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Back to School “Blues”


I have been a little “blue” about back to school time. I was

a teacher, always wanted to be a teacher, so when the stores

start to show their school supplies signs and their new clothing

lines, I am filled with longing…

On the other hand, my best friend, walking buddy, Jenny faces

her second fall with not going back to school and is whooping

it up whenever I see her! She is retired after a fine, outstanding

career of 35 years service in the field of elementary school

teaching reading to those who needed extra work in that area.

There are lots of reasons to be sad about my grandchildren

going back to school one week from today! I will always feel

like there were more summer adventures we were supposed

to take part in! I also, wishing from the bottom of my heart,

think it would be so cool one day to be able to surprise all

of them with some fantastic trip.

My grandson, Skyler, is going into third grade. He has new

shoes and a new backpack. He is very excited because he

saw the class roster posted on the front door of the school.

He will have some great old friends, a couple of Boy Scouts

(“Webelo’s) and he is friendly and outgoing, so no problems

meeting unfamiliar faces either. Micah, age four, will be heading

off with a new backpack to preschool. This will do wonders for

him, since he is not as excited as his big brother to learn from

his Mom or Dad about letters. He can sound out things and

has played that car game, recognizing the letters. Last time

I posted about them, I mentioned he is learning about letter

blends and rhyming words. His backpack cracked me up!! It

has skulls and zombies, not your typical little kid’s backpack.

He is fascinated by them, tells me strings of stories how this

superhero battled zombies, last time at the pool, it was Batman

getting those zombies put finally into their graves!

I was at the dentist’s office, love my dentist, but he only dropped

by to look and say, “No cavities,” while Jamie, my dental assistant

did all the work of cleaning, scraping and water-zinging my teeth.

She was talking about her tenth high school reunion, I had to wave

my arms, she stopped to listen,

“Next year, 2014 will be my 40th reunion!”

Jamie is so sweet, “No way!”

Now she and I are really close, we have shared her major break up

about three years ago. Then, we celebrated her finding a new man

and he is super. They have been together for 2 years, last summer

they went on a “family vacation” with his family to Michigan. I had

been there only a couple summers before, so we had fun talking

then about that. This summer was their first vacation alone, to

Atlantic City. Then, we had to figure out why Justin doesn’t want

to take her to his reunion, after 2 years together, I agreed with

her, put her foot down, since she knows one woman she can hang

with while he wants to hang with the sports group, a lot of male

bonding going on. She worries, like I worry. We do this fine thing

of understanding each other.

Of course, I edited my recent trial and error with a nice man who

wasn’t “right” for me. I did not go into depth. I feel that works out

best. Jamie and her own mother don’t talk too much about this

sort of thing, so don’t want to overdo it with her. I liked that she

shared her conundrum and she also hugged me, as I was leaving.

We will see each other after Thanksgiving, so will have updates on

Jamie and her Justin.

Meanwhile, I feel the need to share three of my several wonderful

little “essays” that friends wrote in my senior yearbook. We called

our yearbook since our colors were blue and white, “The Bluebook.”

I showed these recently to my best friend, Jenny, and she could not

believe they sound like the “me” that is still around. ¬†Please indulge

me by reading these handwritten, seniors who wrote them and

see what you think. (And, hopefully, you won’t feel I am bragging

because they are so very kind words indeed!)

Amy Davies one very good friend wrote:

“Robins are bright and joyous,

they foretell the coming of fresh green friendships.

They bring with them new colors,

bright flowers and sunshine.

Robins are friendly birds and courageous.

They bravely face the world unafraid

knowing that nobody could hurt a bird

as trusting and so loving.

Luck in ’74 and forever,

Amy” ¬† ( Wish you could see the bird she drew, too.)

On the same page, my boyfriend, a “brainiac” who I loved

at the time, Dave Beach wrote:

“I hope that this year and all of the wonderful experiences

associated with it have enriched your life as much as they

have mine.

But no one year should ever be thought of as an end in itself

rather it should be thought of as a stepping-stone to the

greater things which are continually over the horizon.

Even though a horizon can never be reached one must

always move forwards toward it, as I know you will with

your beautiful glow before you and a trailing rainbow behind.


Karen Webster, a special and unique person, wrote:


Very rare are the times that one meets nice people who are sincere

in their niceness. Hardly ever a bad word unless it is deserved, you

hardly ever are obnoxious, unless the situation warrants it.

Do not worry about following the social norms, most of them aren’t

worth the pressure people put on them.

Be happy within yourself, its the most important thing in life.

Take care and best wishes for a successful future at Bowling

Green and forever.

Please be happy.


Karen W.”

Such wise words for me from Karen, they stick out more than all

the compliments the others said of me. I have always worried,

that is a fault but a characteristic, too.

I know now where I found those words, “take care” that I usually add

to many of my comments or replies on my blog.

Hope this gets you pulling out your yearbooks! I had several others

that I loved and relished rereading their words, including two of my

favorite teachers!