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November: Sensing Grace and Showing Gratitude


Every month seems to come a bit faster! Closing a door on one vibrant and exciting

month of October. Opening a door on the more serious month of November with

moments full of gratitude, sensing persons who exude grace and giving thanks for

all we have.

Looking at my Halloween decorations and wishing that Jack o’ Lanterns, ghosts,

goblins, the Ty teddy bear in its adorable pumpkin costume, the black glass bottle

with the words, “Love Potion” on it and the owls could all stay up. I take them down,

slowly placing each item in a large orange tub, automatically trying to wrap some of

the glass, ceramic and wooden treasures with newspaper, I layer the embroidered

October cloths, fall handkerchiefs and needlepoint given to me by my aunt and my


Next come the September lingering ‘culprits.”

The little scarecrow figurines, sunflower basket and gold candles are no longer



I like a simpler decorative theme in November. The month deserves a less crowded,

less busy appearance. The Pilgrims and their first Thanksgiving come to mind and

make my mood more respectful and subdued.  My decorations reflect this traditional

look. I have a few pumpkins that fit in and around the metal cornucopia with yellow

woven reeds along the edge of the opening. I leave the ‘fake’ bittersweet vine wound

around and inside of a basket on my coffee table.


Putting the burgundy candles into the pewter candle sticks from 1978, gifts from my

first wedding, I think of the Turley’s from Oak Ridge, Tennessee:  I feel gratitude.

There is also a pewter creamer, sugar bowl and a little tray to keep them on, which

remain in my little apartment kitchen.


I will never forget this lively family using washboards, zithers and guitars, their melodious

voices singing Blue Grass music. Afterwards, Jim telling Scottish tales and Helen telling

old Greek folktales. Their combined heritage made their three boys’ lives rich with the

knowledge of distant lands. Our family has some history, the half from my father’s side

not really detailed but his family tree with Scottish and English roots. Mom’s side is more

interesting, since her parents had stories to share with us of Germany and Sweden.

I would get excited when we drove up through Pigeon Forge, to get to their house built

from the local rocks. My Dad had met Jim in his work at Oak Ridge Nuclear Reactor (in

the state of Tennessee.)

Once they came North, went to see Plum Brook’s reactor in Sandusky. But mainly,

they were the overnight, genial and entertaining stop for our family along the way

to our grandparents’ trailer park in Clearwater, Florida.

Waves of memories, longing and nostalgia take over me.


Does this happen to you when you change seasons and decorations?

Is there an old memory that comes forward to be fondly remembered?


New chores and tools are needed with snow coming.

I will take my portable shovel out of the closet and put into the trunk of the car.


The songs that come to mind for this month are:

“November Rain,” sung by Guns N Roses


“Peace of Mind,” sung by Boston.




Birthstone:  Topaz

Flower:  Chrysanthemum


National Animal Appreciation Week goes from 11/1-11/7.

Local animal shelters or humane society have their needs suggestions posted.


1st- All Saints’ Day

(Catholics, Episcopalians and others celebrate this day)


2- Daylight Savings Time

(where applicable)

We set our clocks back one hour.

The old saying goes, “Fall behind.”


4- Islamic New Year.

Wishing all those who practice the Islam faith a Happy New Year!


Election Day in the U.S.

I encourage you to use your citizens’ right to vote!


6- Full Beaver Moon

Native Americans call this month’s moon the Beaver Moon,

but it is also called the Frosty Moon.


11- Veterans’ Day in the U.S.

Honor those who served and gave up their lives during wars.

Respecting those who are continuing to serve and put their lives on the line

for their country.

Remembrance Day in Canada.


14- Last 1/4 moon.


22- New Moon.



Thanksgiving Holiday (U.S.)


“Black Friday”

One of the biggest shopping days in U.S.

Some consider this part of their family’s traditions.


29- First 1/4 moon.


Looking at my cornucopia filled with fruits and leaves, with pumpkins spilling out of it,

colorful and familiar, I think it is as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers to me.

The words of Thomas Kinkade (2001):

“The color within us

can color the world around us.”


With Thanksgiving and gratitude:

“A thing of beauty

is a joy forever:

Its loveliness increases,

It will never pass

into nothingness.”

(John Keats)


Those who bestow Grace upon us, as a gift:

“A friend is as it were,

a second self.”



Freedom to express our Faith:

“Were there no God,

we would be in this glorious world

with grateful hearts

and no one to thank.”

(Christina Rossetti)


“You have possibilities. . .

so celebrate that you are

who you are,

where you are,

and affirm the


goodness of


by saying,

‘Thank You.'”

(Thomas Kinkade, 2001)








November: Savor With A Grateful Heart


“Orchards have shared their treasures,

The fields, their yellow grain.

So open wide the doorway-

Thanksgiving comes again.”

Author Unknown

From the delicious and family holiday where Thanksgiving is served

up to Chanukah, along with the sober and patriotic holiday of Veteran’s

Day, the month of November is a smorgasbord of variety and textures.

Here are some special days to remember this coming month of


Nov. 1st

All Saints Day (Some may call this the reason we celebrate All Hallow’s Eve

on October 31st!) Oh, and my mother’s birthday, too! Did she ever let us

forget the part about the saints?!

Nov. 3rd

For those of you who have this Daylight Savings Time ends on the New Moon.

“Save seeds from a large healthy heirloom variety pumpkin to plant next year.

Wash the seeds in lukewarm water, then air-dry in a cool spot for a few weeks.

Save in a cool, dry place.” Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2013.

Nov. 6th

“If your ground is not frozen, this is a good time to transplant trees and shrubs.”

Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2013.

Nov. 9th

“When rabbits are fat in November, expect a long, cold winter.” Old Farmer’s Alm. ’13

I had heard that those caterpillars of orangish black and black stripes that the wider

the stripes the colder the winter. What “signs” of a long winter do you know? Please


Nov. 11

Veteran’s Day

Remembrance Day (Canada)

“Sow poppy seeds now for flowers next year. Mix the tiny seeds with

sand and sprinkle over the garden.”  Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2013.

I was intrigued to find out the symbolism of poppies, affiliated with

some Veteran’s fundraising. Buy a poppy to put on your jacket to

remember the vets.

The Egyptians used poppies in their funeral rites. There are also the

meanings of “beauty, magic, consolation, fertility and eternal life.”

If you like legends, there is a beautiful use of poppies in a Chinese

legend given on a site titled:

“Living Arts Originals   Enrich your Life with Symbols”

On this website, the Lady Yee in the legend follows her warrior husband

into battle, when defeat is evident, she dances with a sword to raise his

spirits. When the attempt fails and the battle ends, Lady Yee commits

suicide. Where she is buried, red poppies spring forth representing her

devotion, love and sorrow.

Nov. 17th

Full Beaver Moon.

I like to include these full moon dates, have always enjoyed gazing at the

awesome night sky. I was raised on Lake Erie where the most inspiring

sights and emotions were on a cloudless, clear and crisp winter night.

It fills you with the wonder of our gifts, when you are looking out on a

body of water, no sight of anything but the water and sky. There is a

peaceful feeling and the thought of endless possibilities.

The message is: “The sky is your limit!”

Nov. 28th


I have written a book review that encompasses the way Thanksgiving began

in our country and when it was first celebrated. Please check this out later

this month in my post, “A Thanksgiving Story.”

“Chanukah” or

Hanukkah lasts from sunset on Nov. 27th until Dec. 5th, 2013.

Remember to show gratitude for your life, family, friends, and fill this

holiday season with cherished moments. Connect with some who you may

have lost touch with…

Share in your traditions, celebrate and listen to others while you chew your food!