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Hanging Around Delaware


Anna and I love to go downtown and just check out things.

Her birthday was March 25th and with Easter weekend and

lots of planned stuff, we finally got to celebrate on First Friday

in April!

The big theme for this month downtown is: We have a professional

Lacrosse team that is seen on national t.v.! They had a Pep Rally

atmosphere while we crossed the street to go eat at Opa’s Grill and

Tavern. (Her choice for birthday fare!) We ordered traditional Greek

lamb gyros with combination of potatoes. She ordered the special

lemon potatoes which are three slices of skinned and cooked potatoes

with a lemon garlic sauce with parmesan sprinkled on them. The

server, Brittany, said they are like mashed potatoes because they are

cooked long and become tender. Her side order was delicious!

I ordered a nice order of “Fair fries” that are with the skin on and

quickly cooked in oil. They actually were less greasy than fair fries

so I really enjoyed them. I ordered extra garlic sauce to complete my


Once were finished with dinner, my youngest daughter came by the

window and waved. We had sat close by there, because the block was

closed off from traffic on South Sandusky Street and the action was

happening. Cheerleaders, some laser tag games, the OWU mascot

of the Battling Bishops and a lemon or pineapple costumed person

was running around with all the kids in the street.

My daughter came inside and ordered a PBR with a slice of lime and a

water since she had been out running. (Pabst Blue Ribbon for possible

readers from another country is served here on tap and not too bad of

a basic beer here.) We had Anna order a birthday shot with a long Greek

name that had cream floating on the top. She passed on baklava which

I would have happily eaten! (My big sweet tooth!)

We ended up, Anna and I, circling the whole downtown to see the new

Gourmet Hot Dog Restaurant that is now serving in the old Nectar

Candyland building. It is a shame that we could not have sustained that

delicious place that was amazing! We went inside a nice place called Buttons

Up where local artists show their wares. We went into Global Village to see

the international handiworks that are displayed so colorfully and beautifully.

We like to look and often buy clothing items at Toujours Consignment shop.

We checked out the windows in all three antique shops  and listened to the

homey sounds of the country group that is always in one of the shops singing.

The three large and well kept antique stores are: DPS Antiques, Sandusky

Street Antiques and Delaware Antique Mall.

The whole cast of the upcoming Hayes High School production of “Hello

Dolly!” were circling around town in their full costumes and makeup. Beautiful

pastelled dresses on the women and old fashioned striped summer jackets on

the men. If anyone from this area is reading this, I will put the dates now of

the shows: weekend of April 25, 26 and 27th. Friday and Sat. shows are quickly

sold out for 7:30 p.m so hurry to contact (740)-833-1010. Sunday shows are 2 p.m.

and also 7:30. Made me so nostalgic for my high school theatre days!

I start to think about that for a moment and reminisce with Anna about one of my

favorite high school activities. We ended up sitting inside the Something Sweet

Coffee shop that used to be known as the Mean Bean. We ordered turtle cookies

from the barrister and Anna had a white mocha coffee and I had a straight coffee

with a shot of vanilla, extra cream and sugar. We perched on the stools along the

bench that runs along the length of the place to watch from a now warmer location

all the comings and goings of the closed block.

We saw Amato’s was running a brisk business with their oven fired pizzas and other

Italian food and that Brooklyn Heights had a fire roaring that faces the town square

fountain. People were milling and enjoying all the festivities and we were happy to

have had the chance to catch up.

Next weekend, Bill who has done quite a few First Fridays over the years of our good

friendship, had graciously moved our once a month meal out. We will have to see

what that special time will consist of and I will let you know of any other happenings

around this ‘neck of the woods!”