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Critter Lovers


My Mom and Betty White adore animals of every species and support their

lives with their extra money. My Mom has always been part of the ones who

would donate to any and all causes for animal preservation, prevention to

cruelty and local humane societies. They both use their humor and their

love of animals to ‘keep on going.’ Betty White is often on talk shows, in

movies and recently Hallmark featured her in a movie about a woman who

was waiting for her husband to come back from WWII. It is called, “The

Lost Valentine.”


Both women, although far apart in their professions, my Mom and Betty,

were widows and kept on their toes, with causes and interests. Betty has said,

she would have retired long ago, except that she wanted to continue to be able

to donate for animals’ rights. Both of these over 80 year old women, Mom and

Betty, live purposeful and meaningful lives.


Oh, and if you didn’t know this; both women ‘love’ Cleveland! You may see

Betty White performing and cracking her audiences up in, “Hot in Cleveland,”

on TV Land on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. (Ch. 38- Central Ohio time)


If you were to live in Cleveland area, here are some extraordinary animal

supportive entertainment projects being carried on, forwarded from last

Sunday’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, via Mom.

Everything from hummingbirds’ research and studies, which you may be

willing to observe and participate to “cat karaoke night,” are included in

this list of 10 upcoming events or fundraising projects!


1.  On Friday, September 262014: The group named,  “tails from the city,”

will hold “Karaoke for Cats,” at Paddy Rock Superpub.  This is located at

16700 A. Lorain Road. The group will take questions or donations at:


2. The Northeast Ohio Circus Boycott Committee can be found on Facebook.

This organization promotes animals living in their natural environments.

They believe that animals should not be made to perform, should be able to

utilize their natural instinctive behaviors and not trained behaviors. Forcing

animals to perform is considered, “mistreatment.” There also is a phone

number for this organization: (440)-213-6342.


3. There is a New APP for smartphones that will inform the public of how to

help orphaned or injured wild animals. Free guidance can be found for the

group, Animal Help Now or


4.  Do you want to show your appreciation for animals with a variety of

t-shirts with slogans?

The two organizations support animals:



5.  This is so cool! Did you know humane societies and animal shelters collect

package weight circles from Purina Pet Food bags and products? Apparently,

Purina is like the Campbell Soup labels for education program and will reimburse

different non-profit shelters by their receiving labels for dogs, cats, bunnies, and

other domestic animals.


6. The National Audubon Society is asking for information about the hummingbirds

in your area. They are offering a free APP for people to contribute to their study of



7.  The Volunteer Vets and Valley Save-A-Pet organizations in Cleveland, Ohio are

working together by offering free spaying and neutering surgeries for dogs and cats

of low income owners. This outstanding joined forces group helped to perform more

than 1200 surgeries last year. Their program is titled, “Have A Heart.” They request

the participants fill out income guidelines and the animals be younger than two

years old and at least 35 pounds. If you wish to participate or donate:  Please Call:

(440)-232-CATS (2287)


8. September 21st the Annual Rainbow Bridge Walk and Run will begin at 1 p.m.

to honor and remember pets who have passed on into heaven. This is located in the

North Park, 3595 Grafton Road, Brunswick, Ohio.

Details for the Rainbow Walk can be found at:


9. The Medina Pet Pantry is accepting pet food donations, leftovers from animals who

have died or newly purchased at: 6335 Wedgewood Road, Medina, Ohio.


10. Going along with the #s 8 and 9, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland, Ohio

will be holding their Pet Blessings service in remembrance of beloved pets who are living

and also, ones that have passed on, October 5, 2014 between 1-3 p.m.  More details at:


If you are an animal lover, you may already know about the fantastic veterinarian and

author, James Herriot. I loved his longer, autobiographical adventures for anyone from

middle school and older. They are rich in English countryside, customs and anecdotes.

Here is his beautiful list of books, which I have treasured for years:

1. All Creatures Great and Small

2. All Things Bright and Beautiful

3. All Things Wise and Wonderful

4. The Lord God Made Them All

There are several more, including The Best of James Herriot but I am not sure, unless

you are a parent whose children adored animals and you were in the juvenile books area,

that some of you are aware of these special and meaningful story books. Each is illustrated

beautifully and my own children chose one of these to focus on in their growing up years:

1. Moses the Kitten (1984).

This was our first James Herriot book we invited into our home.

2. Oscar, Cat About Town.

3. Only One Woof.

4. The Christmas Baby Kitten.

This is kept in our Christmas book collection huge basket.

5. Bonny’s Big Day.

Horse lovers, this is about a special horse!

6. Blossom Comes Home.

People who have affection towards those doe-eyed cows, should

check out this sweet story.

7. The Market Square Dog.


There may be more books, your own personal animal stories you may wish to share

in our comments and responses. We all like animals, it is a true fact, babies and pets

are sometimes what bring smiles from even the ‘grouchiest’ people!


I will be shortly walking out of the library to see one of the biggest horse parades in

the United States. (Delaware, Ohio at 3 p.m. on September 7th.) I will be running into

a number of my friends, church members and neighbors. I will be sitting on a curb

soon, enjoying the community sense of fellowship and high expectation. In the past,

there have been diverse costumes, including Native American, (some represent the

history of this area, as descendants of the Mingo tribe), KISS band member look-alikes,

old-fashioned period costumes, Servicemen and women, Amish men and women with

their bonnets on, guiding their wagons and Clydesdales.

I will keep my eyes peeled, my camera ready to capture the horses with my coworker

and friend Amy, her ex-mother in law and daughter, riding together as a Trio entry in the

parade. The parade committee and guest judges will be choosing Best of Show, Most

Unique and other categories of winners for varied entries in this annual parade.

I have written about Amy’s horses, Spirit, Lokie and Sapphire. I have not been sure of

which ones they will be riding, one in all turquoise, another in all golden colors and the

third one, still up in the air, as of Friday. This means the headdress and blanket under the

saddle are of a chosen color, all in the ‘regalia’ of horse finery!


I am wearing this cowgirl on a horse, fall colors shirt, you can see in my avatar photo. No pants

today, since it is quite sunny and pleasant. Will be sitting on West Winter Street, with some

members of the family waving at the cowboys, cowgirls and children who are in this

All Horse Parade.

Supposedly, it is still considered, “The Biggest All Horse Parade East of the Mississippi!”









Friday’s Fun Day


Happy celebrating an Early St. Patrick’s Day!

Several of my coworkers were heading out of

work, since today is our ‘half’ day, to buy

some green beer. They said, “Come on, Robin!”

No, I just could not do it! Now, I would have

said, “Yes!” to green eggs and bacon, or green


Anyway, while we are on the subject of drinking,

I thought I would share one of those humorous

forwards that land in my emails! I am actually

going to type it in, since you never know what

may be attached to this! I changed a few words

so no plagiarism lawsuits will ensue! Ha Ha!

Also, this will help us all…


Do you have feelings of inadequacy?

Do you suffer from shyness?

Do you sometimes wish you were more


If you answered yes to any of these questions you

may wish to find a physician or pharmacist about…

Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet is the safe, natural way to feel better and

more confident about yourself and your actions. It

can help ease you out of your shyness and let you tell

the world that you’re ready and willing to do just

about anything!

You will notice the benefits of Cab, as those who are

familiar with this beverage call it. Almost immediately,

with a regimen of regular does, you can overcome any

obstacles that prevent you from living the life you want

to live.

Shyness and awkwardness will be a thing of the past and

you will discover many talents you never knew you had.

Stop hiding and start living.

Cabernet Sauvignon may not be right for everyone. Women

who are pregnant or nursing should never use it.

However, women who wouldn’t mind nursing or becoming

pregnant are encouraged to try it.


Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, vomiting

incarceration, loss of motor control, loss of clothing,

loss of money, loss of virginity, delusions of grandeur

and a desire to sing Karaoke and play all night rounds

of Strip Poker, Truth or Dare and Naked Twister.


The consumption of Cab or other wine or alcohol choices

may make you think you are whispering when you are not.

The consumption of Cab may cause you to tell your friends

over and over again that you love them.

The consumption of Cab may cause you to think you can

sing (or other talents you do not have in your ‘wheel


The consumption of Cab may create the illusion you are

tougher, smarter, faster and better looking than most


Now, just imagine what you could achieve with a decent

Shiraz, Pinot Noir or Merlot!

No matter what- Enjoy your weekend!!

Celebrating Baby on Board!


It was the best cool temperature, sunny and exhilarating Saturday

ever! It began with an early walk down through the busy farmer’s

market. My youngest daughter was running through her speech

for her health coaching session later. We were on our way to a

delicious cup of Choffey’s coffee.

As we passed some strawberries and raspberries in their little

baskets, we slowed and paid for a pint of each. We put them in

my daughter’s mesh Delaware Community Market bag and

continued on. I slowed at the maple frosted cinnamon buns that

Hamburger Inn specializaes in. With a grim look at me, she “let”

me stop and purchase one. We made it to our coffee destination

and I had a shot of caramel added to my iced house coffee. My

daughter chose the “coffee of the day” which was blueberry coffee.

We then left, leaving a donation in the Relay for Life bucket on the

counter and a tip for the young barrister.

When we went past Veritas Restaurant, there were nice herbs and

flowers in big pots and planters outside their doors. Veritas specializes

in little ‘tapas’ (small plates) of snack foods. “Little bites”: is what we

call them, and you might like the flavor but go home hungry if you like

loaded plates. Quality vs. quantity is the choice to make.

Across the street, the Strand Theatre has the “Hangover 3” and “Now You

See It” movies. The latter has been recommended by several friends who

viewed the magicians who rob banks that include several major actors.

We looked at the times for the Sunday showings.

Finally, we quickened our pace and crossed a few roads until we got to the

bridge that separates the “East” side and “West” side of Delaware. We

arrived at the Eagles’ building where EZ Fit has their exercise classes and the

ongoing Pilates class was coming to a close. The teacher, Cheryl Felton, was

having the women breathe deeply and relax.

The unwinding, breathing exercises lead to the Health and Wellness class

that is held once a month by my daughter.

The class focused on summer, exercise, bee pollen, and an essential nutrient,

iodine. She had a great presentation with an open discussion where we talked

about seasonal subjects. I brought up my ear cancer to remind the class to put

sunscreen on their own ears, others’ tender places and especially slathering it

on little ones.

If possible, little sunhats, adult mesh or straw hats with broad brims would

also add extra protection. She closed by passing out handouts with several

facts on the nutritional parts of our discussion, including some delicious

sounding smoothies’ recipes.

After the group coaching session, we walk briskly home. My youngest daughter

is off to Dayton to spend time with a good friend there. I needed to change my

clothes and wrap my gifts for the filipino baby shower held for Felda. She

is the friend who I mentioned having a miscarriage but now is expecting a

second child in July. Her daughter, Kridia Dawn, had asked me recently to

make an updated pen and ink with watercolor paint name picture, “with lots

of fairies, Robin!”

I also had completed the expected baby, Zachary’s baby name picture. Both

pictures were placed in matted frames, then wrapped.

The cell phone let me know that Peggy and Anna were waiting outside and

we drove in my car to the closest fire department township center where they

have a common room that can be “rented” for occasions. We all had brought

our gifts along with a potluck dish.

The magnificent spread was already beginning to cover three long tables with

filipino treats such as chicken strips in a meat sauce with green pea pods,

thin fried egg rolls, sweet and sour sauce, a pineapple, mango and chicken

mixture that is poured over the white rice. The tantalizing smells were wafting

out the door and hung in the air along with the scent of beautiful, fresh flowers

in vases on the tables. Each place setting had a little silk bag filled with

wrapped chocolate candies, including Hershey’s kisses in blue foil.

There was a very detailed baby cake, a flan type of dessert, an apple dumpling

baked dish, what sometimes people call “ambrosia” and another similar

whipped dessert with pistachio pudding and fruit. We set our potato salad,

beverages, and chocolate cream cheese roll, that we had brought, down.

The games, the laughter, the children running around, playing their little

games all made for exuberant chaos! Children had the choice to play penny

toss, ring toss or ball throwing and rolling. This created a happy, warm

and busy atmosphere that is very common for such occasions when more

than 60% of the guests are filipinos. We heard that Felda’s husband had

another gathering at their home with the husbands and other male guests.

Jason had made a “vodka slushy” pitcher and had half of the dishes that

were displayed on the tables for them to indulge in along with some video

games, too.

Everyone wore very fancy clothes, which I had expected. Felda has included

me in at least 2-3 parties a year since we met 5 years ago. I had mentioned

to Anna and Peggy this, so they also wore dressier clothes than we would

normally wear to a casual gathering such as a baby shower. My colorful

flowered skirt had coral, light green and  turquoise colors and I wore a

peach embroidered camisole with a cream lightweight sweater over it.

My jewelry emphasized the turquoise in a necklace and earrings.

Upon entering, we all got hugged and Felda also kissed my cheek. We

were equally warmly met by the ones we did not know and the ones that

I had met over the years.

Felda and Peggy were among several gutsy women who belted tunes into

the microphone of the karaoke machine! I do not feel comfortable in

a totally sober setting, such as this, singing. But I have been known to

join the same coworkers in duets or trios after imbiding in a wine cooler

or glass of wine!

I cannot express how much this fantastic two hours of celebrating the

upcoming birth of Zachary lifted my heart up! My family gatherings are

usually very happy and easygoing, but somehow this shower was ever so

meaningful to me. Always nice to have such a feeling with friends from

a different culture who make you feel just as good or BETTER than family!

Love Story with Peggy + Tim


Peggy is a friend I met the first day of my recent five year job.

She was sitting at a breakroom table and had the biggest smile

as I walked by with my insulated lunch bag. She did not have to

say a word, because that smile caught my eye!

I asked, “Do you mind if I sit here?” Another woman turned towards

me and I read her name tag. I smiled at her, too. They both said, “No,

please join us.” As soon as I sat and took a few bites they asked me a

few questions and we chatted about my past and their children. As

our conversation was winding down, I mentioned that my daughter

has a very good friend with the woman’s last name but we sometimes

call her “Botch.” They both exclaimed and said,

“That’s our niece!”

Anyway, I have mentioned Lu’s story so here is her sister in law’s story

about how she met Tim. Peggy likes to dance and go out around the

Delaware County area. She was out at Roop’s (owner Al Roop) at what

was once called the Army Navy Bar. She was up dancing with her good

friend, Cathy, and this guy who she called “cute” jumped in between

them and started to dance!

I listened and watched her expressions and off she went telling all the

cool things he did: rode motorcycles, worked at Honda in Marysville,

owned his own house, and liked to fish up at Lake Erie.

We talked for a few days in a row when Peggy and I met about Tim.

I really remember the story because I finally met him and it sunk in. She

loves this man!

They have been dating, off and on, for 18 years! Tim owns a house in the

country, Peggy lives in a house about 2 blocks from where I lived in a

housing development “Lexington Glen.” She is a “city” girl and he is a

“down home country boy.”

When I met Tim, I was up in Marion with Bill at a bar. I had talked Lu, her

husband Ted, Peggy, asked her to try to get Tim to come up there too. We

laughed because the guys all went out to smoke and the girls went out on

the dance floor. It was karaoke night and Lu, Peggy and I wanted to sing

but had to get the Playbook or whatever they call the song listings book

that you choose available songs with the words that revolve on the karaoke


Peggy and Tim wanted to sing a duet. We all watched them  get up and

proceed to start a song, Peggy hollered, “Wait, wait, can we start over!

Tim, aren’t you going to sing louder?!”

Anyway, the audience or bar crowd, all hooted and laughed at that one!

The guy restarted the song, (okay it is corny), “Islands in the Stream.”

(Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers’ song, if there are young readers who

have no clue about how this song goes and the BIG CHALLENGE this

one is to sing!!)

Once again, Tim and Peggy started to sing and it was funny and a sight

to behold! We all clapped at the end. Tim whispered some words until

he got confident and Peggy belted most of them with a nice clear bell

toned voice. She can sing well!

They hugged and walked down towards our table with arms wrapped

around each other and Bill turned to me and said,

“That is what love looks like.”

So true!

But, everyone may want to know their road has been rocky. Tim had a

fire out at his house, he lived with Peggy for awhile. He even tried to

give her a ring, proposed and she wore it for awhile.

They have month long fights and they have spaces in their life that

Peggy feels uncomfortable due to fear of her handsome man running

off or getting “bored with me.”

When they are together at the bar, dancing, singing or at poolside at

Wesleyan Woods pool or Hayes Colony pool you can hear Peggy’s

bell sounding voice and her pealing laughter at his jokes. He is a big

teaser and tickler.

They may be the closest they can be where they are at.

This is my first “almost” happily ever after story. Hope it makes you smile!