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I’m Looking Over a 4 Leaf Clover


Good luck charms come in a variety of ways. Some may have

a penny in each loafer, like I did in the sixties. Some

may pick up every penny they see on the ground. Some may

study it, as they bend down. Since, if it is facing up,

then you will have good luck. If it is facing down, the

‘omen’ may be that you won’t have any luck. Just as when

you hang a horse shoe, don’t ever hang it facing down! This

means your luck will be ‘draining out.’

Every culture that I can think of has some kind of tradition

or superstition that some members of it, follow. Now, I have

met many people who feel no fears of walking under a ladder,

opening their umbrella, in the house as they step out into

a torrent of rain or don’t worry a bit, if a black cat passes

in front of them.

I have a picture of my Dad in a little pocket of my car, by

the dashboard. I also have a Las Vegas poker chip (given to

me by a friend who has been there and won big stakes) stored

in another part of my car. I have yet to travel there, but

have a cousin, Heather, who I could stay with, when I go. I

also have a little silver ladybug, who is in my luggage, to

keep me ‘safe’ and give me ‘safe travel mercies.’ My parents

had a St. Christopher medal hanging on their rearview mirror.

I never store a purse, sell one or give one away without a

penny stuck in each one of them. I particularly save the years

of my three children’s birthdays. I suppose, for me, “Pennies

from Heaven” would explain this purse tradition.

I was very excited when someone gave me a list of talisman for

many different areas of the world. It is not the sum of all of

them, I am sure! This will, at least, get you started.

Here is the lovely list given to me:

1. Bumble Bee- for luck and prosperity.

2. Anchor- for hope and optimism.

3. Egyptian Ankh- for health, wealth and longer life.

4. Mushroom- good things to come.

Are we sure this didn’t just come from the ‘stoners’

in the sixties and seventies? Party on!

5. Pig- for wealth.

6. Owl- for wisdom and truth

Now, I understand why people collect owls and pigs!

7. Grecian key- for knowledge and opportunity.

You see on Greek sororities and fraternities, a symbol

of a key. Now, you know what the significance behind

this. We had Key Club in high school, where students who

were wishing to be prepared to become leaders, joined.

8. Horseshoe- for protection and luck.

9. Rooster- for good fortune and justice.

10. Thor’s Hammer- for success in adversity.

11. Pole Star- for guidance and safety.

12. Japanese Frog- for safe travel.

13. Four leaf clover- for luck and happiness.

This goes hand in hand, with shamrocks, which is an

Irish tradition for good luck, too. Happy St. Patrick’s

Day, to you all!

14. Buddha’s Shell- for fortune and sanctity.

15. Elephant- for luck.

I always thought this should include the trait of

memory? Like an elephant never forgets. But this was

not included in this talismans’ list of qualities.

16. Turtle- for wisdom.

17. Lion- for a long life.

18. Horse- for achievement and happiness.

This also I thought would include some kind of racing

reference… like being quick?

19. Eye of Horus- for health and wealth.

20. Sun- for awareness and enlightenment.

21. Dolphin- for friendship.

I feel we, as humans, have an affinity for animals. I

can definitely understand why we would show respect for

the creatures of the world.

Hope that this list will have given you something to

think about. If you have a special token or charm that

you carry around with you, please let us know. I would

like to hear about the significance, if there is a

culture or tradition tied to it, or any other details.

I was surprised that the list that was given to me, did

not include a rabbit. As in a rabbit’s foot used to be

put on key chains and by rubbing one, you were supposed

to get good luck. Probably the whole idea of it seems

horrifying, nowadays, since we have the prevention of

cruelty to animals. But, my uncle, who was a hunter and

a high school biology teacher, would have said,

“What’s the big deal? You have to cut the feet off and

skin it, to be able to have rabbit stew!”

Good luck and “May the Road Rise Up to Greet You!”

Last year’s post around this time, I had a nice St. Patrick’s

Day blessing included, you may wish to check out.

Double Honored: Liebster Award



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I have mostly English and Scottish on my Dad’s side and on my

Mom’s side, Swedish and German.

I was told by my Father, while rather young, “the English were

tough on the Irish, so ‘Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day!'”


Anyway….. the real reason I am back

writing a post is:   Ta- Dah!

I was nominated for a Liebster award!!  It came yesterday from a

wonderful traveller who shares his road with his wife. They met on

a singles’ cruise. Right up my alley, a story of love and romance with

an adventure included!

You may find out since globalexplorer1 told me already! Mike did not ask

me to keep it a secret either!

Here is the blogger who recently became a follower of mine and likes

my stories! (He hasn’t read the really embarrassing ones yet! Haha!)

His Blog is named Applecore, they are living in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

He is a native of the Pacific Northwest, there may be some cool stories

about growing up there, too! (someday?)

He accompanies his travels with beautiful, breath-taking photographs!

They have written about Taxco and travelled to other very interesting

places in Mexico recently. You should check out this blog and be amazed!

Mike answered his own questions that really were funny and he listed

me on a well rounded list including vegan food experts, transplanted

bloggers from California to Spain and one who lives in Seattle. There is

a blog listed with kid friendly recipes. Great post, so go see his nominees

and add them to your list!

I hope if you don’t mind I will stay with my own list I made the beginning

of this past week. I appreciated the whatsinthebox nomination and now,

the globalexplorer1 nomination, also. Please check out my list of fellow

bloggers that I nominated! I love more than those on the list so I hope if you

continue to stay with my blog, that you will see the wonderful followers who

comment very thoughtfully, teach me things and  also “straighten me out” if I

need to be!

I answered some sexual questions given me when the first nomination came

in and I hope that is enough exposure for quite awhile! Thanks again!

Smile and have a great beginning of the week!

Oh, and WEAR GREEN!! Don’t want to get pinched (or do you?)

Early St. Patrick’s Day Message


I have been on a roll lately, just cranking these out!

I am not all about quantity but quality would be best.

Just have had some muse on my shoulder.

We had the St. Valentine holiday that so many people

love to celebrate with candy, flowers, and poetry.

Now we have the down to earth holiday, where we drink

ale (or beer), eat corned beef and cabbage, and act a little

crazy! That’s St. Patrick’s day!

I have more Scotch’blood’ than Irish but my father told me

something that was surprising. He sympathized with the Irish,

so please wear green! His forbears are equally divided into Scotch

and English.  On the ancestral tree we are so many steps to King

Phillip and equally many steps to King Bruce. If we were being a

pain in the Irish’s arse we would wear orange (because we are

Episcopalian, not Catholic!)

Anyway, my favorite Irish saying is the one my Mom

has on a plate by the kitchen sink:

_________________An Old Irish Blessing___________________

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind always be at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face and rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.


I hope you not only dance a jig, kiss someone, pinch someone (for not wearing

green) that you will feel totally blessed this whole month of March!

Here is a short verse:

These things I warmly wish for you~~someone to love, some work to do,

a bit o’ sun, a bit o’ cheer, and a Guardian Angel always near. (author unknown)