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Make Art Not War!


The project entitled, “Art Everywhere” started this week with

wonderful surprises for the Brits!  Richard Reed, the innovative

thinker, who started this project, got all the printing costs of the

paintings from the donations of an art loving English population.

There is a Facebook page and there was a donation website also.

So, how does this work? Where can you see it all ? Well, this is so

exciting that over 22,000 areas are featuring 57,000 famous and

not so famous internationally acclaimed artists’ paintings. They

are displayed in all kinds of places where you would normally see an

estimated 5 million dollars worth of advertising. On the UK buses,

on the city billboards, on placard and posters and everywhere art

can be seen!

An art gallery owner was interviewed on the CBS, “This Morning”

show, featured in a clip along with the motivator, Richard Reed.

Reed exclaimed, it would be practically impossible to believe that

the advertisers would give up their spaces, to allow this project to

move forward.

He did not add or say, that any advertisers contributed to the art

funding but allowing their “billboards to be decorated with art and

not ads, that was fantastic.”

The gallery owner said, (paraphrased due to I was at work, no pen

or pencil and paper close by on break!), ‘although people would expect

me to be snobbish and say this is wrong to use art in this way. I am

going to say this is absolutely wonderful and it helps to allow everyone

to view the masters.’ He further added, that ‘it does not cheapen art

to bring it to the masses.’

I am bringing this idea to my fellow bloggers since I do have some Brits

among them.  I would like them to tell us what were their favorite art

pieces they have seen so far and where did they see them?

It was suggested by the newscasters that America should go all out and

display artwork on billboards to uplift, move and educate our population

about art!

One of my favorite art pieces that was shown this morning on the television,

“The Lady of Shalott,”  was inspired by Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poetry.

It was painted by John William Waterhouse in 1888.  This is one of a

series of three paintings done with oil painting on canvas. I like it

because the woman is lying down in a boat that looks like a floating

bed. It is different from most formal paintings showing pillows, her

hair disarrayed, and a lovely comforter or quilt shown make it so

relaxing. It has always soothed my nerves. It was painted during the

Pre-Raphaelite period of Art.

Lord Tennyson, wrote extensively and used a variety of forms of

poetry. The poem, “The Lady of Shalott” was about a woman whose

yearning was for the knight, Sir Lancelot.  The poem depicts loosely

this story of unrequited love.

He was known as the Poet Laureate for awhile due to the Queen

enjoying his Victorian style of writing. Lord Tennyson was so well

known he had great number of followers who tended to bother

him wherever he lived. He married in 1850 and had two children

and the family lived out in the countryside. One lengthy  poem I

read in high school was Ulysses.