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I Like My Life Sunny Side Up!


Everything’s “sunny” in Delaware, Ohio and all is right with

my little world at the moment. Sometimes in our hot, cranky

work environment, coworkers will ask, looking at me with an

annoying stare, “What are you on?” I answer the trite but true

statement, “I am high on life!”

I was taught to express myself, get it off my chest and move on.

My son once at all of age 4, was explaining about “Mommy’s

temper.” He said, “First, she gets to yelling, getting all wound

up. Then like a (toy) top, she flies off. Finally, she slows down

and stops being mad. You don’t have to wait too long!”

Lots of little details lately fall into the “blessings” category and my

“answered prayers.” I am happy to say the blackened skin graft

fell off and my ear is all pink except for two spots that hopefully

will fade or smooth down. Thanks to Dr. Casey (female, and her

first name is not “Ben” Casey, shoot! T.V. reference for any older

readers out there!) I am skin cancer free but will never suggest

the skin graft. It did not “stick.”

Onto more good news on the sunshine subject! I had a great

time throwing and catching my two grandsons, Skyler and

Micah at the Delaware Mingo Pool. There was such joyful

exchanges along with happy feelings spreading from my warm

head in the sun, to my cold, wet toes in the chlorinated pool.

Just an aside for those readers who like historical facts or might

wonder where the name for our local pool and park came from.

They are set on a nice, wide expanse of hilly, tree filled land, which

is adjacent to the top tributary of the Olentangy River. The name

Mingo came from before ancestors from overseas came to settle here,

when the Mingo Native American tribe lived in this area. Both groups

finding it a beautiful area and the river handy for transporting goods.

I like the fact, it is a sunny, positive one, that Mingos are a peaceful

tribe of Native Americans and am glad my children were taught about

them in elementary school here, hopefully still included in the grand-

children’s curriculum, too.

Some nice news to tell you about the man my oldest daughter gave

my email to over the week I was on vacation. In case you are just

starting here, his name is Len. We had a nice walk on a Sunday,

we have gone to two movies (Wed. and Fri.) so far, “The Lone Ranger”

and “The Heat.” We also took a lovely and sunny drive to Marion, Ohio

to meet his mother on Saturday. Both his mother and Lenny liked my

homemade macaroni salad. She asked, “Why did you bring something?”

I answered, “My Mom taught me to never come as a dinner guest empty


Lois was so pleased that the next day, Lenny got a call. He followed up

by calling me and saying his mother really liked me. Yup, that’s me,

“mother pleaser.” Good to be in that category. Mainly, I found out our

politics overlap fairly well, our religion is close enough that we can adapt

if we were to attend either’s church.

Also, I love to collect birds, especially robins, started that with my Mom

and Dad’s gifts of course. His mother loves birds, has ceramic, porcelain

and crystal birds. Under our dinner placemats, Lois lifted her tablecloth

to reveal a beautiful 1000 piece puzzle in the shape of a butterfly. She has

some pieces to fill in still to complete the design that has summery living

things like birds, butterflies and flowers. I liked the blue herons.

On our way home to Delaware last Saturday evening, Len and I were

listening to an “oldies” radio channel. Apparently, his older sister and

two brothers taught him to like several of my favorites:  Chicago, Hall and

Oates, Billy Joel and Neil Diamond! I asked him what he thought of the


He said he really liked them, too.

These were some of the musical entertainers that a man I dated before

said “he could not stand” because they were either “not musical,”

“egotistical”or “over rated!”

Along that line of thought, I asked, “Do you like to dance?”

Wait for this. I have to pause. This was one of the sweetest comments

I have heard on a date for quite awhile!

Lenny replied, “If you want (or need) someone to be your dance partner,

I’d like to be him!”

I let those words sink in, inwardly sighing! Such a thoughtful man, he

can tell you what his mother likes to eat if they are at Bob Evans, an

open faced turkey or beef sandwich. If he takes her to Red Lobster, it

is chicken for dinner, not sea food.

A recent post by Mike Lince and his wife, Florence on Applecore were

addressing the sunny side and the down side in their situation recently.


Mike and his wife, Florence, the photographer mentioned “Good News

and Bad News.” He mentions that they are making best of things while


because they have to wait for their apartment to live in so they get to

travel for awhile. Thank you for getting me started with this positive

directed post!

Another recent and happy news for me, at least, is somehow due to

our no longer being at all in touch with an old boyfriend, my mystery

problem is gone. I will elaborate, I had someone who was challenging

me and also questioning some of my posts. At first, it started in a friendly

banter with a few questions. Anyway, I just put that person in “spam”

but could not resist seeing the person’s notes from time to time while

checking to make sure an actual friend was not being obliterated! I wrote

a ‘mysteries solved’ post including my grandsons liking a book that had

Donald Duck as a Sherlock Holmes detective and Mickey Mouse as the


I am not trying to dwell on recently “opened wounds” and am going to

“gird up” to face new challenges with a smile and a hand outstretched.

My father’s words when he was nearing his end in 2001, when I asked

him “How did you  and Mom made marriage look so easy?” and followed

by “What do you think I need to do differently?”

He answered, “Marriage is a love affair in the beginning, it is a lasting

and enduring love with a lot of work thrown in between and in the end

you have your best friend and partner in all that you do.” Followed by,

“Don’t do anything differently but try not to give your trust so easily

and protect your heart!”

I am looking forward to the rest of the year being more centered and

balanced, spending time in meditation and being peaceful. Along with

lots of laughing, splashing, and holding someone’s hand from time to

time! Whether that hand is one of my grown children, my Mom’s, my

grandchildrens’ or the “new guy’s” hand, will all depend on the day

and the situation! I have a new dance partner!

If we could all stay in summer vacation “mode” we would be so much

more happier and carefree!