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Sleeping and Music



When people say it is best not to go to bed angry, I can understand

their logic. There is a saying, often quoted, derived from the Bible,

“Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.” I used to have a hard time

sleeping, while young,  if things were unsettled or unresolved in my life.

Recently, I read another way of looking at this,  a different perspective

being:  Why ‘battle it out’ while tired? Instead why not go to bed and

‘sleep on it?’

While we are sleeping, many neurons keep on firing in our brains.

Many people come up with book ideas, song lyrics or other creative

thoughts, along with going, “Ah ha!” and waking up refreshed and

having a whole different outlook on their life or problems. I know a

few people who have had a pad of paper and pen or pencil on their

bedside table, sometimes called a ‘night stand.’ The brain still practices

music, it is still active while we are still and deep in our REM mode of

sleeping. Instincts sometimes keep our mind alive, while we have a little

baby in our care, whether we are a parent, grandparent or babysitter.

Animals are on ‘guard,’ while we may be more sorting through our fears,

re-thinking and processing, our cautions may even become ‘fixed’ and

we may solve a way out of our danger, at hand.

While our bodies are slowing down, our metabolism also is slowing.

We have growth and cell repair sources released while we sleep.

Something scary that researchers are now filling us in on is that

those who are more likely to get Alzheimer’s and dementia are people

who have gone through most of their adult life, lacking sleep, this would

apply to nurses, doctors, air traffic comptrollers and others who have a

busy and hectic schedule, allowing less sleep and rest in their lives.


Some positives gathered from several sources gained from our deep and

tranquil sleep:

Mathematicians solve algorithms and problems while sleeping.

Scientists figure our solutions, structures and finish ‘their daily work,’ in

their sleep.

When we make mistakes, our mind rolls the process around in our head,

we are much more cautious, an example given, when we approach a slick

piece of ice on a road, after we have had an accident.


We may have our best songs that we sing and our best pieces of art,

while creative minds were finishing their projects, organizing and


Leading me into the next subject. . .

There is a musical milestone that we past last February: 100 years of


Many songwriters don’t get the money from our downloading ‘free’

music. This organization was created in 1914, representing currently

over 1/2 million songwriters. It ensures the rights to make money while

others may sing their songs.

I have known two local groups who write their own music, who joined

ASCAP.  Team KNYCE (a trio of rappers with some blues and jazz

influences) and Morgan Treni, who wrote all of her own songs on her

Fall, 2014 release of her Essays album. A group that plays locally folk

songs, whose advice I sought about this subject, also all are members.


The American Society of Composers, Authors  and Publishers is a long-

standing organization who has famous members, including Irving Berlin.

This is a world wide organization and it is emphasized by mentors of

musicians to join this, to protect your music. When performers sing the

Irving Berlin song, “White Christmas,” his heirs will get checks. It protects

performers who sing their own songs. Although artists get royalties from

sales of albums, there was a time when famous musical composers would

die, virtually ‘penniless.’


Just for your interest, I found out the estimated sales of the song, “White

Christmas” make it the most sung and highest number of all time, as over

50 billion song copies sold , with the second most being Elton John’s,

“Candle in the Wind,” at 33 billion copies sold.


The President of ASCAP is the well-respected and likable Paul Williams.

I was amazed when I saw him speaking recently on television of all the

wonderful songs he wrote. I enjoy his sense of humor, along with in the

past, numerous guest starring parts on television shows. Here are just

a few examples of Paul Williams’ songs:

Three Dog Night sings his song, “Just An Old-Fashioned Love Song.”

The Carpenters sang his song, “Rainy Days and Mondays.”

The theme song for “Love Boat” still brings Paul Williams some royalty

checks, as it repeats and reruns on television.


ASCAP President Paul Williams (composer and singer) says it is very

frustrating how many sources on the Internet ‘try to steal music’ and not

allow the original artist or songwriter to get their ‘cut’ or ‘share of the pie.’

An example of how many songs are streaming was 7 million streams of

one Lady Antebellum song in a short period of time, losing quite a lot of

money for the group and composer, too. Taylor Swift was interviewed

about ASCAP, saying she was pulling her songs off of “Spotify.” Garth

Brooks and Billy Joel were also outspoken while being asked about this

landmark anniversary of the organization. They mentioned Pandora,

as another source which is a concern of theirs, allowing access to songs

without paying for them.


So, when you listen to “The Music in Me” (written by keyboardist Bias

Bochell, of the Kiki Dee Band), “New York State of Mind” (Billy Joel)

and Stevie Wonder’s “Dance to the Music,” you may not get these free


There are some artists, musicians and composers standing up for their

rights, in the face of the internet. We will see if the songs that are pulled

off, will still reach the popularity level that others which are free and


As fellow bloggers and writers, we must admire their integrity and

believe in their right to having their music kept original and protected.


Patricia Cornwell was a 1975 high school graduate. I graduated in 1974

which makes me feel like we could have been friends. My brother, Randy,

was a ’75 graduate so I hung out with a lot of his friends. She is an author

I deeply admire. I was interested in knowing how she reached her level

of writing and productivity. Her most recent book, “Flesh and Blood,”

was published in November, 2014.


I enjoy her murder mysteries that often dwell upon the forensics found in

the coroner’s office. Ms. Cornwell says her favorite book for years, one she

carried around everywhere, was titled, “The Inner Game of Tennis.” She

has been a tennis player yet never became a professional tennis player.

She suggests there is much to find in the book about life. She also slyly

mentioned in AARP magazine, that she may not play like a pro, but she

has through her writing and recognition been able to make friends with

Billie Jean King. Timothy Gallwey wrote this book Patricia admired and



Although she does not mention sleep and creativity, I imagine she would

say she discovered some of her best plot lines while sleeping. I contemplate

how rest can prepare you for reaching your own personal goals.

Patricia Cornwell on her personal motivation:

“After reading the book, “The Inner Game of Tennis,” I made it my ambition

to pay attention and not live a fear-driven life. When I sit down to write, I

remind myself to stay in the moment.”


J.M. Barrie, author of “Peter Pan,” is often quoted:

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able

to do it.”


Sometimes, as in Peter Pan, it is fun to be child-like. In “Downton


Elizabeth McGovern portrays the character, “Cora,” Countess of Grantham.

In her personal life, she may not be so serious, as exhibited by this quote:

“You’re only young once, but you can be immature forever.”


Hmm. . .Or is this possibly a ‘slam’ on those who tend to act immature,

even as adults. . . up to your own interpretation.

Fire House Gazebo


I am looking forward to later today, Sunday, August 10, ’14, to listening

in the grass to two local musicians, Morgan Treni and Andrew Shaw.

I invited my family, grandchildren and some of my coworkers to ‘pull up

a blanket’ and sit and share the good times.

Every Sunday, all summer long, there have been featured local artists

singing, (acapella, in groups, with bands….) and entertaining the local

people who bring their lawn chairs or blankets to sit on; around the

back of the Delaware fire station. The Bicentennial Park has this lovely,

old-fashioned gazebo. One that reminds me of the television show,

“Gilmore Girls.”

A lot of small towns across America, probably in other countries, too,

have something in the center of town. In Bucyrus, Ohio, they have a

fountain and two grand, large murals, one on the west side of the main

street, one on the east side. In Mt. Gilead, they have a circle in the middle

of town, with a statue with War Memorials on it.

In Lancaster, Worthington and Westerville they have Town Square gazebos,

also taking advantage of the summer weather to hold musical performances,

bringing people together.

Can you picture this in your head?

(One of the reasons I don’t feature photographs is so that readers may form

a unique picture, inserting their own visions of what my experience tonight

may be.)

Do you have such a gazebo in your town, being put to use in this same


I am bringing snacks to share, along with bottled waters. I am not

sure what my son, James and Trista will bring. He will be getting off

from work only an hour before, cooking up hamburgers the size of

plates at Son of Thurman’s. I know my oldest daughter, Carrie is

bringing Micah. She is our famous ‘dessert queen.’ I imagine some

kind of good oatmeal, coconut, chocolate chips and dried cranberry

cookies…. (Or I hope they are on the ‘menu!’ Smiles!)

Micah’s brother, Skyler, will be at his Daddy’s house in Ashley, Ohio.

My youngest daughter will not be able to join our gang’ of ‘groupies,’

this time. I do know Judy will be there. She is a really supportive

friend who believes in Morgan. Judy is about ten years younger than

I, who travels to all the places that Morgan sings or visits. They went

camping last time I ran into them, at Delaware State Park. I saw the

two of them at my Chase Bank. Judy is a 1988 graduate of BGSU, so

we can become quite reminiscent when we run into each other about

how changes to our alma mater have come about, over the years.

I was listening to Morgan’s CD and blown away by the songs all over

again. Morgan has an amazing and unique deeper, more throaty voice

and has written her ‘essays’ into songs. I like, “Across the Chess Board”

and her West Virginia song, too. Of course, I am particularly fond of

her song about her four years at Ohio Wesleyan University, her ‘home

away from home.’ It is an homage to Delaware.

I have known Andrew Shaw since he was a little boy, attending First

Presbyterian Church in Delaware. He is a Delaware High School graduate,

but I am not sure where he went off to college. I run into his parents,

occasionally now, busy lives that we all seem to have. Steve, his dad,

served on the Education Committee and often taught one of the Sunday

School classes. We were on other committees, during my child-rearing

years along with serving on an Ecumenical project called, “Peace Camp.”

I look forward to gathering in the grass, gazing up at the white painted

home town, Fire Station Gazebo tonight at 7:00 p.m. But, don’t plan on

coming that late, you need to get you blanket down by 6:00 so I will be

also grabbing a sandwich, along with those snacks to enjoy the musical

Sunday evening.



**Update on the Concert**

Andrew Shaw played admirably on his keyboard, to accompany Morgan’s

beautiful singing. The crowd was an older one, so Morgan sang three original

songs, then some popular ones. The audience appreciated the familiar tunes,

joining in by clapping for Andrew’s solos, also when they could carry a beat.


The original songs were “Delaware,” “Open Roads,” and “West Virginia.”

Some of the songs Morgan sang that were familiar to me, were “Somewhere

Over the Rainbow,” “I Get a Kick from Champagne,” and from the musical,

“Porgy and Bess,” the song, “Summertime.” Then Andrew played “Misty” and

“Georgia on My Mind.” He played another solo song, as a break for Morgan,

but I did not recognize it nor did I hear the title announced.


My grandson liked the picnic atmosphere, but did decide to wander over to a

tree, picking uppine cones and little ‘baby’ acorns, too. He found a stick and

pulled its leaves off it, then he came back and laid on his mother’s back while

she was lying on her stomach. It made a cute picture, with his looking up at

the soon darkening sky. The sun set, later, as we were walking home. We did

not see the moon, but later in the evening, I opened my blinds and saw the

gorgeous full moon!




August Warmth


My visions of August include the perspiring faces of children running around

the yard. The shiny, excited faces of adults rooting for a team. I remember the

coolness of the evenings, where the windows would be pushed up, to capture

the cool and let out the heat.


Today, the United Nations celebrates its International Friendship day. It was

first initiated on July 30, 2011. I appreciate my friends of ‘far and wide,’ most

whom I have met here on The idea of everyone being friends,

is one we start with our family and people in our neighborhood. We learn as

we grow older, especially ones who grew up in larger urban areas, that we

still must be ‘careful’ who we talk to. Children love to hug strangers, but we

need to discourage this action, since one never knows who is ‘dangerous.’

At least here, we writers, poets, artists, musicians, photographers, cooks

and everyday ‘folks’ can come together, trying to unite a fractured world.


Summer’s coming to a close. Sadness for those children who wish for the days

to linger longer with little to do. Books to read, places to go, activities and some

restful, lazy moments, too.


Hurrah for School! (I can hear my daughter-in-law shouting! With hers and my

son’s crew of four children, all going for the first time to school. The ‘baby’ goes to

preschool this Fall. My son married a wonderful and special woman, with her two

children from a previous marriage that made her a ‘packaged deal’ for him! They

had a ‘built in’ flower girl and ring bearer, married 7 years ago!)


Here is my monthly calendar, with some historical dates, some activities and

holidays included. I always try to make this a well-rounded ‘treat’ for you to


Please feel free, in the Comments, to add any sporting or musical events, holidays,

festivals, special cultural celebrations or religious dates for us to know about.

I truly treasure all of my international connections!




~Birthstone: Peridot

~Flower: Gladiolus


1-  Colorado Day.

Let’s hear about what goes on there!

Anyone know someone out there in Colorado?


4-  Civic Holiday for Canada.

“National Bargain Hunting Week” starts today, too.  Incorporating ways to save and to

shop thriftily go hand in hand. (Right up my ‘alley!’)


5-  Quarter Moon.

Also, the book, “Top Secret,” found on many popular books’ lists, will be released today.

Written by W. E. B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth, a military and espionage thriller.


7-  Fifty years ago, today on 8/7/1964:

Encounters between two U.S. Destroyers and North Vietnamese patrol boats.

This leads and results in Congress passing the “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution” on

August 10, 1964. This paves the way for escalation of U.S. involvement in Viet Nam.


8-  A meaningful and ‘my kind of movie’ release:

“The Hundred Foot Journey,” has had a lot of ‘hype’ due to its star is beautiful Helen Mirren,

who plays an owner of a special ‘elite’ or ‘posh’ restaurant located in Southern France. Her

restaurant’s competition is one that is a family-owned Indian restaurant. It promises the

interaction, connection and understanding between the cook who is from India and the cook

who is from England.

Lasse Hallstrom directs this. His previous movies include, “The Cider House Rules,” “Chocolat,”

and “The Shipping News.”


9-  “Jeff’s Jam” (Delaware, Ohio. It is a musical festival where one block of our downtown is

cordoned off, with one big stage for local musicians to perform. It was started by the death

of a local guitarist, named Jeff. Every year, someone gest honored to be added to a plaque,

given scholarships and money from donations. It is a great big party, right in front of my

apartment building!)


10- Full Sturgeon Moon,

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2014.

Also known as the Full Corn Moon, the Full Red Moon and more.

On this date, in Delaware, Ohio, my youngest daughter’s friend will sing with a young man

from my church, Andrew Shaw. They will gather at the Bicentennial Park Gazebo behind the

Fire house. There will be people with lawn chairs, blankets and some sit in the grass. There are

sidewalks and places where dogs may sit, too. Be there by 6:30 to get a great location due to the

limited spaces, concerts all summer on Sunday evenings start at 7:00 p.m.


14-  V.J. Day- Victory in Japan. “Fly your flag proudly and show honor to our Veterans!”

Also, the Columbus Clippers celebrate people over 50! AARP Day at the ball park!


15-  3/4 Moon.

The moon is waning, I believe.


17-  The last quarter Moon.


19-  National Aviation Day.

Also, Discovery Day,

Yukon territory, Canada. This is held on the third Monday in August.


20-  45th Anniversary Celebration of Woodstock.

The iconic symbol of the poster for Woodstock, has a hand with its fingers wrapped

around the guitar bridge, with a dove, symbol of Peace. It was called an “Aquarian


It was originally a man named Max Yasgur’s farm land that allowed the tents and

concert stages to be constructed on, with people in masses to attend.

The poster announces that it was held in White Lake, N. Y.

It turned into one of the most notable concerts that went on for days.

The  Love, Peace and Musical Event of the Century.

This being its historical impact on our culture.

A fact that I did not know about this place is that on this property, a

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts was built. It holds concerts and the

ones performing on its schedule for August include Keith Urban and

Kings of Leon.


22-  “Be an Angel” Day.

Time to do a ‘random act of kindness,’ a small act of service, or Pay Forward.


25- Summer Bank Holiday (UK)

Also, 8/25/1964 was the first United States Tennis match, known as the U.S.


This tennis championship  runs from August 25 until September 8th, held

in the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows, N. Y.


26- Women’s Equality Day.


27- New Moon.


So, get your ice cold lemonade, beer, ice cream, popsicles, sweet tea

or icy concoctions here!

Memories of ‘soda fountains’ fill my mind where some examples of iced

drinks could be found there.

You may still find them: Frappes, Black Cows, Fruit Smoothies, Malts

and Milk Shakes.

Moisture condensing, dripping off glass bottles or cups. . .

Water is a natural way (and the ‘best’ way) to quench your thirst in one

of the hottest months (in our part of the world.)

This month of August, have a seed spitting contest with children around

you, while indulging in the sweet, pink watermelon fresh from a garden.


Try to keep calm and stay “Chilled” in August!






The creme de la creme award nomination!


Karen nominated me for an excellent award which is always special to

me that my friends here in our blogging community still find something

good to say about my writing! I was honored to be among her short list of

fellow bloggers she chose to consider for this nomination.

The Most Influential Blogger Award nomination was given to me by a

really, truly author, Karen. I respect her writing very much, along with

anticipating eagerly, when she comments on my post.

Karen’s recent post about her son, Preston, is titled, “Green Balloons.”

That, along with some lovely posts can be found at:


I am going to not follow the rules and feature someone who graduated from

Ohio Wesleyan University, here in Delaware, Ohio. Morgan got her B. S.

Liberal Arts degree, while specializing in the area of “Non-Fiction.”

I have written about Morgan Treni, a young 23 year old, who came from

New Jersey, has musical roots that come from her father’s being a jazz

composer. She has the deep, throaty voice of an older woman, can really

belt out tunes, too. I have mentioned that she was on Kickstarter, where

she had people contribute money to her getting her first CD produced.

She has been featured in my posts, including one that mentions she

became friends with my youngest daughter, due to her literally running

on the sidewalks of Delaware, Ohio at the same time my daughter was.

I would have loved to have been her friend, she reminds me of my hippie

days, she seems like an “old soul.”

Anyway, on the front page of the Delaware Gazette, Morgan Treni was

given a space, with her lovely face smiling out at the readers, an interview

that included her background and her future entertainment dates. I missed

her Solar Stage appearance during the Columbus Com Fest, but last year,

did get to see her on the Jazz Stage.

By being a writer, one who has written short essays and observations, she

naturally was able to write all of her own songs. She does not reveal her

father’s name, just in passing, music was in her home at all times while

she was raised. She includes on her CD, songs about home, her mother

and a song titled, “Delaware,” too.

In Morgan’s own words, she describes her musical style as,

“More of a folksy-pop with a jazz influence.”

Her album is naturally called, The Dreamer and Other Essays.” There

are all kinds of orchestral contributions, on the album, with cellists

and piano playing.  I like to call her Cole Porter meets feminism!

If you have followed her on wordpress, she had posts about her

travels and adventures of singing in what she calls, ‘beer halls!’

It was one I featured on my blog last Summer called,

But the main reason I wished to tell you about Morgan is, that

I am impressed with her fortitude, her attack on life, her ambition

along with her sensitive and calm nature. She has achieved much,

in such a young life! Her CD and her musical blog can be found at:

Next two local performances for Morgan are set for July 27th at the

Brothers Drake Meadery, in Columbus at 7 p.m. and this will be an

amazing PARTY with song and celebrations for her CD’s release! I

posted a winter story about her Pre-Release party, attended by the

press and two very fine musicians.

The other one will be on August 1oth, in Delaware, Ohio. This will

be held on the lawn behind the Firehouse, at the Bicentennial Park

Gazebo. If you are in the area, please let me know so we can put our

blankets or lawn chairs beside each other!

If Morgan doesn’t deserve to receive a nomination for writing and

being one of my most major influential persons, I cannot imagine

who else could be on the top of my list!

Thank you, Karen for your gift of selecting me on your list!

Thank you, Morgan, for making sure we all don’t just give up.

Best of luck to you, Morgan on the sales of your CD. Thanks for

showing us how to go for our dreams!


The choices of new people, that I have not given award nominations

to, is due to when I got some of my first times this happened to me,

also, due to the variety of ages that I read, places they are from, I

know that it helps expand all of our horizons, to ‘discover’ other

fellow bloggers. Here are some other people who are in my Reader,

who have talent and show beauty in their writing ability:

1.  A college student in England brings up some universal concerns

and can be found at:

2.  Lois, who may be familiar to you, but I have not featured before.

She is from the western part of England:

3.  Someone else who is contemplating life as a happily

single person:

4. Hannah, is a college student. She is special already, due to the

fact I loved that she used her creative and artistic side, to sew a

vintage style funky flower apron! “Right on!”

5. He has plenty of recipes, but it is the fact he includes

history and stories with his posts that makes this man, an

interesting read!

6. Inspirational, with roots from Texas and living in Idaho…

“Nemaste, Marie!”

7.  You’re going to know this woman is a ‘straight shooter!’

8.  You may have already discovered the diverse posts of the

man who writes this blog. I enjoy the international connections!

9. Beth is a free thinker, admires art, creativity and encompasses

many of the same directions my posts tend to go:

10. I have enjoyed reading and trying these unusual recipes-

the author is the Mouse, his female taster is the Cat:

You may think that I would be adding a photo or clip art of the

nice award, but I have done this in the past, with other posts

and now, have lately just sent you off to research the giver of

the award nomination and stating that Karen, she followed

the rules and these can be found on her blog! Please forgive

my applying the rules, in my own way. I feel presenting new

writings for you to explore may be the balance and positive

result found in this post!


A Musical “Night on the Town”


Morgan Treni, that lovely ‘old soul’ that I would have loved to have

been friends with, with her hair that floats and lands over her brow,

her lively bluesy jazzy musical voice and her personality that is

beyond compare was playing at Brothers Drake on Fifth Avenue

in Columbus, Ohio. Her CD is going to be released in December so

they were calling this “Morgan Treni’s Pre-Release Party!”

All day, I excitedly talked about Morgan’s recent musical events

and how this so young girl who just graduated in June, 2013 from

Ohio Wesleyan with a Fine Arts degree was going to take Columbus

“by storm!”

I drove through rush hour traffic to call my youngest daughter and

have her stand out on the sidewalk. The darkest night, with many

trees covering my view of the waning but still nearly full moon, would

not allow me to find her house. We were heading to dinner out, her

“treat” with a gift card from Hyde Park.

I wore a warm and toasty beige turtle neck, a cashmere patterned

scarf she had given me, with a long woolen coat. Once inside her

lovely Victorian Village apartment, I inspected what her roommate

and she had done with the place. Exquisite arrangements with candles

that gave the aroma of a baked apple pie and little pumpkins that

were enchanting in surprising places. They had found most of their

furniture at garage sales, resale shops and I had given Felicia a gift

last Spring, when she had begun to imagine moving out for the

third time in her life. It was a light teal, dark teal and cream rouched

comforter, with multiple silk pillows with the echoes of those tones

with some variations to it. Her bedroom fireplace held her tribute

to my Dad with his book, his picture and a few select lifelong favorite

books of hers. There were tall black rod iron candlesticks and some

ceramic and bone china vases arranged for an appealing collection.

Her corner where she stands to put her makeup on held a photograph

of Grammie O. (my Mom) and she on the last day my Mom spent in

Vermilion at the Lenten Fish Fry at the Vermilion on the Lake club-

house. Both of their faces are beaming and it was framed in an old

fashioned gold frame.

I should move on to dinner and the musical extravaganza event!

Dinner at Hyde Park is a luxury to our family members. This is

not your usual upscale restaurant. You get personal attention and

the server was a really energetic, politely restrained woman. We

had French press coffee (me) and a glass of cabernet sauvignon

(daughter). We ordered two Steakhouse chopped salads with the

young woman understanding that I would like everything on mine

and all of the things Felicia asked to be removed added to mine so

I had bacon and onions that she did not have. I asked for a shared

treat of potatoes Gruyere gratin. It was served in a very hot dish

around 10” of sliced, layered Gruyere cheesy potatoes! Yummy!

We both were served all kinds of bread, (3 kinds, really but seemed

so much more in its presentation with a slab of butter 3″ x 4″ wide

with herb infused olive oil dripping over the top of that!) I took

two white hard crusted rolls home, three sesame and poppy seed

whole grain sticks and one whole wheat yeast bun home, with the

butter on the side. I will be going home shortly to eat that, the

remainder of my salad and Felicia will be making pasta for dinner

after Pilates class. Two nights in a row, one in her part of the city,

and mine, back at the old ‘homestead’ apartment.

When we left the restaurant, we took a few of those delicious

chocolate mints that look like M and M’s.

We only had to circle back a few blocks to get to the meadery,

brewery called Brothers Drake. They have quite an impressive

well rounded collection of brews and cocktails served there.

I drank water and so did Felicia. We met a female reporter,

named Brianna, who works, as an intern, for the Underground

Columbus and is also a graduate of OWU, having met Morgan

through their writings and not through music. Brianna took

pictures and interviewed Morgan before she performed. There

were four cameras set up around the stage where a Baby Grand

Piano sat upon an Asian rug with a plant stand making it look

homey. There was a microphone to the side, one on the piano,


We know a lot of the Delaware ‘Open Mic’ night fans of Morgan

and frequenters to Brooklyn Heights and Roop Brothers. We

sat down with Judy, who has an affinity with me, both of us

being alums of BGSU. She also takes Felicia’s Pilates classes

and follows Morgan almost anywhere. Judy is about 48, so

about ten years behind me in school. She is funny, bawdy

and a character. Brian, a good friend and architect who was

working on building Felicia’s roommate and her a deck

came in and stood behind us, the place was packed! We ended

up sharing a chair, F. and me, so that Brian could sit down.

Here are some of the songs that Morgan wrote and also, she

includes some other places than just Delaware in her songs.

She writes her own lyrics and melodies. She is a lovely person

who exudes energy and smiled, waving at all of us.

“Impressionistic Sky” and “Across the Chess Board” are two

of our favorite songs. She also does one as a tribute to Alice

in Wonderland, calling it “Dear Mr. Carroll.” Morgan can

sing a cappella, with a guitar or plays the piano, sometimes

pounding out the chords!

What outstanding people came to see her! A local and semi-

famous man, named Dave Powers, really tickled the ivories

and had her sing two famous songs. The one that I remember

the words to starts out with, “I get a kick from champagne…”

and the other was a very famous jazz song.

Another man, Vaughn Wiester’s Famous Jazz Orchestra, who plays

at the Women’s City Club in Clintonville, Ohio with Morgan on every

Monday to a crowd of men and women was there to applaud and bow

for the audience. He did not play since his band was not with him but

there were others in the crowd who were appreciative of his coming

to support Morgan!He is an older gentleman and an excellent musician,


Morgan’s original songs include one about hiking in West Virginia with

a man she fell in love with. She also belts out a tune about Columbus,

Ohio, her new home town! She grew up in New Jersey but lived in

Manhatten for awhile so there is an excellent song with a catchy tun

that includes going “home to Manhatten.” She mentions some sights

in New York city like Central Park, too. We, of course, love her song

she wrote for Delaware, Ohio.

Overall, a wonderful adventure and I left the bar at midnight and came

home and tried to remember some of the words, tunes and places she

sang about. I hope that someday you may visit on her blog and she

will post a song or two. She mostly writes about the beer palaces she

sings in for her living.

Someday, of course, her dream and mine for her will be that she will

sing on television, radio and you may have her CD…

Have a great evening!

A Beautiful “Old Soul”


My youngest daughter’s friend Morgan is a

bright, beautiful and musically gifted woman!

When I met her, we had gone to a local bar

that has Open Mic night on Thursdays. She

was wearing a long, flowing batik printed

dress and a lovely blouse with a scarf wrapped

around her neck. She was holding a mason jar

filled with green herbal tea with a mint flavor.

I would have taken her and placed her in a Time

Machine to put her back at least to the seventies

if I could have! She would have been MY best

friend, then!

Morgan Treni graduated from Ohio Wesleyan

University this year and in my post about “Leo”

who I met at Open Mic night, I mentioned this

woman is going places! That night she had sung

a bluesy Cole Porter selection while tapping her

ballet shoe toes hard enough to create the beat

but no musical instruments, just “a cappella.”

Morgan’s next bigger venue appearance will be in

Columbus, Ohio on the jazz stage Solar Stage)

of Comfest in Gooddale Park on June 29th at 5:05 p.m.

Then, next month on July 22nd she will sing

at the Clintonville Women’s Club, joining the

Vaughn Weister’s Famous Jazz Orchestra at

7:30 p.m.

She sings like a song bird, sweet, lilting and so

ready to go on any awards show and take away

all the honors.

Best New Artist

Best Rhythm and Blues Artist

Best Personality

Best Dressed

On and on!

My daughter went to a laid back porch party

where everyone was getting drunk and yelling,

telling “Treni” to “Sing one MORE!” Like a true

artist and professional, Morgan asked for requests

and also, kept on singing despite the rowdy crowd.

Please, Please check her out:

Musical Essays by Morgan Treni at

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