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November Ups and Downs


The “Up” part of my post is all about the wonderful Macy’s Thanksgiving

Day Parade! I love this fun experience, watching the crowds, and getting

in the seasonal celebratory “mood” and seeing the floats!

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade started in 1924. Wow! A long

history, where it wasn’t all captured on television, either! The main

attractions in those original years were circus animals, some wild

animals from the Central Park zoo and Santa Claus at the end of the

Parade! Three years after the Parade started, hot air balloons were

introduced. Over the years, this has become quite the exciting feature,

to see the wide and interesting variety of floats.

How many years have you sat and smelled the turkey roasting in the

oven, having prepared or help to prepare the fancy “fixings” or maybe

set the table and glanced to see the Parade? I think I saw them for 10

years of my life, either at my parents’, aunt and uncles’ or grandparents’

house. It usually kept the three of us, particularly my busy, rowdy

brothers from ‘under foot.’

The awesome “news” this year will be that there will be four new floats

and the Cirque du Soleil will perform on the streets of New York City!

The 37th time that Snoopy (Charles Schulz’s creation) will appear~ in a

new balloon!

I will be celebrating Thanksgiving at my brother and sister in law’s home,

taking Mom from her apartment over in the car, carrying pies and ice

cream. We usually have a couple of cans of real whipped cream to spray

on top, too.

My son, his wife and four children will be waking up at Susan and Rich’s

home, probably designated to Randy’s charge, the uncle who loves to play

games and last time, two years ago, carted down the Lincoln Logs and the

other “old-fashioned” toys from their attic.

We will make memories, take photographs, talk seriously, since we are a

family of ‘debaters’ on education and politics. We may finish with a trip to

the park, since the kids need to have some outdoor exercise to get their

energy out!

Before the excitement and happy occasion of Thanksgiving, one week

and fifty years ago, we will have memorials and tributes to our famous

President John F. Kennedy’s assination. The PBS Channel has had

one special (called, “Cold Case JFK”). Some of the investigation and

interview shows have mentioned this terrible, devastating day in our

country’s history.

Many of our older fellow bloggers lived through this day and the ensuing,

following horrible moments.

The Smithsonian Channel has the tragic day recounted through a series

of interviews, with eyewitnesses. It is called, “The Day Kennedy Died.”

This includes rare and rarely seen photos and footage.

It was all filmed in black and white.

It was a day that many before 9/11/2001 considered “The Worst Day in

My Life.”

On November 22, the somber reality is, we will be remembering,

thinking back to a sadder time. We won’t be able to get past it without

wondering why such things happen in this world.

For me, it was one week after my eighth birthday party. I was in school

when it happened.

I don’t remember getting on the bus, knowing it happened that day.

I just remember not going to school for a few days, sitting and seeing

Jackie Kennedy holding her husband’s head in her lap.

Seeing the adorable children, Caroline and who we called “John John”

at the funeral will always be firmly in my memory bank as a very sad event.

Also, little “John John” saluting the casket as it passed; another tear-jerking

photograph. Also, caught on video to see over and over again, following

this day.

Did you know three days after his father, John F. Kennedy, died that his son

turned 3 years old? How was that birthday occasion “celebrated,” I wonder?

What a somber thought.

He was born on November 25, 1960. I don’t think I had known that or I had

forgottne that sad thought.

I hope that you will share a moment of your memory of that day or week the

JFK was shot. It was certainly a shot heard round the world. (Or shots,

if you want to be technical.) I still have no opinion about the conspiracy

theory or if there were accomplices. I am just saddened that people

could be so mean, so selfish, so misdirected,  so crazy, so demented…

to want to kill someone that had not done anything personally to effect


I will remember that day, always.

I will remember the best days of  John Fitzgerald and Jacqueline

Kennedy’s better, happier days, considered “Camelot” by many.

Then, I will move forward and be thankful for my family, friends,

and the way my life has gone, so far.

I will count my blessings.

Where were you on that fateful Friday November 22, 1963 just past


If you weren’t born, did your parents share any of their memories?

If you are in another country, does anything come to mind that you

would like to share?