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Artwork with Columbus Roots


The Columbus Museum of Art had an excellent visiting art

exhibit of George Wesley Bellows’ paintings. I have always

enjoyed the combination of impressionism, realism and raw

beauty in the everyday subjects that George Bellows portrayed.

Some of the various subjects that have caught my transfixed

eyes while studying Bellows’ artwork have been the ones that

featured prize fighters, street people, and subjects found

in the urban scenery. The paintings of average, ‘down to earth’

people being caught in his honest portrayal of them.

Bellows’ exhibits have often had the additional words

attached to his name… and “The American Experience.”

Turns out, George Bellows, has Columbus, Ohio roots! He

attended the Ohio State University (he was a ‘drop out’

there) and Parsons’ The New School of Design.

He started out here in Central Ohio, before finding his fame

and fortune in New York City.

George Wesley Bellows lived from August, 1885 until January,

1925. This would not be considered a long and healthy life.

Unfortunately, he died of a ruptured appendix at age 42.

George Bellows left us ‘rich’ in his portrayal of people who

may never have been considered artistic models or worthy of

the subject matter in painting. He was ‘ahead of his time,’

in this respect and left us a great body of work to view.

I am saddened to tell you that the George Bellows’ traveling

exhibit’s last day was on January 5, 2014. Please check to

see where this exhibit is moving to, next! Hopefully, it

will be in a location nearby where you live. There are many

great examples of his artwork on the internet, but this

‘pales’ in contrast to the actual paintings.

You don’t have to be ‘rich’ to explore the Columbus Museum

of Art. It is Free to all, free will donations on Sundays!

I feel that there are so many other fine artists for you

to see, I would encourage you to go to your local art