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VJ Day


This is more of a pensive post, than a celebratory one. I have some

sad, serious thoughts when I reflect upon Hiroshima, not so much

on the deaths that started it. Pearl Harbor was an attack that we

could not ignore!

Two servicemen who served in different times have been very close

to me. One, an ex-husband, who served in the aftermath of Viet Nam

told me he sobbed while walking the eerie halls of the museum at

Hiroshima. The sight of a melted doll hit him right in the gut. We

didn’t just kill enemy infantrymen… the white silent cloud of the

atomic bomb left its message and it had a huge impact on Japan.

The second serviceman was a proud WWII veteran, decorated hero.

He also was moved to tears when he read a book about the mass

devastation. It was the only time I ever saw a tear in Sarge’s eyes,

except at the death of his sweet wife Alice.

Sarge’s feelings clouded his judgment, they made his right vs. wrong

opinions soften and change. The hard back book he read, title not

known by me, his friend and confidante, made him feel “ashamed.”

He said these powerful words, “The number of civilians that the

Japanese killed was low, the military attack killed thousands. Our

bombing of civilians in Hiroshima was a vastly higher toll of death.”

On Victory in Japan day, may there be peace in America and that show

of force may have mattered. It HAD to have mattered!

Let’s think of the Japanese internment in America and the loss of Japan

Town in California, where people had to pull out of their homes,

businesses and be transported to an environment similar to a Nazi

concentration camp. Thank God, no one was “gassed” here on our

precious land.

Another viewpoint, but also one held by two retired servicemen

who saw the remains of that day. One in a book and another in a

museum, that held a doll of some Japanese child in a display case.