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The M & M girls!


The youngest pair of “wild children,” “keep me on my toes constantly,”

and cutest little darlings are my two granddaughters, Marley and

Makyah. We have taken to calling them the M & M girls!

I write more frequently of my oldest daughter’s son’s, Micah and Skyler

and about our fresh, unique conversations. I feel bad that I don’t write

quite as often about the two girls who just completed more than a

twenty-four hour long visit!

I have wonderful times with my daughter in law and son’s two youngest

children. I also, when the older ones are home from their visits with

their own father, treasure the older two! (Lara and Landen) Last time I

posted about Lara and Landen, it was on their Grandparents’ Day and

my individual experiences in their classrooms.

We could say I am not partial to any of my grandchildren, but I have

to admit that while with whichever ones I am with, I follow that old love

song’s advice:  “Love the one you’re with!” (Just in case you were not

familiar with this one, it was originally a single by Stephen Stills, later

performed with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and there also exists a

Luther Vandross’ rendition.)

During our first exciting part of my visit with the M & M girls, I intended

have the girls try on “fancy” dresses and take photographs of them. I

had lost the shots done about a month ago, due to a glitch or override

on my old digital camera. My youngest daughter gave me a recent gift,

since I am the family chronicler of photos,of a new digital more finer

tuned camera. I was all set to do a fun photo session.

Rounding the girls up from looking at the Halloween decorations,

playing with the baby dolls and other distracting things was became a

monumental event! Marley is great in her second year of preschool,

the “teacher’s pet.” She tries to “mother” (or smother) Makyah and that

just puts Kyah’s “brakes” on! This is a stubborn, willful, and very smart

young two year old! She can go potty, put on and take off her clothes

and prefers the latter procedure best!

So, I enticed Marley by showing her the “princess” dress which would

have made her the cutest flower girl ever in my oldest daughter’s

wedding, had her partner had gone through with it! I am still paying

on the wedding dress and other attirements, as her father is paying

for the reception deposits!

Marley’s parents went the more economical way, a back yard wedding

out by a stream at my daughter in law’s grandmother’s house. Her

son, Landen, was the ring bearer and Lara, was the flower girl. Theirs

was all paid for by themselves, except my donation towards some of

the food and the children’s attire. My brother generously footed the

alcohol bill.

Marley’s dress is a deep lavendar, I put her hair up on her head in

a bun and got pictures of her holding a posey bouquet with white,

pink and yellow. I then gave her a tied together collection of deep

burgundy roses, white roses and baby’s breath. I will probably end

up developing both, since she is just so cute. Kyah kept walking

around us in her undies, took a turn in the bathroomand cried a bit.

Since her dress was Marley’s from when she was 2 and is a cream

satin one. She wanted to wear purple! (or “poople,” as her little voice


I came up with another way to shoot Marley, not to make it such

a wedding attendant’s but as just a “fancy” dress, by getting one

of my English bone china tea cup sets down and asking her to

pretend to drink from it. She did the cutest thing, even with her

prim expression, at first, maybe she has seen a movie with someone

doing this? She looked “British” in her head held high, chin up and

tea cup in one hand, the other one holding the saucer. I had her sit

sideways for her last, more relaxed shots and she was just leaning

on the back of the chair with one arm on the light oak back, feet

tucked up under her. Her poses with the whole gown covering her

bare toes while standing sideways and looking at me, looked like

a “pro!”

What got cooperation out of Makyah? The arrival of her cousin, Micah,

who my oldest daughter had thought arranged a play date with and

he was suddenly at “loose ends.” She was on her way to bowling alley

with my oldest grandson, Sky. They were rushed and Micah looked

at the one girl nearly naked and the other dressed to the hilt and

exclaimed, loudly, I may add, “What in the heck is going on here?!”

(He is four years old and tells me all the time I cannot use the word

shit so I say “shoot” and he also lectures me on saying the “stupid”

tire or “stupid” can or anything inanimate that is not cooperative.

I have had to tell him and the other five grandkids, if they hung out

with my two brothers, we were allowed to say stupid or silly but

no “heck,” “darn,” or “dummit” since there are implications of actual

swear words in those substitutes.)

Anyway, Kyah was told that Micah wanted to go on a flashlight walk,

that we needed to get her portion of the photo sitting done, pronto!

She walked over, got the dress off the bed, stuck her head and arms

into the lovely dress and promptly told “older” sister, Marley to “get

off the chair and leave Nana and me alone!”

I unbuttoned Marley and she went into the living room dressed to

play with Micah. I got a few cute shots with a sort of smile, one with

a smile I had to tickle and do the little chant “This Little Piggy” on

Kyah’s toes and one looking at her hands, pensive shot. I know her

mother, my daughter in law will be happy, since Makyah is a tough

one to get to smile. She is one that when you do get the rare one,

it is like a huge rainbow feeling. You feel successful and in awe, at

the same time!

On our flashlight walk, we had three flashlights and all the lights at

OWU that light the way around their property. We investigated and

looked for the ducks in the creek, crossed two of the three bridges,

looked for walking sticks. (Kyah’s was the thickest and heaviest, of

course. And seeing that stubborn little waif dragging it, rather than

leaning on it as the others did, cracked me up!)

We came to big bright green orbs in the grass, the size of tennis balls.

I saw one half open, knowing there were nuts inside, I pried it with my

fingernails open, there were white mealy worms in there, but finally

I managed to unearth the walnuts! Are you yet realizing how stupid I

was to do this? I am still typing away at the library with pitifully brown

fingers that have endured three soakings in bleach water and every

other kind of cleaning liquid I could find in my house! Never, ever do

this mistake!

When we found some spider web like leaves that were huge and looked

like they belonged in the rainforest, we were excited. Do I know the tree

and am able to impart this knowledge to you? Nope! But each child

wanted to drop their walking sticks and carry these leaves that were

partly green and the rest weblike brown, transparent enough to put

your hand on one side and flash the light through to see the shadow

on your hand. They waved them above their heads like they were

carrying an umbrella made of a leaf. When we got to the tall bridge,

I held each child up to look over the ledge and they shone their light

to see if they could spot a fish or two.

Once home, we made a big effort to clean their hands that “Thank God!”

I had not let them touch the green coated shell of the black walnuts!

We managed to get our p.j’s on, except Micah who would be picked up

around ten o’clock. I served little trays of drinks in sippy cups with lids,

popcorn and 100% fruit snacks.

Nana hates spills! That is when “shit” just comes flying out of my mouth.

I managed very hard to say nothing when, in the morning, maple syrup

was spilled and also, milk. I make fifty cent piece size (some may be like

the old silver dollar sized) pancakes and give little empty applesauce

cups filled with maple syrup. I cut apple slices up to give some extra

nutrition. I was okay with how the two girls ate and wiped them off

fairly successfully. There will need to be a reapplication of carpet

shampoo in one area, but if that is the worst that the carpet endures,

that isn’t too bad!

We watched two movies, one at night: “Hoodwinked” and one in the

morning during our stickers, coloring and making cards for Sweetest

Day time for Mommy, Daddy and Great Grammie Oldrieve. (My Mom)

The animated movie, in the morning, was titled, “Madagascar 3, Europe’s

Most Wanted.” Since this post is overlong, and I really want to review

those two hilarious movies, I will be reviewing and writing their

summaries next post! You can skip them, that way, without having to

go through them, although both can be viewed and enjoyed by adults

only, without accompanying children or grandchildren!

Today, we went to Mingo Park and played for an hour to wear off the

sugar from natural maple, apples and corn syrup served by myself

to youngsters. They loved to chase each other, I helped them go

down poles, followed them on slides and we did the whole Big Toy

experience. We also went back past the Olentangy River subsidiary

and saw lots of ducks and a heron, too.

When I dropped the girls off, they ran inside showing their sticker

and artwork cards and said, “We only ate pancakes for breakfast, mac

and cheese for lunch and we are hungry!” I smiled, because the park

exercise had done its job and worn off all those calories and sugar!

Happy Columbus Day! Enjoy your day off, if you are lucky enough to

have it!