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Opinion Art Page


The author is Andrea Levy,

her Opinion Art page is controversial but meaningful.

Check out the Cleveland Plain Dealer for other examples.

Here is Today’s Poem/Opinion Art Page:


“Never a Cage

The flag is not a cage.

It’s an open door.

We are free to enter.

Free to distill its sanctity or irrelevance.

Each of us defines the flag for ourself.

From our own view.

Our histories.

Our injuries.

Our compassion.

No one can do that for us.

No one should.


The red on the flag is a wet red.

Proud, alive, angry, luscious.

Filled with fever, it offers no apologies.

Collected, we form a fabric,

yet we are not all cut from the same cloth.

The myriad threads that hold us together,

must never hold us against our will.


Religion is not a cage.

It’s an open door.

We are free to enter.

Free to distill its sanctity or irrelevance.

To curse. To sing. To intoxicate in its glory.

Each of us defines religion for oneself.

From our own view.

Our histories.

Our injuries.

Our compassion.

No one can do that for us.

No one should.


The red of religion is a wet red.

Proud, alive, angry, luscious.

Filled with fever, it offers no apologies.

Collected, we form a fabric,

yet we are not all cut from the same cloth.

The myriad threads that hold us together,

must never hold us against our will.


Stars and stripes help the eye define,

but the heart sees no boundaries.

It defines not.”

~Andrea Levy~

July 4, 2014


July’s Forecast: Making Plans


As we begin July, there will be plans ‘in the making’ for family reunions, annual

gatherings, holidays, picnics, barbecues and enjoyable pastimes. These could all

fall into the category and be labeled, “Rituals.”

Here is a poem on the subject:

“Rituals encase memories.

They link the past and the present,

They choreograph the dance of intimacy

that families and friends perform.

They give us access to each other.”

~Written by Wendy M. Wright~




July 2-

Canada Day will be observed on this Monday.

Also, an important date to celebrate. In 1964, fifty years ago today,

President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed into law, the Civil Rights

Act. It outlawed discrimination of the following: racial, ethnic, nationalities,

religions, minorities and women.

The Civil Rights Act abolished segregation in schools, workplaces and all

public places.

Here is a Thomas Kinkade quotation that seems appropriate to the beauty

in our relationships. among all peoples:

“Perceptions of beauty vary.

We should delight in the diversity of taste.

Just as we rejoice in the abundance of experiences that life has to offer.”

(Thomas Kinkade, 2001.)


July 4th-

In the United States, called The Fourth of July.

This celebrates Independence from Britain, attributed to July 4, 1776.

I love the Chicago (group or band) song, which is called,

“Saturday In the Park, (I Think It was the Fourth of July…”)

Always love those horns and  the way the lyrics include so much action

in a public park.

July 5-

First Quarter Moon

(Are we waxing or waning? I believe it is waxing…)

July 9-

First Day of Ramadan

Nunavut Day- Canada. This has been celebrated among Canadian Native

Americans, since 1993.

July 12-

Full Buck Moon.

Also, Orangemen’s Day (N. L.)

July 13-

The Final FIMA World Cup Soccer Championship Game!

July 15-

The Major League All Star Game, being held this year in Minneapolis.

July 17th-

Well, I wanted to list this concert that I would wish to attend. It may

be possible, yet! Philip Phillips (an alumni and winner, from “American Idol”

television show, plus O.A.R. will be playing at the Lifestyles (or L.C.) Pavilion.

This will be an outstanding concert, with lively and original songs being played.

This is also celebrating 30 years of Promo West from 1984 – 2014, here in

Columbus, Ohio.

July 19-

Last Quarter Moon

(I think we are waning, now!)

July 26th-

New Moon or No moon tonight!

The Moon is covered with the shadow of Earth. Spooky!

“It’s dark out there at night!”

July 27-

Delaware’s Annual Automobile or Car Show.

I am going to describe the downtown blocks that will be

closed to traffic, while you walk along our “main street”

Sandusky Street for four blocks, running North and South:

Here are the cross streets that intersect Sandusky Street,

running East and West.

From Park Street to Spring Street, closed.

From Spring Street to West William Street, closed.

From West William St. to West Winter Street, closed.

You may walk in the streets, but when there is promenading

for the cars, watch your toes! All sorts of antique, racing,

unique and well kept cars on display, you may sit on OWU’s

campus lawn and picnic, or if you are in town, let me know,

I am going to be walking and browsing, enjoying the fun

atmosphere and some live music, fair food and other sights

to see!

The last quote is one from A. A. Milne’s books:

“A little Consideration,

A little Thought for Others,

Makes all the difference.”

~ Eeyore the Donkey ~


Spread some happiness around in July!

For a whole month of July, my good and dear friends, Jason and Felda,

along with their children, Kridia Dawn and Zachary (otherwise known

as “Zachy- Poo!”) will be in the Philippines’ celebrating and enjoying

Felda’s Mom, cousins and extended neighbors and friends. Keep them

in your prayers for a safe journey and filled with precious memories.

Please feel free to leave a comment of any additional concerts, county fairs,

events or holidays celebrated that may be noted for other’s to take part in!


What is Patriotism? My July Post: 3 days early


I am going on vacation and looking forward to not being

into much media. Sorry to say, I will be removed from my

blogging and posting responsibilities to concentrate on my

much needed rest and relaxation! I will be gone for at least

nine days. Heavens, will I lose some readers? Will I have

hundreds of emails? Do you know what kind of a freeing

feeling comes over you when you fully realize you don’t have

to do anything?

My only visual stimulation from any media will be the few

special old movies that may be on or older mystery series on

the television. These will be watched with plenty of snacks

and treats with my Mom at her senior apartment in Westlake,


My brothers may invite us to a barbecue where we will bring

a baked pie and homemade potato salad. Mom likes to do

these home cooked, made with love, specialties. I will insist

on buying some  “real” whipped cream in a can and make

iced tea in the sun on her balcony.

We will have a “grand old time” with shopping, eating out,

driving around to look at some of her favorite sights, and

seeing fireworks over Lake Erie!

Just in time for the Fourth of July!!

Here is an outstanding quote by Paul Malloy:


“What, After All, is Patriotism?

It isn’t the sight of the Statue of Liberty.

It isn’t a whoop-de-doo on the Fourth of July.

Those are but symbols.

It’s pride in each other.

It’s children safe in their beds at night.

It’s being able to scrap your job tomorrow if you feel like it.

It’s having the right to laugh, play, speak, write, think and

pray as you wish.

It’s liking it here.

It’s wanting to say thanks.

It’s contentment.

It’s going to the voting booth and making your choice and

cheering your candidate if he gets in,

and if he doesn’t get in, closing ranks behind the one who does.

If this is flag-waving… long may it wave!”

July 3rd is considered the beginning of the Dog Days of Summer.

Water your lawn and garden during the early morning or in

the evening to minimize evaporation and the grass browning.

July 4th is Independence Day. Celebrate with fireworks and picnics,

please enjoy and be safe if traveling!

I love the simplicity and excitement of little children holding sparklers

in their little hands.

On July 22, you will be able to gaze at the Full Buck Moon. It is also

called the Full Ripe Corn Moon. Don’t forget to look for the full moon

this evening!

I like this short poem from an American poetess, Evaleen Stein


“Look! Look down in the garden how

The firefly lights are flitting now!

A million tiny sparks I know

Flash through the pinks and golden-glow.”

May you be filled with laughter and the bright, beautiful majesty

of the fireworks over your head with your neighbors, friends, and

family close by watching. With “oohs, ahs, and wows!”

Oh, and I will miss you!