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August is Coming Soon to Your House and Mine!


Hello! Can you believe it is almost August?! I am going to get ahead of myself

by writing some wonderful things about this month, including a large amount

of Irish battles and several country’s celebrations for Independence Day!

I would like to start with a short August poem by Keats’:

“On one side is a field of drooping oats,

Through which the poppies show their

scarlet coats.”

The “Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2013 edition” lists this detail about the month’s

wonderful and sweet fruit, plums. I will paraphrase these facts:

European plum trees require full sun and well drained soil.

The two varieties “Stanley” plums and “Italian” plums cultivars are high in

sugar content and make delicious prunes.

To make a wonderful plum crop, plant two varieties for cross pollination.

This made me want to get some plums from the store.  I love the way the skin

is tart and the inside of plums are so sweet and delicious! To choose a ripe plum,

the Farmer’s Almanac suggests to look for good color, slightly soft to squeeze

and releases easily with a slight twist if taking off the tree. Try this month, for

the ‘fun of it’ desserts, jellies, preserves or wines made of plums!

Here are some special dates to take note of this month:

August 5th-  Celebrate the “Civic Holiday” in Canada or wherever you are!

August 6th-  The New Moon phase.

“Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2013 edition,” advises:

“Add dead pea vines, bolted lettuce, and other gone-by plants to your

compost pile.”

August 11th-  Celebrate the “end of Dog Days!”

August 14th-  Don’t forget our servicemen and veterans on

Victory in Japan (otherwise known as VJ Day).

August 19th-  National Aviation Day. If you live close to an airport, an

aircraft museum such as the Dayton Air Force Museum, visit and tell

a family member about this special day.  I cannot imagine living without

aviation! If you live close to Kitty Hawk, another example of a great place

to visit in celebrating first flights.

August 20th-  View the Full Sturgeon Moon. Still fascinated about each

moon having a unique name attached! This brought me closer to one of

my fellow bloggers, Jules!

The Irish Battles- most celebrated in the month of August. (In order of years, not days…)

1316- The Second Battle of Athenny

1504-  The Battle of Knockdoe

1596- The Battle of Yellow Ford

1599-  The Battle of Curlew Pass

1647-  The Battle of Dungan’s Hill

1798-  The Battle of Castlebar

1969-  The Battle of the Bogside

Now, for an Awesome August list of Independence Days!

On August 6th- Jamaica has celebrated their Independence since 1962.

On August 9th- Singapore celebrates their National Day.

On August 14th- Pakistan celebrates their Independence since 1947.

On August 15th- India or Indian Independence Day celebrating since 1947.

The Philippines celebrate the whole month of August their Native Language.

The whole first week of August has the following celebrations:

In Maine, the Penobscot Tribe celebrate and incorporate their tribal customs and

crafts in a festival.

In Sweden, the Medieval Week of Wisby in Gotland  celebrates medieval customs and crafts.

In Scotland, the internationally famous Edinburgh Festival takes place in August.

In Wales, They celebrate the Welsh culture, their music, arts and crafts in  the

city of Eisteddfod.

I am sure whatever “corner of the world you live in” you will be celebrating something

in the month of August!

What is Patriotism? My July Post: 3 days early


I am going on vacation and looking forward to not being

into much media. Sorry to say, I will be removed from my

blogging and posting responsibilities to concentrate on my

much needed rest and relaxation! I will be gone for at least

nine days. Heavens, will I lose some readers? Will I have

hundreds of emails? Do you know what kind of a freeing

feeling comes over you when you fully realize you don’t have

to do anything?

My only visual stimulation from any media will be the few

special old movies that may be on or older mystery series on

the television. These will be watched with plenty of snacks

and treats with my Mom at her senior apartment in Westlake,


My brothers may invite us to a barbecue where we will bring

a baked pie and homemade potato salad. Mom likes to do

these home cooked, made with love, specialties. I will insist

on buying some  “real” whipped cream in a can and make

iced tea in the sun on her balcony.

We will have a “grand old time” with shopping, eating out,

driving around to look at some of her favorite sights, and

seeing fireworks over Lake Erie!

Just in time for the Fourth of July!!

Here is an outstanding quote by Paul Malloy:


“What, After All, is Patriotism?

It isn’t the sight of the Statue of Liberty.

It isn’t a whoop-de-doo on the Fourth of July.

Those are but symbols.

It’s pride in each other.

It’s children safe in their beds at night.

It’s being able to scrap your job tomorrow if you feel like it.

It’s having the right to laugh, play, speak, write, think and

pray as you wish.

It’s liking it here.

It’s wanting to say thanks.

It’s contentment.

It’s going to the voting booth and making your choice and

cheering your candidate if he gets in,

and if he doesn’t get in, closing ranks behind the one who does.

If this is flag-waving… long may it wave!”

July 3rd is considered the beginning of the Dog Days of Summer.

Water your lawn and garden during the early morning or in

the evening to minimize evaporation and the grass browning.

July 4th is Independence Day. Celebrate with fireworks and picnics,

please enjoy and be safe if traveling!

I love the simplicity and excitement of little children holding sparklers

in their little hands.

On July 22, you will be able to gaze at the Full Buck Moon. It is also

called the Full Ripe Corn Moon. Don’t forget to look for the full moon

this evening!

I like this short poem from an American poetess, Evaleen Stein


“Look! Look down in the garden how

The firefly lights are flitting now!

A million tiny sparks I know

Flash through the pinks and golden-glow.”

May you be filled with laughter and the bright, beautiful majesty

of the fireworks over your head with your neighbors, friends, and

family close by watching. With “oohs, ahs, and wows!”

Oh, and I will miss you!