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Sending a Little Sunshine to You


Here is a collection of things that produce happy thoughts,

along with a few quotes that hopefully will brighten your


Drew Barrymore is so funny, sometimes in a quirky awkward

way but also in a beautiful and soulful way. Here is a book

she has written having taken photographs of hearts and

including them for all to see in, “Find It in Everything.”

Her words are well worth putting on your refrigerator:

“Hearts are my beacons. . .

Whenever and wherever I

see the heart shape, a smile

spreads across my face.

The heart has an unbeatable

romance when you discover

one where you least expect it.”


This made me think of the movie, “Titanic,” with Celine Deon’s song,

“My Heart Will Go On.”


“Keep your face always toward the sunshine- –

and shadows will fall behind you.”

~ Walt Whitman ~


Winter brings a change in moods and outlook, so here are a few more

ways to enjoy your days and find brighter moments.

1. Listen to upbeat music. Move with the music and dancing will give

you some extra energy and motivation. Also, it is FUN!


2. Walks with dogs or friends, a partner or spouse, with hand held,

warm scarf, mittens or gloves and a big parka, crunching through

old leaves or new snow… Just petting an animal or hugging a pal,

can be extra special to include. I have had friends who say they

need 4 hugs a day!


3. Add a potted plant to your office space. This has been found to

make people more productive and less stressed. The reason is

scientific: The plant reduces airborne dust, adds moisture and O2

to small spaces. It is also known to filter out harmful pollutants.


4. Placing vacation photos in strategic spots, can open your mind

to the times when you were happy and relaxed. “Gazing at a happy

moment from the past, can improve your present outlook.” In

other photos, choose ones of family and great memories together.


5. Staying hydrated with a slice of lemon or infusing your water with

berries, can certainly add a twist to your taste buds and improve

you in more than one way. Our daily ‘slump’ in the afternoon, is not

just due to wanting a nap or aging! We need to remember to add H2O

to our daily habits.


6. Fruit flavor sorbets and other refreshing choices can help be your

saving graces, helping ‘save the day.’ Chocolate and coffee have those

anti-cancer elements along with giving you some extra ‘pep in your



7. Just as a potted plant in your office or bathroom can improve a

location in your house or workplace, a bouquet of those grocery

store flowers can make your dining room a pleasant place to be.

I am sure there are many gardeners that can attest to their bringing

a bouquet of their garden’s flowers has brightened many people’s

days. A shut-in or elderly person will respond with such a big smile,

it will be a day-brightener to you, as well.


8. Sunrooms, atriums, public places that have sunny places are so

wonderful to help you feel better. I enjoy the Columbus, Ohio

Franklin Conservatory, at least two times in the winter. My Mom’s

senior living apartments has a greenhouse with three cozy chairs

in there. You can often see a couple of people sitting in this room

that is attached to the art room. Also, it is a nice place to snip and

weed, feeling useful. There are sometimes people sitting in the

art room, putting together a puzzle, with the greenhouse room’s

double doors open so they may benefit from the sunshine and

plant’s energy given.

There are also other places at no cost to visit. Let me know if you have

a few that I may include…


9. Herbs and spices can enliven your life, bringing some vigor into

your appetite and their scents can exhilarate you, too. I love the

scent of tangy patchouli or Italian herbs like basil and oregano.

The scent of peppermint is a great one that can invigorate too.

It is also great to calm and create better muscle relaxing in your

stomach, not only soothing it, but enhancing its function.


10. Colorful fabric will change your room and change your own

perspective while wearing brighter hues. It is a simple way of

sprucing up,’ along with being a fairly reasonable way of changing

your décor or wardrobe. Add a dash of color, while the skies are

gloomy and gray, your mood lightens without too much fuss or

bother. I enjoy looking at decorating magazines, paint and fabric

swatches, merely ‘dreaming’ about a change, makes me happy.


Here are a few musical ‘suggestions.’

1. I just discovered a man named Andrew McMahon, who sings in a real earthy voice,

gravelly and reminiscent of some of my old rocker favorites, along with Neil Diamond.

His song that mesmerized me was, “Canyon Moon,” which begins with lyrics about

a dissatisfied woman, “Somewhere on a cold October.” His debut solo album, having

been in bands but not on his own… is titled, “Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.”


2. If you are wishing a little sunshine, here is one of my favorites, “Little Darlin’s!”

The Beatles’  in “Here Comes the Sun.”

Always a big wow, when I hear the tinkling beginning guitar strands and only one

man, from Kentucky, ever called me, “little darlin’.” (Alas!)



What little sunny things make your mood cheerier?






Fire House Gazebo


I am looking forward to later today, Sunday, August 10, ’14, to listening

in the grass to two local musicians, Morgan Treni and Andrew Shaw.

I invited my family, grandchildren and some of my coworkers to ‘pull up

a blanket’ and sit and share the good times.

Every Sunday, all summer long, there have been featured local artists

singing, (acapella, in groups, with bands….) and entertaining the local

people who bring their lawn chairs or blankets to sit on; around the

back of the Delaware fire station. The Bicentennial Park has this lovely,

old-fashioned gazebo. One that reminds me of the television show,

“Gilmore Girls.”

A lot of small towns across America, probably in other countries, too,

have something in the center of town. In Bucyrus, Ohio, they have a

fountain and two grand, large murals, one on the west side of the main

street, one on the east side. In Mt. Gilead, they have a circle in the middle

of town, with a statue with War Memorials on it.

In Lancaster, Worthington and Westerville they have Town Square gazebos,

also taking advantage of the summer weather to hold musical performances,

bringing people together.

Can you picture this in your head?

(One of the reasons I don’t feature photographs is so that readers may form

a unique picture, inserting their own visions of what my experience tonight

may be.)

Do you have such a gazebo in your town, being put to use in this same


I am bringing snacks to share, along with bottled waters. I am not

sure what my son, James and Trista will bring. He will be getting off

from work only an hour before, cooking up hamburgers the size of

plates at Son of Thurman’s. I know my oldest daughter, Carrie is

bringing Micah. She is our famous ‘dessert queen.’ I imagine some

kind of good oatmeal, coconut, chocolate chips and dried cranberry

cookies…. (Or I hope they are on the ‘menu!’ Smiles!)

Micah’s brother, Skyler, will be at his Daddy’s house in Ashley, Ohio.

My youngest daughter will not be able to join our gang’ of ‘groupies,’

this time. I do know Judy will be there. She is a really supportive

friend who believes in Morgan. Judy is about ten years younger than

I, who travels to all the places that Morgan sings or visits. They went

camping last time I ran into them, at Delaware State Park. I saw the

two of them at my Chase Bank. Judy is a 1988 graduate of BGSU, so

we can become quite reminiscent when we run into each other about

how changes to our alma mater have come about, over the years.

I was listening to Morgan’s CD and blown away by the songs all over

again. Morgan has an amazing and unique deeper, more throaty voice

and has written her ‘essays’ into songs. I like, “Across the Chess Board”

and her West Virginia song, too. Of course, I am particularly fond of

her song about her four years at Ohio Wesleyan University, her ‘home

away from home.’ It is an homage to Delaware.

I have known Andrew Shaw since he was a little boy, attending First

Presbyterian Church in Delaware. He is a Delaware High School graduate,

but I am not sure where he went off to college. I run into his parents,

occasionally now, busy lives that we all seem to have. Steve, his dad,

served on the Education Committee and often taught one of the Sunday

School classes. We were on other committees, during my child-rearing

years along with serving on an Ecumenical project called, “Peace Camp.”

I look forward to gathering in the grass, gazing up at the white painted

home town, Fire Station Gazebo tonight at 7:00 p.m. But, don’t plan on

coming that late, you need to get you blanket down by 6:00 so I will be

also grabbing a sandwich, along with those snacks to enjoy the musical

Sunday evening.



**Update on the Concert**

Andrew Shaw played admirably on his keyboard, to accompany Morgan’s

beautiful singing. The crowd was an older one, so Morgan sang three original

songs, then some popular ones. The audience appreciated the familiar tunes,

joining in by clapping for Andrew’s solos, also when they could carry a beat.


The original songs were “Delaware,” “Open Roads,” and “West Virginia.”

Some of the songs Morgan sang that were familiar to me, were “Somewhere

Over the Rainbow,” “I Get a Kick from Champagne,” and from the musical,

“Porgy and Bess,” the song, “Summertime.” Then Andrew played “Misty” and

“Georgia on My Mind.” He played another solo song, as a break for Morgan,

but I did not recognize it nor did I hear the title announced.


My grandson liked the picnic atmosphere, but did decide to wander over to a

tree, picking uppine cones and little ‘baby’ acorns, too. He found a stick and

pulled its leaves off it, then he came back and laid on his mother’s back while

she was lying on her stomach. It made a cute picture, with his looking up at

the soon darkening sky. The sun set, later, as we were walking home. We did

not see the moon, but later in the evening, I opened my blinds and saw the

gorgeous full moon!