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Humorous Romance


Some of my friends who are younger are amazed when I mention that up until my

Dad died, my Mom and Dad enjoyed one form of romance or another. Here’s to all

those loving, open and caring people who dance in the kitchen! Hope this inspires

you to put some spice in your life or at least bring your significant other a bouquet

of burgundy, crimson, golden and burnt sienna Autumn flowers. My Mom will be

receiving a pot of those gorgeous lavender-rose chrysanthemums, (the closest there

is in the palette of fall colors to her favorite color of pink!) One important thing I

learned from my Mamma: “Never show up on the doorstep of your friends or loved

ones without an old-fashioned hostess!”

This is especially important if you are showing up with a packed bag, dirty laundry,

and a plan to stay for an extended period of many days!  When I would come home

from college, catching a ride from the Studon ‘ride board’ for Fall, Winter or Spring

Break, I already knew which were the certain plants that  Mom liked: mums, pink

poinsettias, and  pink tulips in that order. The pretty yellow or red daffodils or  the

brilliantly gorgeous red poinsettia plants did not ‘fit in’ with the pastels in her formal

Victorian living room.

Kenny Rogers’ song about “bringing his wife flowers” was a big  ‘hit’ with Mom. The

memorable special song was called, “Buy Me a Rose,” written by Jim Funk and Erik

Hickenlooper and released in 1999. This song included valuable communication

suggestions like calling one’s partner during the day time, to make her smile and

stay in touch, simple gestures. Too often, those meaningful and thoughtful ways of

staying connected are lost, especially during the frantic paced child-rearing period

of Life. I know, from personal experience oh too well, women can become so wrapped

into their childrens’ lives they miss the signs they are losing touch with their spouses.

My parents set an example of putting priority on their interpersonal relationship

time to go out together, sometimes dressing up to be chaperone school dancees,

then stopping to have a drink out. Low cost; big rewards later.

My Dad knew’if he were in the dog house’ to bring Mom her favorite flowers of all:

pink roses. ”

The song, ” You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” (any more) pulls at my heart strings more

than the song Kenny Rogers sang. It is due to the fact that duets help  me transform

to another place and time, creating a  picture of the two people facing a crisis.  Along

with the two voices of Neil Diamond  and Barbra Streisand’s melodic and harmonious

blending made this a ‘perfect’ love song (in my mind.) This song affected many more

people than just me. Interestingly, this song had a very different beginning than I had

remembered. The collaboration of Neil Diamond with the couple, Alan and Marilyn

Bergman, were to write the music for a television comedy called, “All That Glitters.”

It was a very short snippet of a song, originally written as the opening t.v. series’ song

in 1977. (The show never caught on and took a ‘dive.’) Once it became expanded into

a full-length song in 1978, it was played frequently on the radio and became so popular

it won a Grammy Award for  “Best Song of the Year.”


Now, for the lighter side of this post, thanks to my Mom sending it to me this week.

(Joke taken from my Mom’s collection from her good friend and California pen pal

Joyce, otherwise known as, “Pooky.”)


Here are~

“Love Making Tips for Senior Citizens”

1. Wear your glasses.

This will ensure you that your partner actually in the bed and not asleep on a Lazy Boy,

in the living room. Glasses will be helpful for other reasons, like grabbing or tenderly

touching the appropriate body parts.


2. Set a timer for three minutes.

Just in case you accidentally doze off in the middle.


3. Set the mood with lighting.

Suggestion: Turn them ALL off!

Or if #5 is necessary (due to memory loss) keep a low light on your side of the bed


4. Make sure you put “911”on ‘speed dial’ or as one of your emergency contact numbers

on your cell phone. Before you begin. . .


5. Write partner’s name on your hand, in case you can’t remember it.


6. Use extra Poly Grip.

So your  teeth don’t end up under the bed.


7. Have Tylenol ready or other medications ready.

Just in case you two actually complete the act. Aches and pains, possible side effects.


8. Make all the noise you want.

The neighbors are probably as old as you are and hard of hearing.


9.  Congratulations!

Thank goodness for those endorphins and mood-enhancers.

This can be substituted for your daily regimen of a walk.

Exciting way to get your heart pumping and feel alive.

10. For all those ‘single ladies’ or ‘gentlemen,’






or Dark chocolate can work, too.


It makes me sad there are a lot of couples who barely speak to each other.

When I  was a server while in my 40’s I would wait on tables and witness

this pattern of disconnection between lovers. Granted, I worked at Cracker

Barrel, where the busy 36/37 routes intersect with north and south 71. A

lot of my customers were tired, cranky tiravelers who also were hungry.

The way I would do my ‘part’ to brighten their day or night,  would be to

get their food or beverage order as soon as I could. Bringing their drinks,

accompanied with a platter of hot biscuits and corn bread  helped to break

the ice. Once I established rapport with them, I would fib to them.

I would say they looked like they “belonged together.”

It was such a simple statement

but it helped to improve their mood

and changed the temperature of the

atmosphere between the two of them,  too.


Quote for the Day:

“Blessed are those who can give graciously without remembering,

Blessed are those who can take gratefully without forgetting.”

( “The Spire” October,2014 First Presbyterian Church bulletin)





White Lace and Promises


There once was a girl who was from a different elementary school from my children’s

school. There are five elementary schools, hers was Conger, my kids went to Smith.

She lived across the street from us, she became ‘fast friends’ one summer, when she

found out my youngest daughter was going to Willis Middle School in the fall with

her. We had just moved in, when they met on the sidewalk. Soon, the two girls were

inseparable. They would go down to the pool, they would go to Blue Limestone Park

and travel around the neighborhood, upon their bikes.

This girl is named Holly, my daughter is Felicia. They would call each other up, on

land line telephones. I look at my same land line phone, set up in my current apt. and

remember that there was a chair in our foyer, this white telephone with its gold edges

and push button numbers was one I have a photograph with Felicia talking to the girl

who lived across the street. Why weren’t they visiting, instead of on the phone? I am

not sure but this was an age when ‘grounding’ occurred, sometimes as the meted out


Soon Holly would call up and ask what we were having for dinner, she liked the way

I ‘grilled’ the hot dogs in butter in a skillet, the way I used a can of spaghetti sauce,

(Hunts brand, mushroom sauce) adding oregano, basil and onion salt. She thought

it was fun to come over and eat dinner, sometimes lingering around in the back yard

with Felicia, pretending they were acrobats and other imaginary circus players on

our wooden ‘gym set.’ Often, one or the other home would be the place they had a


These two friends went through high school, joining soccer and basketball together,

along with their separate interests. Felicia quit soccer, to become a Cross Country

runner, Holly became a cheerleader. They shared a lot of common thoughts and

goals. They both were runners-up, or ‘contestants’ for Homecoming Queen, their

senior year. They shared a great graduation party held at the Delaware County

Fair, where the cost of $200 was divided up amongst five good and solid friends.

All five girls went off to college, staying in touch, going and visiting each other’s


The first of the original five friends is getting married today. I have to choose

between three dresses to wear, my youngest daughter wishes me to wear the

longest, new dress. It is a sleeveless dress, with cream, pastel peach, tan and

black details geometric dress. She helped me choose it a young people’s

clothing store, called “Forever Twenty-One.” I have a beautiful autumn mid-

length dress I wore at my son’s wedding six years ago. It has a brighter fall

colors palette with a lovely sweater I could wear over it. I have only worn it

twice. Once on a date and possibly today. The third choice of dresses is a

right below the knee dress, with more ‘pizzazz’ which I have never worn;

like the first choice. It has a jeweled burnt orange diamond that makes my

bodice area look more fuller, with the way it creates folds on both sides of

the diamond. It has the deepest autumn colors which includes swirls and

paisley designs. I went from the pastels in the first, the medium tones in

the second and the deeper ‘jewel’ tones in the last one, with a brighter

orange, olive green and cream background. Each one I will probably wear

gray or tan hose, black velvet pumps and they are about 3 inches high. I

don’t like the brown purse, brown set of shoes I tried all three on, although

you would think they would ‘match’ the fall colors, the black outlines in

each dress seems to need black shoes and purse.

My best girlfriend, Jenny, and I were discussing the 3:30 wedding and

the evening reception. It is not going to start much past 5:00 since even

the longest wedding would not go on that long. She left the length question

unanswered, as a good friend she just said, “Wear whichever you feel you

look best in. Don’t worry about the length.”

After looking at George Clooney and recent bride, Amal’s wedding photos,

studying the guests, I saw no one except the bridal party wearing long

dresses. It put doubts into my youngest daughter’s reassurances about the

sleeveless dress, the first choice I described. Since today’s high may be too

cool to take off the sweater chosen for this dress. (Black with black with gold

edged buttons.) I have a burnt orange colored stone necklace for the two

other dresses, which was made by an artist, looks very stunning with v-neck

dresses, as the two mid-length and knee-length dresses.

My youngest daughter is not a bridesmaid in this wedding, not sure of who

was chosen, since I will find out when I go to the wedding. Felicia was chosen

to read the quotation taken from the end of the 2001 “Love Actually” British

movie. It is meaningful, powerful and brings tears to my eyes. About airports,

greetings and partings, how the world changed for some from 9/11/01 World

Trade Center bombings, but how people still embrace and have hope for Love.


White lace and promises, most may remember is taken from that all-time

favorite wedding song of the 70’s through today by the Carpenters:

“We’ve Only Just Begun.”

Memories of a friendship that traveled over the years, through thick and

thin, to transformation of closeness and dear friendship to where they are

right now, Felicia will have a special and meaningful place in the story.


It will be forever changed when Holly marries Nate today on October 4, 2014.

They dated for four years, they have been engaged for a year now and own a

home together.

Best wishes for happiness to the Bride (who is like a daughter) and Groom!

Makes me hum the song, “Through the Years,” which Kenny Rogers sang.

These Boots. . .


Of course, this is one example of how just the beginning words of a song

can send you back in time, evoke memories or irritate you, depending on

the particular words! “These boots are made for walking…” sung by Nancy

Sinatra, came out in February, 1966. The lyrics and melody were written

by Lee Hazelwood.

Of course, these boots were an example of figurative speech and they were

usually viewed during this era to be, “go go boots!” I would like to switch over

to pre-Civil War days, when good ole’ cowboy boots were more prevalent.

Some interesting facts are they came about due to necessity, ability to handle

all sorts of inclement weather and using leather to hold up, for the long haul.

I had not realized that the heels were made to be tall, to be able to latch onto

the stirrups on the side of the horse, attached to the saddle.

Many of you out West and South know the purpose to cowboy boots, I always

viewed them as ‘cute’ boots that my brothers wore with their leather vests

and chaps, along with the accompaniment of a “Sheriff” badge, made out of

stamped tin silver.

My oldest daughter was quite fond of the ability to slide her tights-encased

feet into her Daddy’s little boy cowboy boots. They were made of  rugged dark

brown leather with tan stitching, that looked like ropes lassoing and winding

around. She had discovered that the more you wear the leather boots, the more

they ‘fit’ and conform to your feet.

I loved the way she was my ‘frilly’ girl, wearing dresses into her grade school

years. Those cowboy boots were easy to slip on, then clomp around in, making

quite a racket on hardwood floors! The third year she saw Santa Claus in her life,

with her wearing a pretty Christmas dress and white tights on, is my favorite

pose of hers wearing boots! No ‘go go boots,’ for her! I have a picture of her

wearing a pair of high heeled black dress boots on the day of her best friend,

Jennifer’s 21st birthday that nearly meets the high emotions I get when I see her

on that Christmas, 1983!

When I saw Willie Nelson’s photograph, in a beautiful pair of smooth and

shiny black leather cowboy boots,  inside of my recent “AARP Magazine” and

gracing the cover of my daughter’s “Rolling Stones” magazine, too. Later after

getting my mail seeing the still ‘mighty fine’ man, Jeff Bridges on the outside

cover. Then inside he is talking about his days in western movies, like “Crazy

Heart”  and “True Grit,” (remade) where he wore cowboy boots. . .

I just had to learn more about cowboy boots!

There is an author, Jennifer June, whose recent book, “Art and Sole,” came

out with all kinds of modern pieces of artwork in decorating cowboy boots

that is well worth skimming and like I did, looking at the fantastic art on

current boots. Isn’t that the cleverest title?

Side tracking,  I enjoyed years ago (1993) a great movie, called, “Heart and

Souls.” If you wish to think of what is happening in the hearafter, with a

big dose of humor and fun,  check out this one! I am so pleased that the

members of this movie, are all still with us, gracing the ‘silver screen.’

With Robert Downey, Jr., Alfre Woodard, Charles Grodin, Elisabeth Shue

and Kyra Sedgwick, this is a four star movie cast!

The subject of cowboy boots, with its incredible industry with various

successful companies really could fill  several books! Country western stars,

some who may have never ridden a horse grace the musical scene. The show,

“Nashville,” made it through two seasons, I believe.

“Red Wings,” is a big name in cowboy boots and work boots, too. The artists

who are part of the company, “Rocket Busters,” stitch and design, paint and

create flair using boot leather as their “canvas.” Looking at many of the lovely

patterns, I decided if I ever lived near horses, were going out to enjoy a date

with a cowboy, I would choose their “Chandelier” design. Another company to

check out, its roots in Texas, is Justin Brand Boots, or simply “Justin’s boots.”

In honor of Willie Nelson I will share a few of his passions:

He loves the woman he married in 1991, Annie. He loves his sons and thinks that

when them, Micah, Lucas and he play their guitars and sing, they are ‘as good as

it gets.’ For 50 years or more, his sister, Bobbie, has been part of his bus touring

group. His two daughters, Amy and Lana, also like to travel on the road with


He is a big supporter of migrant workers, enjoys seeking home grown vegetables

and fruits, in a fair market value system. He is supportive of farmers all across

the world. Willie is 81 and just passed this fifth degree black belt in Korean

martial arts!

Willie’s song on his album, “Band of Brothers,” I recommend to you. It is

called, “I’ve Got a Lot of Traveling to Do.” Willie passé on this final thought in

his recent article,  he admits it is not original but worth repeating!

“Don’t slow down – – –

They might be gaining on you!”

Cowboy Boots:

Roy Rogers wore them.


Roy made the boots quite popular!

I cannot help myself, I wanted you to know Roy’s ‘real’ name was Leonard

Franklin Slye, he lived from 1911 – 1998, with his second wife and he making

it to 51 years together! Known as the “King of Cowboys,” he seemed to deserve

this legendary title.


Dale Evans wore them.

Elvis wore them.

Governor Rick Perry wears them.

Both Presidents Bush, Senior and Junior wore them.


Do you wear them?


I had a babysitter who lived out on a farm, her children and I liked to feed the

baby lambs baby bottles of milk. This was in her farmhouse kitchen in the

winter time. I loved being out in the country but have never owned a pair of

cowboy boots! I guess living in a town,(Sandusky, Ohio) then close to a big city,

(Cleveland) I considered myself a ‘city’ girl!


If I decide to go out and buy some cowboy boots, do you have a favorite brand

to recommend I try?




“Big Bird” and Gary


While walking in May around the Delaware Arts Festival, I ran into

one of my favorite coworkers, Jean. I will tell you about her great

personality and quirky character in awhile. Right now, I want to

tell you that this woman is so lively and fun! I was happy to see her

holding hands with a handsome man wearing a cowboy shirt and

cowboy boots.

At work, Jean wears her hair in a tight bun. In contrast on this cool

May day, she had flowing golden hair. The wind caught it for a

moment and it went across her eyes. I thought of how she looked

like she had a “veil” of gold.

I see Jean in a different light now, that I have seen her on that May

day. At work, she is rather silly, when we gather for our morning

“meeting.” Every day,  our boss will say, “Good morning, bin order

fillers!” (He has a dry sense of humor, but I get him!) and the only

voice who answers is Jean’s:

“Good morning, Mr. Borden, sir!”

Then, he gives us our “numbers” for the day and how it breaks

down into the number of  hours we will endure. After that, we do

our morning exercises.  Our boss will demonstrate each one,

which we have memorized the “routine.” I keep my eyes on Jean,

because to me, her movements are so hilarious! I “keep it in” most

days, but my smile is in place. While our boss, Mike, has his arms

out and says, “Little circles, forward, now backward,” then switches

to “Big circles, forward, now backward.”  Jean’s arms are flying in a

wild rotating fashion, like badly timed propellors! She somewhat

resembles those ducks with the separate paddle wings. Have you

ever seen them in a wind storm?

They go around in opposite directions and look manic.

Well, this is how Jean looks.

There are days that Jean, who is about 5′ 8″ looks kind of haggard,

poor thing! She is over 60 years old and came to work here as a

“temporary employee” from “temp” services and stayed. Most

stop in, work a few days or a few hours, and give up! Seriously, I

have seen many people come and go, like a revolving door,

especially during the “hot” season.

This means both busy times (when the products are “hot” and

flying off the store shelves and we have to fill their orders and

temperatures that are hot.

Jean is always scanning the pop machines and the beverage

machines at the end of the day. She cracks me up by saying,

aloud, “Now, what do I feel like drinking today on my drive


She will sometimes catch me out of the corner of her eye,

and she will say, “Come here, Little Bird. I need you to pick

something for me to drink and I will buy you a drink, too.”

I have only taken her up on the “free” drink/beverage once

in three years. I always feel we are all on “tight” budgets

andI don’t want to be on the receiving end too often. I look

at the drinks and I will say,

“How does a Coke sound today?”

Jean will respond, “Not today, honey, pick another one.”

(Sometimes this game goes on for awhile, but we enjoy the

banter and process, too.)

Finally, she will say, using a pretend exasperating tone,

“Well, why didn’t you pick the diet Lipton tea with lemon,

Little Bird?”

I tell her, “That is too easy, I know that is your favorite one!”

We then walk to the lockers while she is taking big draws on

the bottle. I get there and unlock my locker and she reaches

over my head to unlock hers on the top. I have to not get

up all of a sudden, or we will collide. In the morning, if we

don’t come in at different times, I wait on her. But at the end

of  the day, I am grabbing my stuff, sticking my work box

back into the locker and trying to get to the bathroom next.

We are usually the “last order fillers of the day.” We agree that

we need to talk to the boss about this sometime, but we never

do! I think he knows we are not the “whiners” or “complainers”

in the group. We get a lot of Bravo points that we can use for

snacks or add up 30 of them and get a half unpaid day or 60 and

get a whole unpaid day.

We both tend to figure we would rather have the snack money

than take off and not get paid!

In the bathroom today, I glanced over at Jean and said, “How’s

things going with Gary?” She said, “Oh, just fine and dandy!”

(I know you might think I am embellishing Jean’s way of talking

but believe me, she is exactly like “Big Bird!” She is always so

“chipper” and overly generous with her hugs and kindnesses.

When she looked over at me, she responded quietly,

“Are you okay? You seem a little “down” today.”

I told her a little about the recent dating situation, how high

my hopes had been. How I felt he was not very mature for a

46 year old and I needed respect, courtesy, and understanding

of how hard we work. When I would get home, both daughters

will  tell you, oldest one drops by sometimes with a plate of food

or youngest one will come home to find me sitting in the dark,

watching television, in my jammies at 6 or 7 or 8 o’clock, depends

on how late the shift ran. Summers are hard to get me to go on

a walk, unless you have a “‘carrot on a stick” and offer to buy me

ice cream!

I told Jean that this man texted me a lot and I had other problems

that added up to his being insecure. He felt I should have more

energy. While standing at the Indians game, I was really tired then,

too. I liked his mother and I am sure she taught him courtesy.

“Little bird, you need to figure out if you are really over all the past,

are you ready to find someone again? I feel you may just want to

relax, enjoy the grandkids, like I do. Maybe not look for a man to

be there, just a friend or two.”

I told Jean I would ponder upon that tonight and probably blog

about her love story.

Jean was married for over 20 years and when she got divorced, it

was not her choice. She had “love in her heart” for her ex-husband,

but did not know how to keep him from “straying.”  She had told

me this when I had told her I was blogging last Spring, 2012.  Jean

had added emphatically,

“My love story isn’t finished yet! So wait till it is, to write it down yet,


When Jean and Gary got divorced, they were in their forties. She

saw him marry a woman and that marriage “didn’t take.” She saw

him ‘out and about’, sometimes he would offer her a drink, but

most times she would bring up the kids. She tried to act like she

didn’t even have “the time of day” for him.

Gary got remarried when I started at Advance Auto, 2008. He did

not work there, nor did I know him. Jean came in 2010 and was,

as mentioned, a temporary worker. She was about 20 pounds

overweight, wore her hair short and had some frumpy, large

tee shirts on each day. Her spirit and loveliness shone through

to me, right away. I never saw Jean as anything but beautiful.

Sometimes Jean would say, “I am waiting on Gary to come to

his senses, still, Little Bird!”

I would usually reply “Gary and you are in my prayers, Jean!”

She would answer back, “Your special someone out there is

in my prayers, and you, too, sweetie!”

Last year when she had said her love story wasn’t finished,

the chances still seemed “slim to none” that Gary would ever

miss Jean or choose to ask her out. He had divorced again and

she still had her hopes up.

At Christmas, Jean brought her granddaughter to our family

holiday party and I brought my sweet Marley (age 3 at the time).

We sat and watched the girls get their faces painted with candy

canes and glitter on each cheek. We stood in line to see Geo, our

coworker, who played Santa and we ate our lunch together.

(Hot dogs, popcorn and jello, nice and generous of the company,

huh?!) There were frosted cookies as we were getting up to leave.

We sat back down while the kids ran over to play a game set up

with fishing rods and toys wrapped to catch.  Jean sighed as she


“Robin, I think this Christmas season Gary is going to miss being

with the family. I think his wandering eyes have come back to see

me, maybe coming home for good.”

Jean had lost her weight, grown her hair, and wore it up in that tight

bun. She had started to dye it blonde, she had started to wear new

makeup and her shirts were tucked into nice, form fitting tall pants.

I looked at her and told her the truth,

“Jean, you were always beautiful but finally his eyes are open to the

way you must make him feel. I can tell how you must pour your love

all over him, when he stops by to see the kids or grandkids. Your

home,although I have never been there, must be full of joy and

homey things.

His bachelor apartment must be kind of lonely and stark without

“his Jean” there. I believe, like you believe, it will happen very soon!

(She had been divorced at this time almost eighteen years! Her

patience and faithfulness to her ex were not only evident, but


They had a happy holiday as a whole family and Gary went back

to his own apartment. They had a Happy New Year, and he stayed

and lingered until two a.m. But she insisted he “go on home.”

When I saw them in May, it was surely more than hand holding

going on there, but I did not say a word!

Then, due to my current distress and feeling a little wave of

nostalgia, I asked her,

“Jean, I never asked how you and Gary finally decided to move

back in together.  How did you get the whole thing changed after

the holidays?”

We left the bathroom, went out past the security guards that we

show our lunch box, keys and cell phone to. We got our steel toed

shoes setting off the electronic shield, like at courthouses,  and


We walked through and finally got outside to the bench by the

pine trees. We sat down and she finished up the rest of the story

fairly quickly.

“Promise, you tell no one!” she urgently said.

I looked at her and chuckled, “Well no one who knows you! But you

know, I have been dying to tell your story since I saw you and Gary

at the Arts Fest in May!”

She burst out, “Little Bird, I lied!”

“What? I don’t understand!”

She said, “Robin, I told all my four children before Valentine’s Day,

that I was dating someone and not to text nor call me.”

“But where did you go? How did this change anything?”

Jean said, “Gary stopped by my house at nine o’clock in the

evening and I wasn’t home. He had flowers for me. He had

a ring for me!”

I said, “So you didn’t come home to find him waiting on you?”

Jean said, with a big grin on her face, “I drove home and saw

his truck in my driveway, no one had called or texted me that

he was there, and I had taken my good old sweet time going

home, not knowing if one of my busybody kids had told him

I was dating someone, but hoping one of them had! Sure

enough! One of them, or more than one, had blabbed,

‘Mom’s out on a date for Valentine’s Day, Dad!”

He had gone to WalMart, bought a nice medium sized ruby ring

for my birthday and Valentine’s Day (red) and a big bouquet of

red roses, over 2 dozen of them!”

Jean told me that when they remarry in the Fall, it will be just

family gathering, but she wanted me to write that the song

they want playing while they walk out of the church will be”

“Through the Years” sung by Kenny Rogers. So appropriate

and true, she waited a lot of years for their happy ending!

So, that is the end, or should I say, the beginning of the next

chapter of Jean and Gary.

I love Jean, so he BETTER be good, this time!!

Love Story with Peggy + Tim


Peggy is a friend I met the first day of my recent five year job.

She was sitting at a breakroom table and had the biggest smile

as I walked by with my insulated lunch bag. She did not have to

say a word, because that smile caught my eye!

I asked, “Do you mind if I sit here?” Another woman turned towards

me and I read her name tag. I smiled at her, too. They both said, “No,

please join us.” As soon as I sat and took a few bites they asked me a

few questions and we chatted about my past and their children. As

our conversation was winding down, I mentioned that my daughter

has a very good friend with the woman’s last name but we sometimes

call her “Botch.” They both exclaimed and said,

“That’s our niece!”

Anyway, I have mentioned Lu’s story so here is her sister in law’s story

about how she met Tim. Peggy likes to dance and go out around the

Delaware County area. She was out at Roop’s (owner Al Roop) at what

was once called the Army Navy Bar. She was up dancing with her good

friend, Cathy, and this guy who she called “cute” jumped in between

them and started to dance!

I listened and watched her expressions and off she went telling all the

cool things he did: rode motorcycles, worked at Honda in Marysville,

owned his own house, and liked to fish up at Lake Erie.

We talked for a few days in a row when Peggy and I met about Tim.

I really remember the story because I finally met him and it sunk in. She

loves this man!

They have been dating, off and on, for 18 years! Tim owns a house in the

country, Peggy lives in a house about 2 blocks from where I lived in a

housing development “Lexington Glen.” She is a “city” girl and he is a

“down home country boy.”

When I met Tim, I was up in Marion with Bill at a bar. I had talked Lu, her

husband Ted, Peggy, asked her to try to get Tim to come up there too. We

laughed because the guys all went out to smoke and the girls went out on

the dance floor. It was karaoke night and Lu, Peggy and I wanted to sing

but had to get the Playbook or whatever they call the song listings book

that you choose available songs with the words that revolve on the karaoke


Peggy and Tim wanted to sing a duet. We all watched them  get up and

proceed to start a song, Peggy hollered, “Wait, wait, can we start over!

Tim, aren’t you going to sing louder?!”

Anyway, the audience or bar crowd, all hooted and laughed at that one!

The guy restarted the song, (okay it is corny), “Islands in the Stream.”

(Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers’ song, if there are young readers who

have no clue about how this song goes and the BIG CHALLENGE this

one is to sing!!)

Once again, Tim and Peggy started to sing and it was funny and a sight

to behold! We all clapped at the end. Tim whispered some words until

he got confident and Peggy belted most of them with a nice clear bell

toned voice. She can sing well!

They hugged and walked down towards our table with arms wrapped

around each other and Bill turned to me and said,

“That is what love looks like.”

So true!

But, everyone may want to know their road has been rocky. Tim had a

fire out at his house, he lived with Peggy for awhile. He even tried to

give her a ring, proposed and she wore it for awhile.

They have month long fights and they have spaces in their life that

Peggy feels uncomfortable due to fear of her handsome man running

off or getting “bored with me.”

When they are together at the bar, dancing, singing or at poolside at

Wesleyan Woods pool or Hayes Colony pool you can hear Peggy’s

bell sounding voice and her pealing laughter at his jokes. He is a big

teaser and tickler.

They may be the closest they can be where they are at.

This is my first “almost” happily ever after story. Hope it makes you smile!