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“It’s Not Easy Being Green”


Poor Kermit the Frog, awhile back, was singing his little heart away

about the challenges in being a different color. There are so many

strange occurrences and violence committed around the world due

to ethnicity, culture, religion and sexual preference differences.

Lately, the two that come fresh to mind are Paula Deen putting her

foot in her mouth and then, trying to back out of it, making it much

worse. Also, there is the horrible incident that the person who seemed

guilty was found “not guilty.”

I went to the movie, “Lone Ranger,” having heard a lot about the fun

incidents and less about the serious side of the movie. I am proud of

the director and actors for “taking up the gauntlet” in this case to

tackle the tough issues of the Native Americans in Tonto’s story and

how that made him the way he is. It also influences how the whole

story rolls too.

There are some other ethnicity prejudices and issues covered, as

there are blacks working on the railroad side by side with the

indentured Chinese workers. The “Wild West” action heroes

are also included in the winding, but worthwhile plot.

I will add only one thing more, this movie reminded me a LOT

of “Little Big Man” with Dustin Hoffman retelling his life starting

at the end of his life, going backwards. Not revealing too much to

say that Tonto also starts out at the end of his life, but in a museum.

So, there is also another movie or two influencing this because of

“The Night in the Museum” (I believe there are two of them.)

I have accidentally offended one person awhile back by posting a

story that I was aiming for humorous, since I went out with a man

who had called from the jail. I answered. That is the first funny part,

then, once out of prison, I was picked up in a black limousine to go

out to dinner. NO, I was asked to go out and he would send a car

around, describing as such, and I said I would meet him at a nice

Italian restaurant he chose. I had Bill, my good old handy dandy

friend follow me so as I would not “end up on ice!” See, I could

not resist calling him a “mobster.” I did not mean anything much

since there were the famous movies like “The Godfather” series,

along with the fairly recent “Sopranos” television series.

I offended an Italian by referring to this man who had other men

following us into the restaurant and also, who came to Delaware

bringing a “gang” who maybe might best be called a “posse” and

somehow it would sound like he was a rapper? I apologized but

said woman has not visited my blog since that “fatal” mistake!

I am sorry that I did not realize that mentioning the mob in the

same breath as Italians, that this would be showing prejudice.

I would like to bring up a pet peeve about stereotypes of elderly

people in commercials. There is only one that has a lively couple

and all the rest are looking like almost my Mom’s age. Grandmas

and Grandpas are not in their eighties, those are great grandpas

and great grandmas! Have you noticed the ones who are selling

the different products are smiling and looking friendly? That is

refreshing since real elderly people can be cranky! I worked 4

years in a nursing home as an Activities Director. I got a lot

of smiles and hugs, because I knew how to make them happy,

old movies, old music, Bingo and lots of yummy treats served

at all activities, including sugar free cookies and ice cream,

along with the full flavored multiple caloried items!

Last but not least, I am told by my brothers that wearing an

Indians’ shirt with Chief Wahoo on it is “tacky” and “offensive”

to Native Americans. I got this cute red shirt you see on the

gravatar from my youngest daughter’s hand me downs. I was

so pleased with the photo she took of me, on the steps of OWU

campus, that I did not dream anyone would even notice the

shirt! Of course, a couple people that are friends have commented

they liked the photograph, no mention of the logo at all. I meant

no offense to anyone and do agree that Native Americans who are

in a serious mood, may not smile with such a fakey and goofy look

as poor Chief Wahoo… I apologize about this!

I am going to be posting a new photograph once summer is over,

I started with a gray dress and a big smile in front of my apt. door.

I had lighter hair, for some reason the dye changes each time?

Anyway, thank you for accepting me who is not “green” but is

technologically challenged at times, relying on my daughter to

come home and change pictures or download Award clip arts.

“It’s Not Easy Being Green” was written by Joe Raposo, for

Kermit the Frog, the Muppets and Jim Henson performed it

first. Interestingly enough, Frank Sinatra along with many

other performers have sung this simple song with a sweet and

poignant theme. I will quote the beginning and ending lyrics.

“It’s not easy being green,…. (mentions being like a leaf,

wishing he were red, yellow or brown instead…)

“It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things

and people tend to pass you over ’cause

you’re not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water.


It would make you wonder why, but why wonder why?

Wonder, I am green and I’ll do fine.

It’s beautiful and I think it’s what I want to be!”