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Double Honored: Liebster Award



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I have mostly English and Scottish on my Dad’s side and on my

Mom’s side, Swedish and German.

I was told by my Father, while rather young, “the English were

tough on the Irish, so ‘Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day!'”


Anyway….. the real reason I am back

writing a post is:   Ta- Dah!

I was nominated for a Liebster award!!  It came yesterday from a

wonderful traveller who shares his road with his wife. They met on

a singles’ cruise. Right up my alley, a story of love and romance with

an adventure included!

You may find out since globalexplorer1 told me already! Mike did not ask

me to keep it a secret either!

Here is the blogger who recently became a follower of mine and likes

my stories! (He hasn’t read the really embarrassing ones yet! Haha!)

His Blog is named Applecore, they are living in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

He is a native of the Pacific Northwest, there may be some cool stories

about growing up there, too! (someday?)

He accompanies his travels with beautiful, breath-taking photographs!

They have written about Taxco and travelled to other very interesting

places in Mexico recently. You should check out this blog and be amazed!

Mike answered his own questions that really were funny and he listed

me on a well rounded list including vegan food experts, transplanted

bloggers from California to Spain and one who lives in Seattle. There is

a blog listed with kid friendly recipes. Great post, so go see his nominees

and add them to your list!

I hope if you don’t mind I will stay with my own list I made the beginning

of this past week. I appreciated the whatsinthebox nomination and now,

the globalexplorer1 nomination, also. Please check out my list of fellow

bloggers that I nominated! I love more than those on the list so I hope if you

continue to stay with my blog, that you will see the wonderful followers who

comment very thoughtfully, teach me things and  also “straighten me out” if I

need to be!

I answered some sexual questions given me when the first nomination came

in and I hope that is enough exposure for quite awhile! Thanks again!

Smile and have a great beginning of the week!

Oh, and WEAR GREEN!! Don’t want to get pinched (or do you?)

Liebster Award Nomination


I am very bad at cutting and pasting, or summarizing what

goes on during these awards. I was very honored to receive

the recent Liebster Award nomination from a new follower

of my blog, I also follow theirs:


This is so fun! Thanks again!

I will answer the 11 ?s asked, and if it is okay, you may check out this

blog for the questions as they are written:

1. Most embarrassing bed time experience: In a dorm room, while in

college, two drunk couples both getting equally busy, only about 3-4 feet

away from each other. Lights out, thank goodness! No details needed!

2. I would rather date or love a homeless man with a heart of gold than

a rich oil tycoon.

3. Asked what I dreamt last Sunday evening. I try to envision myself on

islands and in warm places but truthfully, don’t remember my Sun. dream!

4. One of my favorite romantic comedies is one of old: “Roman Holiday”

with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. I also love “13 going on 30.” I

liked “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

5. I would rather abstain from meat than sex for a year, if I had to choose.

6. I have not had a life or death situation and hope to never have one! My

little stories about adventures are more silly than life-threatening!

7. I have always felt I “lost a lot of men along the way” in answer to can

I name someone who I let get away! I was not a good judge of the nice

ones and chose some bad ones. They seemed nice at times, though! (in

my defense!)

8. My personal anthem for a long time was: an oldie “You’ve Got a Friend,”

by James Taylor. I have been liking recently a totally different route: “God

Bless the Broken Road that Led Me Back to You,” by Rascal Flatts. I guess it

applies to my long and winding road/search for love.

9 There have been many fellow bloggers that have reached out to me. I loved

my first encounters with She really

touched me with her personal stories and challenges. Also, the sheer love

and faithfulness of her responses when I was the “new kid on the block.”

10. Most exhilarating sexual experience that could be made into a movie.

That would have to be on a hotel balcony, heat lightning and light rain

falling,  both wrapped in a sheet with only one pillow between us. Passion

and otherworldly sense of being above the world.

11. I am not sure which 60 year old male celeb I would like to eat dim sum

off of their belly, maybe Tim Mattheson from “Hart of Dixie?’ Pierce Brosnan

used to be my “go to” guy in my daydreams. Hmm: Denzel!  Okay, I am not sure!

I am supposed to nominate 11 people and I will tell you their blogs:

1.   The War in My Brain


3.   Nora

4.    Jules

5.   Jasmine

6.    Maggie



9.   Tidewater

10. Wayne Green

11. (who honored me with Versatile Blogger award):


Some special “shout outs” to the ones who have a lot of followers and have

been on my list of favorites since months ago!!

Rebecca who is, Sherry who is travelspirit333, Jennifer is

“40 is the next 13”, Chris who is logosconcarne, Be With Us who is at

and Lacy Summers, all faithful in their comments back and forth.