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Something more about me


This is going back to my history, my family and my life story.

I would like to know my readers, so hope you want to know

me more.

I was raised by two professional parents, an engineer at NASA

and a Spanish and English high school teacher. I am like Shania

Twain in the fact she wrote a song about “that don’t impress me

much.” I don’t believe that what you do is to impress but how you

lead your life. My parents marched in the Civil Right’s movement

marches. They walked the talk, my Mom packed up our toys,

kitchen set, and Tonka trucks, along with books to go to downtown

Sandusky in the basement of a church. We three kids would help

pack up and get into the back of our station wagon. There she was a

volunteer teacher of Head Start, beginning stage. We were her little

typically-developing children to mentor the little kids there. We would

get all of this done in summer mornings.

We were free to play all afternoon until the cow bell was rung. We climbed

trees, built forts and played with our neighbors in Perkins Township on

Scottley Drive. Good times. We moved in elementary school and later in

junior high school. In the last house we loved to play “kick the can” and

visiting with friends, “capture the flag.” What are some of your memories?