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2 Children’s Animated Movies


The two movies I watched with my granddaughters, the “M & M girls”

are “Hoodwinked” and “Madagascar 3, Europe’s Most Wanted.” I would

say that either one of these animated movies could make you laugh until

you cried, you could easily hear not only yourself laugh, but other older

family members and if you have any little ones, they would crack up over

the way the animals are so crazy and animated so endearingly.

I am recommending you watch any of the “Madagascar” movies, but

must agree with a critic on the cover of the third edition, it may be the

“best” of the three! If you don’t know the cast members, let me fill you


“Alex” is a lion who takes his “king of the beasts” position seriously,

voiced by Ben Stiller.

“Marty” is a funny zebra, voiced by comedian Chris Rock. His antics are

marvelously matched by his words.

“Melman” is a gangly, awkward giraffe, aptly voiced by the old “Ross”

character, David Schwimmer. He gets laughs from his body language.

“Gloria” is a cool and very liberated female hippo, voiced by Jada

Pinkett Smith. She is very funny, too.

“Julien” is played by Sacha Baron Cohen. He is good at his character

role. He is King Julien, a lemur who is pompous!

“Capitan” or “Captain Dubois” is “played” by Frances Mc Dormand, as an

animal control fanatic, the main villainess.

“Gia” is a sweet panther voiced by Jessica Chastain. Alex falls hard for Gia.

I am going to give you a plot summary, the guys are in the wilds and

decide to invade, break into the casino at Monte Carlo. There is a reason;

but I missed it!

They buy a circus and participate in the different acts to hilarious results.

There are always penguins, who are very wise, who appear seemingly out

of nowhere,  who come into play and save the day at times.

I liked the fact they use a lot of popular music, including “Fireworks”

(Katy Perry) This is where Marley, Micah and Makyah all got up and danced

to this part. During this part, there was a flying trapeze act and a love affair

starting with animals on motorcycles act, too.

There are many smart and clever lines, here are two:

“These pillows are stuffed with baby birds!” (feathers are flying) and a very

concerned penguin says this line.

Another line delivered by a penguin, in a strange way the 2 animals bump

into each other, “What’s new, Pussycat?” to the lion.

Last two songs I noticed, good adult placement of a familiar rock and roll

song, “Any Way You Want It” (Journey) was fun to notice how they get the

viewers nodding and tapping our feet to the music. Funny, how I think of

this more “my” age than my kids’ age, who are the parents!

Good indoctrination of younger minds to the past music, too, right?

The use of “Born Free” while the zebra is flying vicariously through the air,

is also amusing! You know there is a foreboding possibility that he may not

make a great landing… I think that this definitely makes me appreciate the

age of the ones who create these films and direct the musical accompaniments!

“Hoodwinked” is a little more raucous, more off the wall than the 3 Madagascar

animated movies. The creative twist to the Little Red Riding Hood movie is a

little harder to describe. I am not as good at remembering dry and sarcastic

lines. I will tell you that this kept the kids’ attention just as well as the morning


Here is the cast:

Jim Belushi voices the Woodsman character.

Glenn Close voices the savvy Granny character.

Anne Hathaway voices the doe eyed “Red” who is also

known as Little Red Riding Hood!

There are two unusual animal characters, Squirrel and Frog.

Both are very witty! I did not catch their actor’s name who voiced them!

The wolf is a stitch and a half played by big, burly Patrick Warburton.

If you need to look him up he is also in comedy t.v. shows….

I would recommend this for its imaginative take and it would not be

boring to any adult. I may borrow it again from the library for my Mom.

Take it easy and hope you enjoyed the brief summaries! There are always

catches, switches and other adult humored things placed within animation

for children that keeps adults happy and chuckling all the way through them!