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Go Forth: Go MOMA Art! Go Golden Globes, and Go Bucks!


Tragedy struck us through our worldwide connections and in our own

personal, creative bones. We felt the shattering pain and anguish.

Many areas of the world are in our thoughts and prayers.

Especially France.


Please allow me to cheer you up with some ‘pieces’ of France being

shown on display here for all of us to view. . .


Go Henri Matisse:

Be Inspired!


This may not be appropriate but there is beauty to celebrate still.

The Museum of Modern Art has a fantastic collection of Henri

Matisse’s last pieces of artwork. The curator of MOMA gave us

a glimpse of the fine examples of his cutting with scissors and

designs. These were made at the end of his 84 years in life, when

he had become nearly an invalid, not venturing out very often

into the world. The curator told CBS Sunday Morning reporter,

Matisse continued sharing and

expressing himself through:

“Reducing colors to the essentials.”

Later, the curator who is giving a tour of the new exhibit of

Henri Matisse, lets us know where she stands about those who

may be stuck inside,

“An artist should never be a prisoner . . . or set away from the

outside life.”

Do you remember making mosaics out of cut paper? Do you

also remember how much fun it was to fold a paper in half

and produce a heart or a pumpkin?

I remember how wonderful it was to make little cuts into the

heart and make it become quite detailed and adding scrolls

and curlicues.  Try this with red or pink paper, making the

same kind of cuts you made while creating snowflakes.


One of the major cut paper works Matisse made was of a

great big mural of swimmers, some were diving, others

intertwined and still others, heading off into the pool of

water, solitary gymnasts.


Henri Matisse grew up bin the textile district of France.

Some of his cuttings became ones out of thin, sheer fabrics.

He hired assistants to pin the cut paper or fabric pieces up on plain

sheets of paper, giving directions to how they should be arranged.

There are black and white photographs capturing the over seventy-

year old man starting and planning this new way of expressing

himself, having put down the paintbrushes by this time.


Henri Matisse’s paper designs were incorporated into a lovely book

called, “Jazz” which if full of jazz musicians and musical notes. He

was commissioned to produce images that the onlooker becomes

absorbed into, viewing players and instruments of the musical

scene. You can almost hear the jazz notes and rhythms through

the flow of the brightly colored impressionistic designs. They are

modern and yet, so timeless found in the 1947 book. In the 1985

and 2003 editions, with fewer artistic representations, are ones

which were introduced by famous people. The circus and theater

were also influential in his imaginative portrayals of musicians.


Go Golden Globes:

Be Entertained!


I won’t tell you who will look the most beautiful nor will I

concentrate on the two amusing and beautiful hostesses for

this grand affair. I will tell you my personal favorite movies

and the song I will hope to hear winning Best Song. I will

choose the best actor and actress in both the dramatic film

arena and  the always odd combination of comedic/musical




Best Actor in a Dramatic Film Role~

**I would hope that Eddie Redmayne would win this Best Actor

Golden Globe award.

“Theory of Everything” has the fine skill of transforming Eddie

Redmayne into a very debilitated Stephen Hawking. It is a very

upbeat and triumphant movie and Eddie’s ability to make you

believe he is actually suffering from ALS is incredible.

Although there are many worthy actors for this category, I felt

portraying Stephen Hawking in a believable manner was the

most challenging character role to fulfill.

If I were to choose others, “Selma” leading actor David Oyelowo,

Benedict Cumberbash would also get ‘nods’ from me.


Best Actress in a Dramatic Film Role~

Many would say Rosamund Pike is the one who really created

an eerie rendition of the main character in, “Gone Girl.” I would

agree she really portrayed this despicable character well.

I would also like to say if Amy Adams had not just won last year’s

award, (she was nominated for two movies last year) for “American

Hustle,” she may deserve this honor for the movie, “Big Eyes.”

I have not seen Julianne’s double movie roles in “Still Alice” and

“Maps to the Stars” but just watched her in the 2013 movie, “What

Maisie Knew,” which was a four star movie role. She played an out

of control musician from a rock band, who loves her daughter,

Maisie. The character is not able to grasp what is needed to carry

out her role as a mother. It was a very good and interesting role

for Julianne. I will try to see the more recent two movies that were

nominated for her performances.

**Overall, in my own experience, I would choose from my ‘gut’

reaction and hope that Reese Witherspoon wins for her role in

the movie, “Wild.”


Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Film:

Emily Blunt in “Into the Woods” is my favorite in this category.

(I wish James Corden could win, but this may not be his year.)


Helen Mirren is loved by actors, critics and audiences, so she

may win the Golden Globe in this category for her wonderful

character shown in “The 100 Foot Journey.”



Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Film:

I would say that Michael Keaton will win, he is the “favorite,”

for his role in (what I consider a dramatic/fantasy role) in the

movie, “Birdman.”

I think that Ralph Fiennes did a great job in the Budapest Hotel

movie and that Bill Murray showed humor and depth in his role

in “St. Vincent.”


2015 Prediction:

The song I liked the best was from the recent 2015 movie, “Unbroken,”

while the credits are rolling. The song and dramatic musical score

are haunting and beautiful. This movie is outstanding, telling the

true story of Louis Zamperini. It is very emotional and worthy of

winning Best Picture of the Year in 2016.  Bill and I saw this two

days ago and found it to be a powerful story of the triumph of the

human spirit. It will probably win for Best Director, Angelie Jolie,

Best Movie, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.



Best Film of 2014:

“Boyhood,” took 12 years to make. It filled two entire pages in the

“Cleveland Plain Dealer” about the way Richard Linklater directed

this movie, choosing to follow a boy for twelve years starting when

he was little. It will win due to its being a ‘First of its Kind.” I have

myself on a ‘wait list’ at the library for this one. I want to watch it

at home, stop it, pause it, rewind it, since I will enjoy the story of

this boy’s life unfolding.


I felt this way about both the two other serious movies I saw since

2015 started. They came out late in 2014. “Theory of Everything”

shows motivation and strength of character. The reality of ALS,

after Stephen Hawking was told he would only live two years after

this disease started racking havoc on his body, then living past 72

years and hopefully going strong. An amazing and powerful story.


“The Imagination Game” shows Alan Turing overcoming prejudice,

obstacles and using his genius mind to ‘fight’ the Germans. This film

proved science and knowledge can be fascinating subjects for a movie.


Best Songs from 2014 Movies:

I cannot choose, I love both of these singers and songs.

Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye singing, “Mercy Is” from the movie,


John Legend and Common singing, “Glory” from the movie,




In the Category of Animated Films, I would choose “Big Hero 6”

since my grandsons learned about compassion from this film. It

was a fun children’s animated movie where the idea of creative

thought is also presented.

For artistry and creativity, (yet not so entertaining for children),

I would recommend “The Book of Life.” This colorful and very

intriguing film had scary designs that resembled voodoo images,

but would be great for older children. This could inspire art projects,

too. The others in this category were all entertaining including “The

Lego Movie.”





Go Buckeyes:

Get Motivated!


Ohio State University is playing the championship game on

Monday night, so this may be the last of my posting. I will

head home after work, take a nap and hope we win over the

Oregon Ducks in the College Championships!





Youth Ruled at the AMA’s on 11/23/14


If you have been around my blog awhile, you may know I have always

enjoyed the splendor and elegance of watching people on the Red

Carpet. I ‘made deals’ with my parents to be allowed to stay up and

watch the Academy Awards and the Kennedy Center Awards, as well

as the Miss America beauty (and talent) show. I thoroughly enjoyed

the AMA’s which stands for the American Music Awards. I know you

already have seen some of the beautiful dresses and attractive tuxes,

along with some of the performances. . .

Here is a summary of my viewing pleasure with some details which

may support what you watched, if you are one who enjoys this, or may

disagree with what some of the newscasters and entertainment emcees’

may say.


Here is my list of my favorite nine FEMALE performers or award

presenters’ attire.

1. Fergie (of solo performer and Black-Eyed Peas’ fame) wore a classic

black Halston dress, with a silver belt around her waist. It cinched in

nicely and what made her my favorite? Her special story she shared

with the E commentator, Juliana G., she talked about her two year

old son, who is also her husband, Josh Duhamel’s . He is currently

loving his guitar and drum set, while his favorite song is (and Fergie

sang it so sweetly), “Row, Row, Row Your Boat. . .” Being kind on

the inside and beautiful on the outside made me really smile and

vote for Fergie to get ‘Best Dressed.’

2. Heidi Klum, who is not only a past model, but a mother and one

of the coaches on the clothing design show. Also, she is one who is

very open and funny, just a special and talented woman. Her dress

had ‘cut-outs’ which showed her shoulders and a little bit of her skin.

The colors of her gown made it unique- pink, black, gray and white

geometric designs. If you have ever seen her interview children on

her talk show, she has a real knack, as good as Art Linklater. That is

saying something!

3. Kate Beckinsale was a presenter but is one of those famous women

who make you feel she is both classy and genuine. She did not appear

the least bit in a hurry, as she embraced and talked to the interviewers.

She wore a sexy, (Deep V-d neck) white dress. I feel she is ‘timeless,’

wearing the Kaufman Franco dress.

4. Julianna Hough is a country singer, dancer and actress. She is presently

employed as a Judge on dance show. She wore a vibrantly colored red,

pink and orange-ish colored dress which showed a mature side of this

young lady. (She was in a serious movie, along with the remake of

“Footloose.”) I think she is open and honest, while having dated Ryan

Secrest, she did not let interviewers ‘dig up any dirt’ on him, then or

now. She also is protective of her family and particularly, her brother

who still continues to dance on the show. She is sporting a short hair

style, with blonde highlights, this evening was wearing it ‘slicked back.’

5. The woman in Yellow, the only one all night. She was gleeful that

she was unique, while looking stunning. Her name it Rita and is from

the Broadway production of “Finding Neverland,” arriving with Matthew

Morris, who was the chorus teacher in “Glee,” while having been in

musicals for quite some time now.

6. Taylor Swift, gorgeous in a copper-bronze shimmery dress, which she

took the skirt off and made it shorter, while performing her song, “Blank

Space.” I enjoy all of her new album, which has ventured into the Pop/Rock

genre and away from Country Music. She holds her stories and weaves them

into her songwriting, which I deeply admire this multi-talented young lady.

Her short, wavy with a little curl in her hair style really made a big change in

her appearance since the last awards ceremonies. Her performance was my

second most favorite of the entire evening.

7. Nicki Minaj shocked me, no not by being daring or rebellious, but by being

such a stylish fashionista. Nicki is not known for this! Her more reserved, classic

look was in a black dress, with long, straight black hair. She has been known to

have wild hair dyes and sometimes showing up blonde. If she has not used her

distinctive and raspy voice, I would have possibly not identified her.

8. Mary J. Blige looked very attractive in a black fishnet, lacy styled top of her

overall black dress. The black lace was sexy yet not revealing, while there were

sequins sprinkled on this dress.

9. Selena Gomez, looking very mature, with pretty solid black satin dress from

the front, while from the back, it was squared off and totally backless to her

waist. She sang one of her songs, very nicely. I did not write it down, but I did

see on our television set at break time, an overview of all the performances,

with hers featured.

One Direction won my favorite dressed and fun filled group award, on the

Red Carpet. They allowed us to see their meeting with Kate and William, while

one of the men admitted he pointed out, “Nice bump,” to Kate. They won the

following awards, but if you wish to add another you can do so in the comments’

section! They wore black slacks and varied patterned black shirts. No matching

each other for this British group. They mentioned, “The UK,” in conversation,


1. “Best Pop Song.”

2. “Best Pop Rock Album.”

3. “Entertainers of the Year.”

While they are far behind in their ages, much younger but energetic and so

much fun also, I cannot help but say I adore the group of Australian ‘lads’

known as, “5 Seconds of Summer.” Although the song is not uniquely theirs,

since it has been performed by others, I enjoyed their version of, “What I

Like about You.” I got up and danced to their riotous and lively song, which

had the entire audience joining in. They are like the Ramones, started out

in a garage band practicing together.

The A Capella group which starts with P and has a lot of strange letters behind

it, (somewhat like Punxatawney Groundhog, which I can never spell correctly

either!) stopped and won my heart with their in prompt singing of,

“Santa Claus Is Coming  To Town.” Wow! This is probably from the A Capella

television show, which I don’t watch, sadly.

They sure did give Bruce Springsteen a ‘run for his money,’ which is really a

high compliment from me. Their blended voices eliminated any need for a

band accompaniment.

“E!” channel also had an homage to Boy Bands, showing the old photos

of New Kids on the Block, Boyz 2 Men and the fairly recent Jonas Brothers.

(Of course, our generation would have begun the homage or tribute to

all male singing bands with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and you

know the rest of the long list of entertainers who began the “Boy Bands.”)

It was a great way for those in their 30’s like my own two older children

to remember the period of time when these bands came to be. They were

passing the baton on to “One Direction,” Imagine Dragon, “5 Seconds of

Summer,” and “One Republic.”

I also liked Julianna G. who intervied One Direction asking them a great

question: What would you be doing if you had not joined a band?

One of the ‘lads’ mentioned being a teacher before, had completed his

college, another mentioned he would have liked to become a fireman and

the last one who spoke, was acting a little loopy, falling backwards off

the “E” stage platform which caused Julianna to say, ever on her toes,

“Things would be kind of ‘off kilter’ or you would not be the same,

without your musical group, would you?”

The Four Men I admired their clothing and fashion styles were:

1. Neo, who is ‘hip hop’ I feel. You may challenge this and let me know.

He was not on the singing parts I watched, so I am talking off the top

of my head. Neo looked sharp in a black suit and his words warmed my

heart. He embraces all musical genres saying that he admires country

stars and feels they are ‘humble’ and also says ‘rock and rollers’ are also

genuine and give to us all. Neo wore an Anthony Franco suit.

2. The GQ Cover model, actor in two famous and recent movies, who

played the character, “Gus,” in “The Fault is in Our Stars,” is gorgeous.

He also is popular in the movie, “Divergent.” This young man had a

unique short jacket and shirt, along with unmatched pants. It was all

put together in a way he described as from the past.

3. Brantley Gilbert, accompanied by a woman I should know with the

first name of Amber, looked great with his fashionable look. He is a

nice looking country musician who said to the interviewer, “I don’t feel

that fame will ever change me.” He went on to say he feels he is still

the same man under the expensive clothing.

By the way, Luke Bryan won the award for “Best Country Male Artist.”

He looked nice, but not on my short list of best dressed, accompanied

by a female who I should recognize named, Caroline.

4. Matthew Morrison is always attractive and wore a nice suit. I felt

this awards ceremony did not try to blow us away with wild costumes,

except during performances.

An announcement was made that Katy Perry will be performing 4-5

songs at the Super Bowl Intermission. There is a website set up, where

you may vote which songs she should choose to sing.


Here are some outstanding performers who did not win any awards

but I feel should be checked out:

1. Ariana Grande who trills like a beautiful songbird, accompanied by

a saxophone. This solo performance was simply lovely.

2. Ella Henderson wowed me, with her 70’s folk song voice, which had

some bluesy and throaty characteristics. She has been compared, which

is a huge compliment to Ella, to Adele!

3. Iggy Azalea, who was ‘discovered’ or sponsored by the hip hop/ rapper

known as, “T.I.” I did not particularly love her rapping song, nor the one

she did with JLo, but I can hear she is versatile and is a beautiful woman.

4. Charlie XCX, who did the song from the movie, “The Fault is in Our Stars,”

which is over-played, (but my three granddaughters love her, almost as

much as they did Idina M. who sang, “Let It Go,” for the movie, “Frozen.”)

Her song that is silly but catchy is called, “Boom Clap (Sound of my Heart)

which really does remind me of “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies and also,

the song, “I Think I Love You,” by the Partridge Family. Charlie XCX

is young and also does a little more racy song about not liking school

and uses a vamp, sexy style while singing, “I Just Want to Break the

Rules.” (Reminds me of several of the songs from my teenaged years.)


I am always pleased to listen to “Imagine Dragons” and they have been

at all the musical awards shows of 2014. I liked their 2013 song which

won awards, “Radioactive,” but strongly recommend your listening to

their newly released (and first performance on television) song:

“I Bet My Life,” which starts out quietly, like a hymn, soulful and

intuitive, building and becoming a stand-up party anthem. Wonderful

and worth checking this one out. I would have liked to replay it again,

but do know this will be on all the radio stations and will set records.


My favorite duet, which was nicely and sweetly intertwining the older

musician, Wy Clif Jean, with the younger one named “Magic,” who is

famous for his song, “Rude.” How it starts out, was so clever! Magic

began the duet by singing the he wishes to “Marry that girl… for the

rest of my life,” and is asking for permission. Wy Clif Jean’s deeper

and throatier voice responded just like the father of a young woman

would, “No, you will not marry that girl and keep her for the rest of

her life…” Then, of course, the song goes into, “Why do you have to

be so rude? I’ll marry her anyway.” Outstanding performance and

my Favorite one of the night. (Taylor’s would be my Second Fave.)


Sam Smith, will be my Third Pick for Favorites of the Evening.

This man wrote the song that many performers have sung, he is

to be given credit for creating a classic. It is reminiscent of many

people’s all time favorite song, “Stand by Me.” Sam’s song is titled,

“Stay with Me.” He acknowledges his favorite artist who sings his

song is Ed Sheeran. I have featured Ed S. as one of my new 2014

favorite singers, and I do like his version of Sam Smith’s song.

Sam has a high falsetto voice, which is heart-wrenchingly and

hauntingly beautiful.  Sam Smith won Best Pop Male Artist. His

newest song, also one to check out is, “You Say I’m Crazy.” I did

feel his duet last night with the new song was exciting and good.


Lourde won her First AMA award for “Best Pop Female Artist,”

for her song last year, 2013: “Royals.” She just completed the

soundtrack for the movie, (Hunger Games), “Mockingjay.” The

song with her bizarre and gloomy performance was not nearly

close to how I felt about her fun and mocking song about the Royals.


Trying to get this in before everyone goes to watch the news and various

entertainment shows tonight. Let me know if I missed a great one

who performed or looked outstanding…


71st Golden Globes Awards


As in any summary of award shows, this one will feature

the winners, the jokes that were ‘hits’ and the ones that

were ‘misses.’ Some of my favorite parts were with the

two Saturday Night Live ‘graduates,’ Amy Poehler and Tina

Fey. There were a couple of poignant and very well executed

speeches, but many clumsy, seemingly nervous and “Gosh, I

didn’t expect this, so I don’t have a speech” moments.

The funny part at the beginning that I enjoyed was that

there was a dialogue between Amy and Tina, where they had

decided there were levels of special talents and experiences,

labeling Robert Redford far at the top, putting Matt Damon

at the bottom with the label of “the garbageman.” I think

it was interesting how when Matt Damon got up to speak, he

mentioned this. Also, that at a point where Melissa McCarthy,

of many humorous comedy movies and the television sit-com,

“Mike and Molly,” must have decided ahead of time, was “in

on the joke” and they said she had bumped her head in an

accident backstage, and thought she was Matt Damon. She

proceeded to roll off a few silly masculine postures, along

with hitting her co-announcer, Jimmy Fallon, on the shoulder,

like he and she were (guys) ‘buddies.’ It was a visual gag,

interacting playfully and a nice way to get the ball rolling.

At another point, Tina Fey was being called “Mom,” by Amy

Poehler who was dressed and acting like a belligerent teenager.

She was giving Tina all kinds of verbal ‘abuse’ and attitude.

The audience responded roaring with laughter.

Amy P. also went out into the audience at another time, had

Bono of the musical group, U2, giving her a back rub. All

of this playfulness, mostly was done in fun. They continued

to have references to Tom Hanks, as “Tam Honks.” When they

would focus the cameras on him, he would laugh or shrug his

shoulders. Another reoccurring joke was how many Golden Globes

Meryl Streep (among other awards) has collected over the years.

The rest of this review will go in order of the sequence of

Awards presentations throughout the evening. I hope, if this

is not your ‘cup of tea’ you will just skip the rest!

I felt that the skit that made fun of the accents and different

unusual names of the foreign press came off, hilariously.

I think that the subject matter was appropriate, you have to

aim jokes at the Press, if you are actors! Payback for the


For best supporting actress, Jennifer Lawrence, stood up with

a nicely bobbed blonde hair cut. She was in “Hunger Games” and

in the sequel, but this award was for the movie, “American

Hustle.” She was very humble and honestly seemed nervous.

A sincere thank you to all and she was off in time. The ‘music

to exit the stars off’ did not start during her speech!

When Jacqueline Bisset won for the Starz television mini-series,

as Best Actress in a television movie drama, she was a little

lost looking. I hope someone, who possibly watched this, will

read this part and echo their curiosity for her scatter-brained

speech. The series, by the way, was called, “Dancing in the Air.”

Jacqueline looked beautiful and she mentioned in a rather curious

statement that she had been recognized 47 years ago, as the Best

Newcomer to movies. She had a few hems and haws, but finally,

thrust her shoulders back, said, “Come on Scottish forebears, give

me strength!” or some such Rally call to herself. I have always

found her gorgeous and wondered why the movie ‘industry’ had not

included her more in movies. Possibly there is a ‘back story’ to

this whole scene?

Matt Damon stood up to introduce someone, then they mentioned his

part as Liberace’s lover in the HBO television series, “Behind the

Candelabra.” He did not end up winning the supporting actor role

in a television mini-series, later Michael Douglas won for the

Best Actor in a mini-series, for portraying the famous, eccentric

pianist, Liberace.

Elizabeth Moss, who looked like she may be in her thirties, ended

up winning the supporting actress in a mini-series, “Top of the Lake,”

and thanked her agent of 21 years! Apparently, she had had the same

one all that time, which makes me wonder how OLD was she when she

started acting?

The choices for best movie were interwoven throughout the night. I

will be like the Golden Globes Ceremony, highlight each as we go

through the evening or reading my post. The Best Movies will be

designated with a star beside the paragraph. The end of this

review, will be like the end of the program, tell you which of

the movies one.

**The First “Best” movie, one I saw, was “Captain Phillips.” It is

based on that huge carrier ship that was hijacked by the Somali

Pirates. Tom Hanks did a very fine job, playing authoritatively

in the beginning and as time went on, worn out from the exhaustion

and pressure, he did a great job, ‘breaking apart’ or ‘unraveling,’

while playing the lead character in that movie. A synopsis and

the commercial length advertisement for the movie was shown.

**The next in the Best Movie category was, “Wolf of Wall Street.”

This was interesting how the co-hostesses mentioned, whether it

is true or not, I am not sure? but that this movie won the

most swear words in a movie category: they claimed it includes

506 uses of the “F” word in three hours! Jonah Hill also is

supposedly nude or wearing a prosthetic penis in one scene of

that outrageous movie.

The best actor in a television series award was justifiably given

to Bryan Cranston. He just completed his last season in “Breaking

Bad” on AMC channel. It was very addictive, had adult material,

mainly about drug usage and I did watch it sporadically, including

the explosive finale.

Bryan looked wonderfully dressed, clean-shaven and attractive.

This is not the way he looked ‘while in character!’ This was his

first “Win” after five years of nominations. His speech was very

polished, showing poise, confidence and a quiet calmness. Again,

this was in stark contrast from the ‘hyper’ man he portrayed. I

admired the way he focused, especially on fans of the show, by

thanking them.

Then, the shows for Best Television Series were read off. This

included “House of Cards,” “Masters of Sex,” (about real life

Masters and Johnson’s sexual study), “Downton Abbey,” “The Good

Wife,” and “Blacklist.” The winner was “Breaking Bad,” giving it

a second nod, again for lasting for five years without recognition.

James Coogan came out with the real person that Judi Dench portrays

in their movie, “Philomena.” It is a poignant and heartfelt story,

about a mother, during a difficult period where young women were

persuaded to give up their children into adoption. Judi Dench’s

Philomena, connects with James Coogan’s portrayal of her adult son.

This is one I recommend highly and it is not the “mass produced type

of movie.”

**The Third Best Movie shown was one that I will want to see on tape,

sometime in the near future, due to one of my favorite actors, Robert

Redford in “All is Lost.” Although the movie did not win, the Best

Musical Score went to this movie. The musician/composer was Alex

Ebert whose musical score had a haunting melody, and his speech

showed a very humble and included a great quotation in part:

“Even the most deft pen is a clumsy tool…” when trying to

express his appreciation of gratitude.

The song from “Hunger Games” (“Atlas”), “Frozen,” “Mandela,”

“Please Mr. Kennedy,” (which I did not catch the movie this

came from, sorry!) was written by the Coen Brothers. “One

Chance, Sweeter than Fiction,” written by Taylor Swift was very

pretty, again, did not catch the movie it went with. Sorry!

My mind was fading, a little, around ten p.m. Got a piece of

chocolate, that helped a bit!

Bono, with the rest of U2 stood up and accepted the award for

the Best Song, in “Mandela.” The announcer said he had not

won Best Song, since when he wrote for “Gangs of New York”

movie. His song, “Ordinary Love,” was very sweet and he

told the audience that he was for over 30 years, since

a teenager, against apartheid. He wanted us to know how

much he felt towards Mandela’s cause and his being a

great and fine man, too. Bono gave a fine “shout out”

to Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who may have been associated

with their early political causes. I have respected Bono’s

choices in joining bands to raise money for international

philanthropic projects.

Jon Voigt (of early fame, “Easy Rider”) stood up with a humble

speech, accepting the awards for Best Supporting Actor in a

television series, “Ray Donovan.” I always liked Jon Voigt

in a teacher movie, called, “Conrack” which is what the

students on an island call Mr. Pat Conroy. It is an excellent

autobiographical book, called “The Water is Wide.” He is a

marvelous actor who gave a great speech, here is part of my

notes on Jon Voigt’s acceptance speech:

“I am very grateful for this great honor to be among these

fine actors (who he listed) and then, named thankfulness for

cast, director, and my lovely family.”

**The Fourth movie to be nominated for Best Movie of 2013,

was a quirky one, named, “Her.” It is mainly about a man

who falls in love with the voice on his computer, Scarlett

Johansson voices this part. Joaquin Phoenix is the main

character. I have seen a movie called, “I Am Still Here,”

which is very boring and self-indulgent with Joaquin but

loved him in “Gladiator.”

There was sincerity in Robert Downey, Jr.’s presentations

of nominees, something very sincere and made me jot down,

Best announcer of the night!

Amy Adams won for Best Actress in “American Hustle.” She

said she has had the same agent since arriving in L.A.

fifteen years ago. She thanked her and then, Amy gave a

nice speech of encouragement to young actors and actresses,

“Accept joy and let go of your fears!”

Best actress in a television series was given to Robin Wright,

who interesting to me, at least, was in the movie, “The

Princess Bride,” which was in my “Brave” animated film

review two posts back. She won in a Netflix show called,

“House of Cards.” This was in the dramatic category.

**The fifth nomination for Best Movie, was well presented

by the comedian, Jim Carrey, giving “American Hustle” its

summary. Along with telling the plot, Jim made a joke about

Shia Le Beouf. He also ended by saying comedy is hard. He

listed the actors and actresses in the movie as, Jennifer

Lawrence, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale and

Jeremy Renner.

Best Supporting Actor’s Award went to Jared Leto, who has

been on television in one of my oldest daughter’s favorite

teenaged ‘angst’ shows, “My So-Called Life.” He portrays

a transsexual or cross-dressing woman called, Rayon, in

the movie, “Dallas Buyers Club.” His speech was humorous

and light hearted, showing a sophistication and paying

attention to previous jokes:

“I did not use any prosthetics for my role but I did

get my whole entire body waxed, even my eyebrows to

transform me into Rayon. This is more than an honor,

this is love and support to the Rayon’s of the world.

Thank you for your inspiration.” (There was no tape

recorder so if there is something not quite correct,

consider this to be ‘paraphrased.’)

**Number Six in the Best Movie category was announced

and described by the daughter of the main character,

Laura Dern. Her father was in “Nebraska,” about a man

who is stunned to get a winning lottery ticket. It is

about a road trip with father and son.

Best Actor in a Comedy television show went to the

funniest man in several movies that are of my thirty

year old’s repertoire of movies: Andy Samberg. He is

known and recognizable, once seen, he is not Adam Sandler,

although he could become as famous, given some time.

This wacky television show that Andy Samberg is in, I

actually watch! I was glad that “Big Bang Theory” won

a few years in a row, also, “Modern Family,” but make

way for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” It is sillier than the old

“Barney Miller” police story, but has its ethnic diversity

and several fine older actors, in it, like Andre Braugher.

The countries that were focused in the Best Foreign Film

Award category, were from the following countries. You will

need to check somewhere else, what their titles were:


And the winner went to: “The Great Beauty,” with a fantastic

Italian director thanking everyone profusely, saying about his

own country, Italy, “It’s a crazy country, but a great one!”

Michael Douglas, having won twice before in “Romancing the

Stone,” “Wall Street,” and long ago, in “One Flew Over the

Cuckoo’s Nest,” won once again Best Actor in a television

movie, “Behind the Candelabra.” He gave nice ‘shout out’s’ to

the director, Steven Sodeberg and to his castmate, Matt Damon.

He remembered that Steven had approached him TEN YEARS AGO,

to do a Liberace movie, could not believe that it had been

that long before they got the screenplay and plot ready to

film. Michael Douglas included a joke about why he won the

award over Matt Damon, who plays his lover:

“The only reason why I am up here instead of you, Matt, is

because I had more sequins!”

**Colin Farrell was the one who announced the Best Movie

nomination for one I enjoyed, “Saving Mr. Banks.” This

movie has Tom Hanks, John Goodman and Emma Thompson in


Changed into a beautiful dress, Amy Poehler accepted very

graciously and not with any outrageous behavior or jokes

either for Best Actress in a comedy television show, for

“Parks and Recreation.” This show also has a wide variety

of characters. I watch it rather sporadically, depending

on if my “regular shows” are on re-run!

** “Gravity” was another nomination for “Best Movie of 2013.”

This one includes Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and some

awesome space scenes that, for the most part, real astronauts

have given it a “Thumb’s Up.”

**”12 Years, A Slave” which I saw with Bill, was given a

nomination for Best Picture by the Foreign Press, Golden

Globes. It has a large cast with a new actress and actor

that each portrayed realistically the painful torture of

slavery. Michael Fassbender is a slave owner who is horrible,

his wife is more sensitive but jealous of her husband’s

fixation on the young, female slave. (The young actress, Lupita

and the young actor, Chiwetal. I don’t have their fine last names.

Surprising some, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine, picked up another Golden

Globe for Best Comedy television show. Andy and the show were

having a ball, celebrating their wins on stage with the cast.

The co-screenwriter said, “I went to medical school and let me tell

you this is way better than saving a human life!” (He may regret

those words later on, but he did seem like he gave credit to an

‘incredible cast and crew.’)

Leonardo Di Caprio won Best Actor for his role in “Wolf on

Wall Street.” When he got up to accept his award, he said

there were many fine fellow comedians and actors in this

category and he was honored to be among them. He also said,

with sincerity, if anyone wanted to know how to act to

study Bruce Dern’s “filmography.”

Best Actress in a movie went to Cate Blanchett. I love this

woman, felt she did well in the movie, “The Aviator.” She

won for an obscure (to this movie ‘buff’) movie, named

“Blue Jasmine.” This category had such auspicious names

as Emma Thompson, Judi Dench, and Kate Winslet.

There was a great tribute and Lifetime Achievement Award

given to Woody Allen. I enjoyed the summary of all of his

crazy, diverse, sometimes confusing movies. His ex-lover,

Diane Keaton, was the one to accept the award since Woody

was otherwise occupied.

Matthew McConaughey won for Best Actor in the movie,

“Dallas Buyers Club.” He was very nice in his acceptance

speech, saying, “Don’t just watch movies and television,

get out there and LIVE!” He also gave some shout outs

to such fine actors as Robert Redford and Tom Hanks,

along with the rest who were nominated for Best Actor.

You will be happy to know, if you read any of this, that

Johnny Depp was the last presenter of awards. He was chosen

to give the award for Best Movie!

****”12 Years, A Slave**** WON!! This was based on a true

story, I had written a post about my date with Bill to

see this. I would encourage, especially people under fifty

years old, who were raised on the great television mini-

series, “Roots.” Both “Roots” written by Alex Haley and

“12 Years A Slave” written by a Solomon Northup, a freeman

who was captured and separated from his family, forced

into slavery, are fantastic books about the harrowing

trials and tribulations of slaves in America.