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Liebster Award is special for those who have low #s


I am very appreciative of any and all award nominations! I was greatly honored

again with a special award this week from Nannette Ree. She writes about “how

to make sense out of chaos.” She has a family that is going to be making a big

move across the country, she has a personal journey overcoming Bell’s

Palsy along with her wonderful love story (I always want to hear about those!)

Her posts can be found at: Thank you so very much!

In order to follow the rules of the fine Liebster Award, you must have less than

200 followers and also, tell 11 unknown things about yourself,  answer 11 ?s

that have been asked by the person handing out the nominations, along with

giving out 11 nominations for blogs that need followers.

Here are 11 facts that may or may not have been mentioned on my posts:

1. I like warmer climates but I will always stay in Ohio where my 3 kids and 6 grandkids

are living in Delaware, but may move to another town close by someday.

2. My parents were very liberal and also, although we all went to church, very open minded

about God and other’s faiths.

3. I spent 2 summers of my life working at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio

and have many fond memories of the dorms, parties, boat invitations and friends I made.

4. I am a big treat lover and although I try to eat healthy foods, I will always go for the yummy

stuff like maple long johns or Fast Break bars. Followed by butter popcorn or chips and dip.

5. I typed my father’s book about nuclear reactors and it was in the first half autobiographical

and the second half, science fiction. I was only 15 when I did the final draft of it!

6. I loved my life and childhood. I never would say anything bad about my parents nor my two


7. I will always have fond memories of my grandparents. My lucky place in life was being the

very first child of my parents and first grandchild of my grandparents.

8. I have been a “Mom” to gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, a lab-German Shepherd mix, a rat, a

Peke-a-Pom and a calico cat!

9. I was in speed reading when I was in kindergarten.

10. I was in a Spanish declamation poetry reciting contest in high school held at Kent State


11. My babysitter in Sandusky, Ohio became Miss Sandusky, Miss Ohio and finally, my

parents took me to see Jackie Mayer crowned Miss America in Atlantic City!

(She is Jackie Mayer Townsend now.)

Here are the challenging answers to the ?s that Nannette Ree gave me to answer:

1. If I won the lottery, I would help my children to get their own homes.

I would still rent a place for myself with two or three bedrooms instead

of this one bedroom apartment I live in with my youngest daughter! I

would like to have my mother closer but she is adjusted to Westlake

(Cleveland, Ohio) where my brothers live. Maybe I could travel once

a month to visit her and once a year go on a wonderful trip with a

special person. (family, boyfriend, grandchild…??)

2. If I could choose an animal to be I would like to be a happy little

bird. Not sure which are the happiest but I still like cardinals!

3. I grew up in Sandusky, Ohio from age 2 until age 3rd grade, moved

to North Olmsted from grade 3 until 7th and then went to 8th grade

through 12th in Bay Village. I lived the longest in my whole life in

Delaware, where I moved 27 years ago with three little children as

a single mother of a 6 month old,  3 and 5 year old. I knew no one

when I moved here, picked it halfway from my ex in Cincy. and my

parents in Vermilion by that time.

4. On almost all days I experience happy moments. Yes, I am happy!

5. My favorite song for quite awhile has been “You’ve Got a Friend” by

James Taylor.

6. Blogging is my hobby, I don’t make money on it. (I wish!)

7. My last amazing meal was prepared by my son, Jamie and his wife,

Trista. We had the most fun is why it tasted so great! All 6 grandkids (with

some cousins and children of friends who also came)sat in their master

bedroom on a blanket on the floor with their plates like a picnic! It was

crowded with my three kids, Trista’s father and wife, Trista’s stepbrother

and his wife, and two of Trista’s friends and her brother, too. Adults

were eating ham, roast beef, mac and cheese, veggies from a veggie

tray, deviled eggs, and butter frosted cookies made by my daughter,

Carrie. Felicia brought three kinds of ice cream to treat the kids,

mostly! It was a feast that to me was better than a Queen’s!

8. My kids make fun of my taking photos of everything. I make them

repose if it doesn’t look good on the digital camera. I am made

fun of excessively also for my ability to chat too much.

9. My favorite outfit will always be jeans and a colorful t-shirt.

10. I did not always know I would write but I did keep journals, wrote

a lot of stories and letters to friends (and family) over the years. My

first children’s story was to help bring children’s responses out as a

child advocate at a battered women’s shelter. It is called “Nutmeg

and Cinnamon.” the main characters are animals who are touched

inappropriately or hurt in some way. That and using dollhouse

figures would help the children to express about their home


11. In my life, my favorite influential people have been too many to

choose only one. I would be remiss not to just list them: my parents,

my grandparents, Rev. Brownlee, Dr. Martin L. King, John F. and

Robert Kennedy and John Glenn.

Whew! 11 questions if the nominees wish to answer them will be brief:

I am a lazy blogger! Cannot think of too many other new questions so may

repeat a few done before:

1. Who is your hero?

2. Who has influenced your life the most?

3. When did you start writing?

4. Who is special to you?

5. Where do you live? Have you always lived there?

6. What do you do for fun? (other than blogging?)

7. What is your favorite book or movie?

8. Do you have a favorite food or meal to describe?

9. Do you take photographs or write in a journal?

10. Are you artistic, musical or have any other talents?

11. When was the first time you kissed?

Here are the much anticipated and very deserving blogs that I would

like to nominate for a Liebster Award!

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are unique and funny! (Oh, and bitter.)

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village are very special.)

11.  (She writes both stories and poetry,

her specialty is Haiku.)