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Young Couples who are coworkers


I am friends with a few younger couples who are coworkers that are

my children’s ages. I relate to their struggles with young children,

sympathize when the little ones are sick and give them enrouragement.

I tell them, “This too will pass.” I love the way they seem to deeply care

about their partners and they celebrate in simple ways their love.

The first couple I have mentioned the male part of the couple, Darryl.

He and I have jokes about running away and robbing a bank to get cash

to support his and my families.  Then, I tell him that I can get away with it

more than he (he is black and we laugh because he would be my “fall guy”

in case of arrest!) This may seem inappropriate, along with his trying to

cheer me up when I am down, while giving me his “evil eye!” I like the way

I can tell him, “I was out with my younger daughter at Brooklyn Heights

on Wed. “hump night” and he will ask, “Well, Robin, did you find a man to

‘hump’ you?” The other way we started a little running joke, is to ask each

other, totally in jest, of course:

“Did you get drunk last night?” or “I have a hangover and I need out of

here!” (Neither of us drink much, and his wife, Samantha, knows about our

jokes. She asked, “Why does she get to rob banks with you, Darryl? She

should stay home and watch our little hoodlums!”)

Awhile back, I had told you that he and his sons were not so sure about

the idea of a baby girl entering their family. His wife, Samantha, was very

excited and Darryl had complained, “Everything pink is being bought from

her clothes to her newborn baby diapers!” I had told him, “That special

little baby will have you wrapped around your baby pinky in no time!”

Darryl and Samanth had their new addition to their family on Sunday, the

same day I was celebrating at a baby christening party!

Their precious baby girl, weighed a healthy 8 lbs. 6 oz., measuring 22″ long,

and they named her “Dondria.” I am going to make a zoo themed baby name

picture for her, I have been ‘warned’ that the boys will then be asking, “Why

can’t that lady make ME a picture, too?”

I have Dondria’s adorable newborn photos on my cell phone. Most coworkers

already have seen that precious, all pink-wrapped up like a present, new

baby girl! Her brothers, who the parents call rowdy all the time, who liked

this summer runnning around “buck naked” in rainstorms, are very gentle

with her. The littlest one of the brothers, (all start with D letter names) held

the baby and put his finger out for the baby to wrap her whole hand around

it. They keep saying he screams the word, “Bee-bee!” and startles the baby!

It is a sign of love and excitement in this one’s joyful shriek!

The other couple is Garret and Courtney. This couple’s love story is sweet, with

a little history wrapped in thier longer love story. They were best friends in

kindergarten. They were both considered a little “pair of dominoes,” is what

Courney called them. They liked the Stevie Wonder and Paul Mc Cartney duet

song, “Ebony and Ivory,” with Paul Mc Cartney. The couple say that song

represents how the two races need to get along better. This is their wish

for their personal lives to not get so many stares at their contrasting colors.

Courtney says, “People still stare, even though it is so much more common

in our culture.” Of course, the lyrics include the phrase “Why can’t we live in

harmony?”  …like the black and white keys on the piano do.

Courtney’s grandfather still calls their son, “a mixed race rugrat” to her sister,

who tells him, “Shame on you, Grandpa!”

Courtney claims they had a “falling out” in middle school, when Garret

flirted with her best friend.

She says,

“Garret started to consider me ‘boring’ and ‘just a friend’ so he broke my

little heart.”

Courtney later, she says, not on purpose but truly decided to move on and

had a ‘crush’ in high school that she claims “devastated Garret.” I told him,

“Well now, who feels like the ‘old shoe?'”

Anyway, this sweet couple got married only three years ago and have a cute

as can be, little boy named, Te’Sean. I just did a baby name picture for

him, since I have become closer to Courtney once she moved to our bin

order fillers department. She now eats lunch with us older people, Anna’s

seat now filled with her. She asked me to do all sports related details and

use red and bright blue in the picture.

Te’Sean loves Michael Jordan in “Space Jam” movie. Garret and Courtney

bought it more for themselves, since it was filmed while they were younger.

That is the movie where Elmer Fudd is in the cast and Michael Jordan does

a fine job interacting with the animation. The movie was made in 1996 and

this would mean Garret and Courtney were only 16 when they “kissed and

made up” from both their crushes on other people and went out on one of

their first “real dates!”

Courtney is more of a worrier than Darryl and Samantha, along with her

husband, Garret. She is not so sure that love can last through all the years.

This is a good question. I feel very ill equipped to give advice or even tell her

too much of my history of marriages. I do tell her that it is so great that she

and Garret are very actively involved parents. Their one and only child, gets

to go to play areas, the zoo, different parks and the toddler reading programs

at the library, too. I tell her that their life together has made their bond

very strong. Tammy (whose Fence Post buddies story included friends

throughout their growing up years), is very open and a caring “mentor”

for Courtney. She tells her that they will get “closer and closer through

the years.”

I include these young struggling couples in my prayers, along with my son

and his wife, my oldest daughter and her partner who backed out of their

January wedding, but still lives with the two boys and her. I include so many

people in my thoughts. I have faith in our God to bless them and keep them


The sanctity of marriage and faith in God seems to be mirrored in these

couples who love each other. I hope that the children will help to keep

the parents focused on their family. It is a very challenging world we live in,

let alone, having to face some people who still show a lack of understanding

in their differences. Acceptance is still the key to support peoples’ right to

love one another. We all know marriage and raising a family isn’t an easy path

they have chosen, no matter who they are!

My Daughter’s Crush


One summer, 1995, when my oldest daughter was on summer

vacation she met a young man who became quite a huge crush

for her!

She was going to enter her sophomore year in high school.

Her aunt, my sister in law had asked if she would like to come

north to visit her cousins up in Westlake (suburb of Cleveland,

Ohio). Their guest for a whole month(!!) was a handsome high

school male who looked like a French version of Tom Cruise.

Dark, curly hair, a muscular and angular teenager with, of course,

an awesome accent!

My daughter had made fun of the song, entitled Lady Marmalade

sung by LaBelle with the racy lyrics,”Voulez vous coucher avec moi,

ce soir?” (Do you want to sleep with me tonight?)

So, on our drive up I mentioned some simple French phrases that

I had learned in my one year of college French. I have mentioned

somewhere along the posts that I had about 8 years of Spanish,

so I was blessed with a college French professor who was from the

south and grew up with what is termed, “Creole French.”

(Perfect blend of French with a Spanish flair, I got an “A!”)

So important to know: “Merci” or “Merci beau coup.”

(Thank you and Thank you very much.)

In my French restaurant trips, I would like to say I used this phrase,

“Ou est le bain?” (Where’s the bathroom?)

Anyway, I gave her a few other choice phrases for her to not even use!

(I mean, so much more fun to HAVE HIM TEACH YOU FRENCH!)

I did emphasize with her to not ask him to teach her how to French


Needless to say, the two girl cousins and my daughter spent

every waking moment gushing all over Henri’s (pronounced

“OHN-REE”) suggestions for what he considered “All American

Pastimes.” He wanted to go bowling, go to a lake and water ski,

he wanted to try Frisbee golfing and miniature golfing. There

were a lot of movies that he wanted to see, once home from outings,

Henri wanted to see television. Lots of t.v. shows were on his

interests’ list, including soap operas.

Another thing Henri wished to do, was to go to the Cleveland Indians’

baseball games. He also wanted to go see where the Cleveland Browns

played and where their boot camp was. He also enjoyed Cedar Point

Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. He had fun visiting my Mom

and Dad in Vermilion, Ohio where they all went into Lake Erie. Maybe

he would have liked the Upper Lakes, Michigan with Upper Peninsula

but the BEST thing about Henri was his enthusiasm and his curiosity.

This was before cell phones were really around, so there were no little

interruptions while he spoke of his home town, his home country and

his favorite things to do there, while three young, impressionable girls

listened raptly!

Once my oldest daughter was picked up by me, I had a hard time finding

out too much because all she could concentrate on was: “Henri gave me

his home address, how much is postage? what should I ask him or tell

him? Can I flirt with him now that I don’t have my 2 cousins seeing me

do that?”

The international pen pals had lively “conversations” through snail

mail and carried on through their first year of college. No one crossed

the Atlantic Ocean to see the other person. The best thing, as a mother’s

observation, was that they could tell each other their deepest, darkest

secrets, fears and problems of growing up teenagers. There was so much

gained from this “First Crush” of my daughter that my “First Crush”

never shared!

The measure of this experience? Priceless!