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Childhood book verses (Summer)


I have mentioned this little book, from my years of elementary school titled,

“Kate Greenaway’s Birthday Book.” I like to read the names (Susan, Sandy,

and Allison…) of ones who I knew back then and when their birthdays were.

I enjoyed reading and choosing little verses to share with you.

The pen and ink drawings, with watercolor details, were created by Kate

Greenaway. The verses in this timeless book of collected short poems, one for

each day of the year, were written by “Mrs. Sale Barker.” This book was published

first in London, England, followed by New York City, NY,  by Frederick Warne

Company, LTD.

Summer is a time to enjoy nature’s restful places.

All kinds of activity choices I remember from my childhood like. . .

climbing trees, sitting by a brook or creek, seeing fields of wild flowers

with bees and butterflies flitting above them. The luxurious feelings

of  being filled with a combination of warm sunshine followed by cool


It was a time of innocence, play and learning from everything around


Hope you enjoy this collection of six Summer poems. After reading

through about 90 days’ of Summer verses, I feel these are the ones

you will enjoy the most! They fill me with memories and nostalgia.


~First One~

“I’m rather idle, as you see

I sit upon the ground;

And all the world seems made for me

As it turns round and round.”


~Second One~

“I lie beside the running stream,

And watch the clouds, and rest and dream:

A jug with water by me stands,

Which I have filled with my own hands.”


~Third One~

“Blossoms, blossoms on the trees

Swinging in the Summer breeze,

Lending sweetness to the air,

To be shed on children fair.”


~Fourth One~

“A pretty tree, a shady tree,

Just casts its shadow around:

And we can go and sit beneath,

If we don’t mind the ground.”


~Fifth One~

“Little flowers of the field,

To me you tell a tale,

Of blooms upon the hill side,

Of blossoms in the vale.”


In this fifth one, I remember how we would say we had traveled

up hill and down, ‘hills and dales.’ But, I had to pause a moment

to remember that “vale” means, ‘valley.’


~Sixth One~

“How I love the field flowers,

Blooming bright and gay!

How I love the green, green fields,

To wander there all day!”


I remember making rings of daisies for bracelets, necklaces and

“crowns” in elementary school. Later, in high school, when I was

not working as a babysitter or at Lord Nelson’s Restaurant in

Westlake, Ohio, I remember plucking daisy petals off, one by one,

saying the silly words, “He loves me, he loves me not. . .” while

throwing them into a creek. The field flowers I loved the most

were those blue cornflowers and Queen Anne’s Lace.


Did any of these quaint verses bring back any memories for you?







Old and New Thoughts of Spring


I have an old (1960’s) Kate Greenaway Birthday Book, which I feel

is like my old autograph books. It holds the birthdays of my old

elementary friends. Do I write many of them still? No, but when

I look at this, I believe I was ‘rich’ and happy beyond compare,

with special friendships.

Here are three March and April sayings or expressions that were

written by who is listed as, “Mrs. Sale Barker.” They are in my

treasured book, illustrated by the pen and ink with light pastel

colorings done by the artist, Kate Greenaway. (Published in London

and New York, the Frederick Warne and Co. Ltd.)

It is followed by a two other authors who will uplift you and also,

give your spirit courage and strength.


“Upon the grass, beneath the bright Spring sunshine,

There sat a gentle, pensive little maid;

The soft spring air just breathed

a perfume near her,

‘I bring the kisses of the flowers,’ it said.”


“Little airy, fairy sprite,

Flying in the air,

Dropping blossoms to the earth,

Scattering flowerets fair.”


“Sweet are the hedges close to the stile,

Laden with blossoms of May;

Sweet sings the river that murmurs below,

The whole of the happy Spring day.”


Ralph Waldo Trine wrote a quote, which I

absolutely love the ending**

“He who remains cheerful in spirit

and sees only the good side of all things,

Who never allows himself to be spiritually


but keeps his head high and

courage in his heart…

**He sets in motion

those fine, still powers,

which make every step through life

easier for him.”


The author of a variety of genres, including his

newest thriller, “Innocence,” recently shared his

thoughts on the subject of happiness. If you read

some of Dean Koontz’s biography, you will find a

very challenging childhood where sadness is a

part of many of his memories. For this reason,

Koontz’ quotation adds depth and power to his


“Happiness is a choice. That sounds Pollyanna-ish,

but it’s not; you can make it or not.

Readers over the years say what they love about my

books is that they’re full of hope, and that’s the

way I see life.

If you always dwell on what went wrong in the past

it’s almost hopeless.

So, I just don’t dwell.”

I am off to pick up my granddaughters soon, to spend

a 24 hour period of raucous fun! The M & M girls are

part of my pleasantest current moments. No visits to

the library tomorrow to write…

Hope you enjoyed the ‘offerings’ today, a day ahead of


This is my “Tribute to Sunday” and the Blessings it

unfolds in all of us and for all of us!