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Leaps of Faith


Are you hanging onto something (job, friend, partner, possessions…

fill in the blank) too tightly, like a security blanket? There are several

people who have taught me how to “let go” recently! If you are “stuck

in a rut” or just “spinning your wheels” and stalled out, here is a word

of encouragement. I have some fine examples of people, some who

happen to be my friends, who have kick-started their lives. These

include life-changing experiences with very motivating stories!

The first one, who always comes to mind, is Mike Lince, who along with

his wife, Florence, sold their homes, cars, and possessions to become

world travelers.

Here is his blog name, “Applecore” and his site to read and get excited

about transitions and new adventures!

Another person, a dear friend since 1994 or so, Carla, also sold her

car and possessions, let her ex-husband take over their home and

moved out to California from Ohio! I am always pleased to see how

well she has been adapting out there in Sacramento, having followed

her only son, Nick. He just graduated in 2013 and got a great job in a

labratory of a major international company. They have found an OSU

alumni public place that shows the gameS. This new “hang out” allows

for them to enjoy food, drinks and camaraderie with other Ohio

transplants! Also, they recently saw the bulls run down the roads in

Sacramento like they do in Spain! There is a great deal of history, art

and exciting activities, Carla has discovered to enjoy and learn more

about their new “home.”

My good male friend who I have always left “unnamed” since he has a

rather torrid and emotional past, along with a woman who possesses

him, told me a shocking revelation! (If you want the back story, look

up “She Put a Price Tag on Their Love.”) This man thinks he may break

the ‘bondage’ that he feels he is obligated and owes her more than

he could afford to repay her, I can hear the strains of Journey’s song,

“Separate Ways” and the repeated words: “Go! GO!”  There is a line in

that particular song that says to “break the chains that bind you!” He is

thinking of moving to North Carolina! I was amazed, since he has some

siblings here in Ohio and he has his three daughters in California. If he

were to move to a warmer climate, I would have definitely expected

him to head West; not South!

I asked him, did you learn your lesson? It is a crime to “rob” your heart

and soul! I would hope he would not be back for more… if so, he would

be like a “recidivist” in my mind! He needs to take control of his life

and not be used. I would definitely say this to a woman, tread carefully

with this man, though. I think it is an embarassing part of our friendship

and not sure if he will remain in touch, once the move is completed.

Another woman, who has chosen travel, along with missionary work,

has been in Singapore and Taiwan, teaching English and working for

free. This elderly, but not feeble, woman is a member of my church.

Babs Tull is over eighty years old! I am thankful to read her letters that

are posted in our church bulletin.

This is something I want to add, “you are never to old to learn or try

something new!” I was very pleased when several years ago, I found

out there was an elderly woman who wrote a book past her eightieth

birthday. I was in a book club and the book featured for the month was,

“And Ladies of the Club.” It was set in Ohio and the author was Helen

Hooven Santmyer.

I could go on endlessly with famous people who have been inspiring due

to their courage to make a difference and take a stand. Ghandi, Mother

Theresa and Nelson Mandela, come to mind. Awesome individuals who

did not let their age define them!

We are all striving in our blogs to join in a community of writers, some of

us wish to publish someday. I am sure you have read of many rejection

letters that famous writers have received. Many of their stories are well

known and very motivating.

My last example of life changing experiences, is taken from a wonderful

and inspiring movie, “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.” It is a fictional but

realistically depicted movie with the characters’ roles well played by Ewan

Mc Gregor, Kristin Scott Thomas and Emily Blunt. The sheik who funds

this monumental project is played by Amr Waked. This fascinating plot

is very emotional, too. Why list this movie? The two characters are so

very different from the beginning of the movie in their depictions and

the way their lives are led to the ending of the tale, where their lives

have transformed. There is redemption, all kinds of revelations and

the main message I received was: Don’t be afraid to try anything!

Please feel free, if you have ever restarted your life, relocated to a

whole different locale, rekindled a flame, or changed careers to let

us in on your decision! Let us know what hurdles you surpassed

and include us in your life changing actions!

My final message to you as I finish this post is: Don’t cling to nor hang

on to ANYTHING that is not bringing you to a place of Grace, Peace,

Enlightenment or (filling your cup with overflowing) Bliss!