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“Chasing Ice” (Documentary Film, 2012)


Rarely do I take off breathless in conversation over movies

that are documentaries! But “Chasing Ice” is an unusual type of

movie. It is directed by Jeff Orlowski, filming extreme ice and

climate change effects on glaciers. It was released in November,

2012 in the United States. It can be found on the internet and

Net Flix.

The man behind this project who helped set up cameras and is

on an Extreme Ice Survey team based in Boulder, Colorado, is

James Balog.

They recorded over time major effects, including what they term

a “glacier calving event” on Jakobshavn Glacier, Greenland. This

extreme ice story shows remarkable footage of the beautiful,

almost blue Jello-colored glaciers. There are cracks, fissures and

a large portion of melted, irreplaceable ice ‘mountains.’

This film was nominated for some Academy Awards, receiving

one for Best Song, “Before My Time,” (written by J. Ralph).

It is a hauntingly beautiful song, as you can imagine, how things

are disappearing right before our eyes, due to Global Warming.

Sung by the actress, Scarlett Johansson and Joshua Bell, it made

quite an impression on me while watching the award given.

While you watch the song, you also get over 3 minutes of footage

of the Greenland project. It is breath-taking and worth your time!

“Chasing Ice” also won Best Documentary at the Sundance Film

Festival, 2012.

Mainly, if you wish to get a “feel” of this thought provoking film,

look up the title and see where it leads you. Walking over the

crunchy ice with his children, James Balog narrates this with

heartfelt words. There is a section of the movie, where you can

note in your mind how an iced version of a Grand Canyon-sized

mind-blowing rent cuts between the ice walls. When a year later,

they come back, the change is so tremendous that you may not

even believe it is possible! It is not recognizable except they have

the measure of how far from point A it took to get to point B.

The Extreme Ice Survey team has over 30 time-lapsed cameras

posted all over the world including Iceland, Greenland and Alaska.

They have cameras at Mount Everest and Glacier National Forest.

If this literally showed up in footage of our beloved Grand Canyon,

you would be very concerned of the erosion. There would be outrage!

In this other case, it is melting almost before your eyes!