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You know its not going smooth…


Invited someone over who I had great and personal

conversations with. He was someone over 50 and on He was medium built, long dark hair and

an independent business person. He was part owner of

a shop in the Short North district of Columbus, Ohio.

You know its not going smooth…

when he proceeds to eat the whole bowl of green olives

next, the black ones.

You know its not going cozy…

when he looks at the 3 carefully chosen red box movies

and chooses to watch the Heat play basketball.

You know the exit line when…

he comes up behind you while you are washing dishes and

putting away all the nice appetizers you set out…

and yanking your hair (I mean hair follicles that CSI could

analyze!) and makes you kiss him.

Exit line: “I bet if you hurry, you can get home and watch the Heat’s last quarter!”

That was the end for me. The end for him was when he called on the way home.

He actually asked, “What did I do wrong?”