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Happy Halloween!


I wanted to write this short post to include the Old Farmer’s Almanac,

2013 edition’s plant for Halloween note:

“The ‘ghost flower’ (Monotropa uniflora), also called Indian pipe is a

forest-dweller that lacks chlorophyll. Through its roots, the white plant

steals nutrients from a soil fungus that partners with neighboring trees.”

So, how many of you have heard of the “ghost flower?”

How many of you have seen them in the forest?

I would like a picture of this, but it had just this short description.

Another piece of information from that same source listed above is a

helpful hint and resource:

“Instead of throwing your old Halloween pumpkin in the trash, cut it into

pieces and add them to a compost pile in your yard, neighborhood or

community garden.” Some alternatives given- put your pumpkin out

in the woods or fields for wildlife creatures to snack on. Also, I did not

know this, local farms and zoos, sometimes accept pumpkins to feed

their animals (Call ahead to ask!) Last, a fun fact! Lions have been known

to have great fun playing with pumpkins!

Hope you have a ghostly evening, that there are more TREATS

than tricks at your home, or out and about, tonight!