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Labor With Delivery


Labor Day Weekend Poem

Once a quarter of a year,

it doesn’t hurt for Mom to hear:

“Thank you for your labor and delivery,

Hope this finds you far from misery!”

Its been three months, in a way…

since Mother’s Day!



Everybody words hard for their money,

Or the song says so at least,

So grab your sweetie or honey

and all the ‘fixin’s’ to have a picnic for two.

Bring along some watermelon and Mt. Dew.



Enjoy the day,

Come what may.

Don’t be sad or mad,

There’s so much for us to be glad.



Freedom comes with a price,

Taxes, humanity and strife.

Love, peace and joy,

Oh boy!



We can make it through the stormy weather,

Hope your heart is light and floats like a feather.

The air off the lake will rejuvenate my soul,

Relaxation is my destination or goal!

Written by Robin O. Cochran


A pretty simple poem, written in haste.

But it is the thought that counts, even

when tongue is placed firmly in cheek!