine companions along for the run!

My most favorite watch of all time was the Peter Max watch that

a nice and handsome young man in college wore, along with his Brut

cologne. Good memories!

Are watches obsolete? I received one last Christmas from my fisherman

boyfriend, it was a big, silver bracelet that was so pretty and I

sometimes take it out and wear it. I have to be careful that it doesn’t

catch on the sleeve of a sweater or overcoat.

Did you know the gift section of the New York Times over Thanksgiving

had a 66 page section of watches for gifts?

If I were a different person entirely, there is a small part of me that

still would enjoy an elegant, sophisticated watch with a few diamonds

sprinkled upon the face of it.

It won’t be too long until we see the “New Baby of 2014” and the image of

“Father Time” who marches on and out of 2013.

Are you “dreaming of a new watch?”