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The Man of My Dreams


Tossed and turned last night, once I went to sleep I

felt I was in a very deep and cozy place. Eventually

I heard the alarm, it seemed like minutes later. My

daughter had to get up before 5 and her alarm was

making a lilting musical block tones. It sounded

like the “chimes”the cherub choir learn to play in

our church!

Which made me have a light dozing sleep dream. It

was filled with the man of my dreams! He was not

tall nor short, he was not light nor dark-haired. I

came to know him quickly, he was not rich and didn’t

live in a mansion. He was not poor and live in squalor.

He had the easiest laugh that made me feel warm inside.

I saw him smiling and laughing with children around


Once we became friends in my dream, he made the most

fun out of the simplest things. He tended to be overgenerous

and would offer strangers his jacket if they were cold. He

often would somehow sense my feelings, like when we were

in the movie theatre, I barely shivered. He offered to go get

my sweater I had forgotten in the car. He exuded such

warmth, I shook my head and just snuggled in under his

arm. It was enough to not need anything else.

When we were apart, he contacted me through his cell

phone, emails and also, leaving messages in varied

places. When he saw me from afar, his steps would

quicken, his face breaking into the broadest of smiles!

His face was the beaconing light sometimes on a hard


He started to be more physically friendly (frisky even.)

He seemed to have a hard time not greeting me with

a bunch of kisses. They were light and yet, very sweet.

Months passed by and I had met his siblings, friends

and coworkers. He shared all of these with enthusiastic

introductions. His description of me indicated he was

so proud to be with me! He made me feel like a Queen.

I was so glad to be able to introduce him to my three

children and two of the older ones’ partners. The six

grandchildren mistook him for a jungle gym, he

gave off such an open and teasing air. I was sighing

in relief, due to the fact that some of my exes had not

been so considerate of my children’s choices in their

lives, so far. I believe they have not met their destinies

yet. Wondrous things will happen once they raise their

children and pursue their dreams.

With this relief, I started to trust the man in my dreams

completely. I began to even believe this man did not see

my flat-chested, skinny behind body to be anything but

beautiful! I felt “sexy” and more alive than any other time

in my life. He really seemed to “only have eyes for me.”

One fine day, he asked me to be the pretty head on the

pillow next to him for the rest of our lives. He had done

what Richard Gere had done, he had rescued me. And

in turn, I had done for him what Julia Roberts had done,

I had rescued him “back.” (“Pretty Woman” movie).

As I heard my alarm go off, the sound of a special and

sweet song written by Kenny Loggins, “Danny’s Song”

came over the radio with these words…

“Even though we ain’t got money,

I’m so in love with ya, honey.

Every thing will bring a chain of love

And in the morning, when I rise

You bring a tear of joy to my eyes

And tell me ‘everything is gonna be alright.'”