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Happy Cinco de Mayo!


In a recent article, I read about someone who designed a “Pizza

Garden.” This inspired me to suggest you grow a vegetable garden

focusing on your children’s favorite foods.They will be more likely

interested in the garden’s outcome, if they enjoy the idea of what

it will end up in, in a prepared dish.

Since today we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I thought of some

vegetables that would be wonderful to include in a Mexican dish.

For next year’s Cinco de Mayo, grow a “Tacos Garden!”

In my son’s garden, he grew red, yellow, and green peppers, hot

red chili peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, potatoes, onions,

corn, watermelons and pumpkins.

Last year, my son and his wife ‘canned’ the red, green and yellow

peppers and onions by being given small batches a quick dunk in

boiling hot water. Waiting for them to cool and then, freeze them in

large freezer quart Zip Lock bags, pressing them to remove all the

air bubbles.

I call this process, ‘flash freezing,’ but not sure if they told me this

or if it is really the correct label.

There may be a more accurate way of describing and naming this

process. My son and daughter-in-law chose to chop onions and

put them in freezer bags. They also used the method of scraping

the kernels off their ears of corn, where they could then boil them,

cool them and pack in freezer bags.

I think you may find how many seconds you boil each food item on

the internet, since they said you don’t want to boil any of the items

too much or they will be ‘mushy,’ when you defrost them.

For a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta meal, you could defrost onions, corn,

and choose your favorite peppers. While waiting to get olive oil,

in a skillet, nice and hot, finely chop up onions and the peppers.

When you have lightly browned the vegetables, set them aside.

If you use a pre-packaged taco seasoning, I recommend the

lower salt ones available.

If you already have a natural pack, or spice jar, prepared with

your favorite taco seasonings, add some of this to the skillet

with the appropriate amount of hot water.

The oil from the onions and peppers will be fine, if you don’t

get it too brown, or black. (Yikes!)

I like to use 80% lean beef, but have used cooked chicken cubes

or ground turkey.

If you are a vegan, you may find some recipes for using other

thickening agents.

On one of my last year’s comments, Celeste had added a link

which will help you out.

Some suggestions were to use tofu, eggplant, kidney beans and

other kinds of beans. If you do this, you may wish to use a soft

shell taco or tortilla.

I like to also top the meat with sliced tomatoes, but if you have

canned diced tomatoes, you may wish to use these.

Drain, of course, and add to the meat, once it has been cooked.

I usually make guacamole, purchase sour cream and low salt salsa

to add for extra spices.

You may vary this informal recipe, but the main focus I wished to

impart was,

This is the time to start planning your vegetable garden!

Having children get involved, is so much more fun and easily

done, when you call the garden, a “Pizza” or “Tacos” garden!

This idea was used in a public area by the Delaware Community

Market. There was a nifty, helpful article called,

“Growing Pizza in Delaware,” by Deena Kloss, in the July, 2013

edition of the free magazine, “Natural Awakenings.”

Here is a list of spices, that the children in the Delaware

gardening “Kids’ Club” planted last year, in the early part

of June:

1. basil

2. parsley

3. tomatoes

4. peppers

5. onions

The “Kids’ Club” was led by garden volunteers, Bob Sullivan-Neer

and Master Gardeners, Regina Grywalski and Diane Gelinas.

They also produced radishes, snap peas and arugula in raised

garden beds.

An amusing sight in the community gardens is a pink painted

step ladder, that got too ‘rickety’ to be used as a ladder. Some

purple morning glory vines were flowering last summer. They are

such a lovely sight!

Another interesting and fun way to ‘recyle’ old and no longer

useful household items included a wooden head- and footboard,

painted bright yellow. Some old wooden pallets, buried partially in

the ground, then, filled with dirt became literally a “flower bed!”

Brightly colored zinnias were popping out, making the kids happy,

last year, to pick bouquets for their parents. I like portulaca, since

you can pinch the dying seed pods and save to plant again the

following summer. They are quite hardy and colorful.


I have added updates throughout this post about children’s

input in gardening.

I babysat my four grandchildren last Saturday night while their

parents had a much needed dinner out and a movie. The kids

were put in ‘charge’ of drawing or listing, foods that would be

ones they would like to grow in their garden.

My son had used individual art pads, using a ruler to add some

lines under the area their drawings would go.

I thought of another way of doing a garden art project, could be

to give the kids old gardening catalogs, scissors, glue sticks and

allow them to practice their cutting and gluing skills.

The grandchildren were excited about the project, which did help

me to keep them occupied for almost an hour. The littlest one,

age 4, Makyah decided that her scribbling free form vegetable

garden was rather hard to explain. I asked her if she would like

me to write her special vegetables, fruits and flowers down on

the lines provided. I also praised (of course!) her lovely use of

colors and designs.

I asked Kyah what the yellow swirls were and she labeled them,


I wondered what the big bushes of green were and she said,


She had purple stuff, which I asked if they were purple cabbage

and I remembered, too late, a valuable lesson:

**Note:  Never, ever try to guess what children’s drawings are!!

Kyah looked quite impatient and annoyed at me, scolding me,

“No, Nana! Can’t you tell those are flowers?!”

I asked if she knew what kind they were and in a rather superior

tone she said,

“Daddy will know what kind!”

Both Lara, age 10 1/2, and Landen, age 9, drew beautiful and

elaborate gardens with details. They needed some help with

spelling, but the finished projects were awesome.

Marley, age 6 1/2, was very excited about her drawing, stayed

the longest at the table, with her hands covering some of her

drawings, too.

Children will get excited as the plants grow and change. My

older grandchildren say their very favorite ones that came out

of last year’s garden were:

Corn on the cob, watermelon, cucumbers and potatoes.

They mentioned having fried potatoes with onions and since

their mother doesn’t like onions, they told me,

“Daddy makes Mommy her own ‘batch’ of fried potatoes for her


Last but not least, you may remember that their garden produced

a ‘minor miracle’ last Fall!

Exactly 6 pumpkins, just in time for Halloween!

(One for each member of the family, parents included.)


“Yo espero que tengan a muy bueno dia y hasta la luego!”

Sorry, I am not sure why the ’tilda’ on the 2 “n’s” did not appear!

I am not positive but I tried to say in my ‘rusty’ Spanish,

“I hope you had a very good day and see you when we meet again.”

Abrazos y besos.

Incredible Excuses for Sick Days


The Harris Poll performs a national online poll of 2203 hiring Managers and Human

Resource Department’s Professionals and 3103 workers. This was carried out this year

from August 11 trough September 5, 2014. You won’t believe some of the strangest

set of “poor excuses” ever!


Here are the TOP TEN most unbelievable, but true, excuses for calling in sick:


1.  I just put a casserole in the oven. I need to stay home to take it out.”

2.  I had to have some plastic surgery; it needed ‘tweaking.’

3.  I fell asleep on the toilet, my feet and legs fell asleep and this caused

me to fall and break my ankle.

4.  I was at the casino all weekend- still ahead, so won’t be in on Monday.

5.  I woke up in a good mood. I didn’t want to ruin it by coming into work.

6.  I had a “lucky night” (if you know what that means) and didn’t know

where I was when I woke up.

7.  I got stuck in the Blood Pressure machine and can’t get out in time

for work.

8.  I had a gall stone, I just want to allow it to heal holistically.

9.  I caught my uniform on fire when I tried to dry it in the microwave.

10.  I “accidentally” got on an airplane and am leaving the country.


When I use Number Five, I call it a Mental Health Day (to myself) but

I use the ‘too sick to come to work’ line.


The HR Department personnel and the Managers mention that

1 in 5 employers can tell a ‘fake’ excuse and have fired employees

for their lying to them.

28% of Call In’s compared to 32% Call In’s last year, 2013.

I was not able to understand this statistic. Sorry!



Do you mind sharing one of your most imaginative excuses?

Hope this list gave you a chuckle or got you smiling today.

They sure were wild and crazy, laughable and lame.

In the ‘good old days’ the regular excuses were:

“I am a little under the weather”


“I am feeling queasy.”


“One More for the Road”


I cannot help myself, this one is too funny not to


Another funny post… (even funnier if you are a

fisherman or hunter!)

“My Trip to the Bass Shop this Morning”

It has already started at Bass Shop Sporting Goods

Store. The world is getting very serious about their

need to protect us…

There was a bit of confusion at their store this


When I was ready to pay for my purchases of gun

powder and bullets, the cashier said,

“Strip down, facing me.”

Making a mental note to complain to the NRA about

the gun control wackos running amok, I did just as

she had instructed.

When the hysterical shrieking and alarms finally

subsided, I found out that she was referring to how

I should place my credit car in the card-reader.

I’ve been asked to shop elsewhere in the future.

They need to make their instructions to us seniors

a little more clear!

And I still don’t think I looked THAT bad!

Hope this brought you a couple of chuckles, but no

cola or coffee snorts, though!

Recent Email Has My Blood Boiling!


Awhile ago, I spent too much time with my wheels spinning and

no forward action going on in a relationship. Who tells a woman

while romancing them, “You are my future, she is my past?” without

any intent whatsoever of making a commitment? Did the word “future”

not include the present?

Anyway, here is the reason for my Friday afternoon “rant!” I received

an email that asked if we could “try again to make our future and

forget the past.” In it, a man who hurt me repeatedly by lying about

his ex-girlfriend, (he was seeing her, too!) said I was “exactly like

him!” What?

He said that I lean on others’ to make myself happy, that I “need”

someone to be there instead of relying on being alone. He wrote a

rather hateful email that said these exact words:

“Quit asking me questions that you already know the answers to!

I was seeing you and another woman, why don’t you continue dating

other men and ME?” Then closed it with “I will always love YOU

and care for YOU. Tell your family ‘hello!'”

On what planet does a person write this when you have not even been

seeing each other for a long time? I wondered if some other foolish

woman had asked him questions that he was lying to? Somehow, our

emails got crossed, or his brain he fried doing drugs in the seventies,

finally crashed!

I have not asked anything of him in months! One action I continue to

do is re-blocking his phone number. All this started when he asked the

very same question in person, “Do you think we could see other people?”

I moved on, gave up and did not even look back in my rear view mirror.

Thanks so much, Shania Twain for that image! Along with a Pearl Jam

song with the “F” word in it called, “Rearview Mirror.”

Oh, and by the way, if for some reason this man who never checked my

blog nor even wanted to know anything about it, should happen to be

“stalking me” through it: I would NEVER tell my family “hello” from


Somehow due to this crass attempt to “make up and still be close,”

I feel my blood boiling!

Do you remember the old cartoons that would have a character’s ears

emitting big puffs of steam out? That is how I feel right now!

I am now going to make a list, (remember an earlier post that I mention

how I am a “lister of things?”) I just function and think better making a

list at this moment. It is calming in many ways.

Here are my immediate thoughts to my “old boyfriend/possible “future”

whatever’s comments??  Hahaha! Not a chance of any future.

1.  I could survive on a desert island without YOU! After all, not only did I

make it to First Class Girl Scout, but I also was a member of the Boy Scouts’

coed Mariners!

2.  I would rather travel to all of America’s amusement parks and ride their

amazingly high roller coasters multiple times a day than have my whole

life screwed up again with YOU! It was like living a Life that felt like I was

on a roller coaster. Except the highs never made up for the lows!

3.  I would enjoy living in the monkey or bonobo cage at the Columbus Zoo

(I know you “hate” monkeys so I would be safe from any visits from YOU!)

while learning to live a ‘fruits only’ diet. Hopefully, they would let me take

my “Mature Century” multivitamins and throw me some veggies on the side!

4.  I would rather be in jail with three meals a day, women as company, and

a computer to study courses I never finished towards my Master’s. I can

accomplish ANYthing without YOU!

5.  I would rather be held hostage by a band of pirates and hope one of them

looked a lot like Johnny Depp! (Or Errol Flynn!) I would have a better chance

of getting a commitment out of a pirate than from YOU!

6.  I would rather be taken by some cowboys out West and have to corral

cattle on a horse bareback than be with YOU!

7.  I would rather hurtle into space on a satellite and not see our planet

for a month (I cannot go more than a month without my grandchildren)

than spend a minute with YOU!

6.  For some reason, YOU come back at moments when I am so full of

happy thoughts and I just wonder, why? So, I would rather have a month

of solitary confinement than read another of your feeble email attempts to

control my life!

7.  I would rather plunge off the West Virginia bridge over New River

Gorge’s white water on a bungie cord than try to get my “stuff” YOU insist I

“need” back!! Please, like I have said multiple times before, they all can be

donated to Goodwill or thrown in the trash!

8.  I would rather travel around the country for a month (remember, I can’t

leave the grandkids behind, but could take them with me) cleaning latrines

at State Parks or even work for the company that owns Port A Pots. Yeah,

rather deal with that stuff than YOU in my life again!

9.  I would live on a frozen tundra or in an igloo rather than try to live with

your icy, cold presence in my life! YOU had no warmth nor comfort in the

way you treated me!

10. I would rather have empty conversations with Paris Hilton, Lindsay

Lohan, or any of the Kardashians than read another hollow email from

YOU! I don’t want to listen to your lying pleas for forgiveness or starting


Finally, I am nothing like you! I have nothing in common with you. I would

never treat my worst enemy (or Miss Queen Bee at work) like you treated me.

I speak truths almost 99% of the time, whereas you speak lies and they roll

off your tongue with eyes looking so sincere that YOU must be some evil

spawn! You emphasized the word YOU in caps so that is why I emphasized

in ten ways that I could live without you. Reminds me of Eliza Doolittle’s

song lyrics from “My Fair Lady,” (partial lyrics from “Without You.”)

“There’ll be Spring every year without you….

Without pulling it, the tide comes in without you,

Without your twirling it,

The Earth can spin without you…

Art and music will thrive without you,

Somehow Keats will survive without you,

And there will still be rain on that plain down in Spain

Even that will remain without you,

I can do without you…”

“The rain in Spain will fall without YOU!…”

Thanks and please feel free to voice any rants about exes that

made your blood boil (in the past, present or recently.)