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My Spirits Rise with Receiving Awards!


I am always remiss in addressing and procrastinating my receiving

multiple awards. I am overwhelmed with the love, inspiration and

daily “pats on the back” I receive by blogging. I have such lovely

and warm human beings stretching their hands across continents

and oceans, giving me much more than I give. I would be grateful

for these gifts, alone.

I have received several sets of awards and this will annoy, possibly,

the nominators and the posts that deserve to see the logos and

their “rules” followed closely. But, being the best I can be, means

that you may see the names who nominated me, along with my

latest suggestions of newer and more recent posts I follow.

Hopefully, this will make you smile and enjoy the lists and my post


First, a wonderful post called “Thankfulness” by glorialana, sent me a

Trio of Award nominations:

Inner Peace Award

Sunshine Award

and Loyal Reader awards. All such precious gifts. I am glad to be

passing some peacefulness, sunshine and have the best, most loyal

readers ever!

Here is glorialana’s (Stephanie from Australia) blog information,

please check her blog out very soon!

The woman, otherwise known as the “Hot Rod Cowgirl” gave me

a special 2nd nomination for the Wonderful Team Member

Readership Award.  I feel this award means a lot to me, because

we are all members of a community of writers. We spend time on

each other’s posts, reading and conversing. We support each other,

make each other laugh, bring tears to our eyes and inspire others

to keep on going. This award means a lot to me!

Thanks to:

Another nomination was given by belsbror, a huge Quintet of


Five Enobling Awards!

Wow, this was even better than a gift of a dozen roses! Thank you so


The following award nominations were for:

The Versatile Blogger Award, The Sunshine Award, The Inner Peace

Award, The Most Influential Blogger Award and the ABC Award, also

known as the Awesome Blogger Content Award.

He states, “The idea behind the award nominations is to serve as a

reminder for our thoughts to remain VERSATILE, to brighten up dark

pathways of the mind with SUNSHINE, respect our INNER PEACE,

bring about changes by being positively INFLUENTIAL, and make this

pale blue planet an AWESOME place to abide in.”

Please check out this unique blog which has international flair from a

resident in Mimaropa, of the Philippines. He writes many unusual

posts including about dowries and unusual animals such as parrots.

Suzanne at suzie 81 nominated me during this busy time

of receiving nominations! A big hug and shout out to! Check out her blog please.

Here are ten of my most recent and newest blogs I follow.

I have so many special blogs that I have passed award nominations

to before that if you wish, click on the side of this page, any of the

past award nomination pages to see lots of lists of my favorites,

along the way from my beginning up to currently.

Here are ten of my most recent and newest blogs I follow, who

I have never given a Nomination to Until Now!

1.  Morgan Treni, beautiful soul who sings like a lark!

2.  New and international blogger, Madi si Onu Blog,

3.  Ksbeth, someone I relate to very well at,

4.  Belle new visitor and nice commenter on my blog,

5. Daniel J. Davis, attorney with stories,

6.  Pilgrim, minister and author, who thinks we need more

Irish items (soda crackers, etc.) in our American culture,

7.  Cathmae, fellow divorced woman with new adjustments

and son with challenges, moving ahead now a year down

the road,

8.  Luanne, with humor and grace handles a wide variety of life,

9.  Pretty clothes, style and fashions can be seen at

10.  New visitor who leaves music in the trail behind him,

All of the above may receive any of the gifts of awards that

you have just today been nominated for. I have chosen not to

separate nor individualize who should receive which award. I do

remember being “new’ and “young” in the blogging award world

and loving receiving ANY nominations. Then, I would really try to

“follow the rules” to each award!

Take care and enjoy,


The Very Inspiring Award Time Again!


I was nominated by a young woman pursuing her dream of writing for

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Go see her photographs and personal

story on her blog titled:

“Be Good.”

I love L’s tattoo that says, “Love the life you live, Live the life you love.”

(Bob Marley)

This amazing woman is not only studying challenging subjects (Philosophy

and Chemistry with great grades!) in college, writing and serving on her

college newspaper staff, but writing an interesting blog!

Please check her out!

Here are the Rules to winning the award:

1. Display the award (maybe check out above reservedlove’s post with the

picture of the award! Note: my 27 year old daughter is out of town and helps

me post pictures, that is why there are rare award photos!

2. Link back to the one who nominated you! (that’s me, if you wish!)

3. Nominate 15 other bloggers who inspire and write well, for the award.

4. Notify these 15 and let them know they are nominated.

Thanks so much!

Here are my lucky 15 nominations! If only I could give you 30 or 230!

Thank you for following me and being my best commenters on the planet!!


Jules is always there for me and she may not post receiving the award but

I would truly suggest checking out her poetry, haikus/rengas and “flashy



There is so much to see on Janine’s blog, including poetry, photos, artwork,

nature and how love affects us all!


Maria’s story is heart wrenching and touching, she gives us a piece of her beautiful

self and allows us to share our stories, too.


You will find words of truth of her own experiences and take solace in her words

of comfort.


Nora has some outstanding writing skills and shows us how to get through our

life with strength and caring. She uses literary references to make us think more!


Luckily, we have no restrictions on including people who are successfully writing

a book and making us laugh at her hilarious stories! Check out Lorna’s life story!


I just want to get a coffee with this man and spend hours listening to his interesting

stories, he was in a band, he was in public and private work, including driving a

taxi. Photos included!


Karen has some outstanding words intermixed with beautiful photographs. She

leaves insightful comments and I follow her closely. She brightens my days!


Fadel and his lovely wife are shown in their photograph on his blog and his kind

words and stories are unique.


The Irish Wench is going through some challenging times, but her words will

lift you up! Such a nice twist and surprise each visit.


Andy has the male perspective on subjects such as dating and sexuality. I enjoy

the difference and angles he gives me!


Maggie is so lively and fun to read, go see her blog!


I learn a lot from seeing this Fabulous 50’s woman go to varied places

and show us the scenery and hot spots in her photographs! I tell her

that I want to ride in her luggage with her!


I cannot tell you how many times BeWithUs comments on everyone’s

blogs with such cheerful and caring words! The giving back to each

other skill is definitely their gift to all of us!


Lidia’s pages are very colorful and enjoyable.

I am sure that there are always more people who should have been nominated

and I based my list on the ones who have been recently most inspiring to me!

Hopefully, you will go to their sites and read and enjoy them. Along with choosing

others who would make your own very inspiring bloggers’ lists!

Thanks for reading and many wishes for your continued happiness, Robin

Another honor: The Most Inspiring Blogger Award


                     Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I am sure that people may not be surprised that I am adept at hearing someone’s

story and remembering it to tell others. I also make sure that it doesn’t say last

names nor too many details about themselves so that it remains fairly safe from

harm. I started this blog to write about my adventures but along the way, started

realizing that may get tiresome. So, I have enjoyed telling my own stories, my

parents’ stories, my grandparents’ stories, and then, many other special peoples’

stories. Not all are squeaky clean nor do all have happy endings.

I am very honored and pleased that someone along the way “likes” my stories,

and even better, recognize me with an award! I have been given the honor of

receiving the nomination for the Most Inspiring Blogger Award by:

This is a beautifully photographed blog with travels, adventures and fun along

the way. The woman who writes it seems so young to have accomplished so much!

I am proud to have her read me, let alone her giving me such a nice award!

I am supposed to name 7 things that you may not know about me. That is so hard

and challenging, since I literally “spill my guts” on this blog! I am not secretive

about much!

If you have read about my life, I have told you the things that would be interesting

but here goes:

1. I have been to Mexico and Spain as a high school student for one week each time,

junior year and senior year. I enjoyed using my many years of Spanish and I have lots

of good memories.

2.  I was in all the bands in high school (Pep band, concert band, Symphonic band,

and marching band)  playing my old “licorice stick” as my Grandpa called it. (Okay,

wooden clarinet!)

3. I like to snack on both salty snacks and sweet ones, too. (I have on other award

posts listed different ones…) I think this week it would be salsa and tortilla chips with

hot tamales candies. This goes along with the Spanish theme!

4. I am a hippie at heart. Recently someone said, “Robin never smoked pot, I bet!”


I was in college during the years of 1974 – 1978, suffice it to say, I probably did.

5. I have been married three times, each one special in his own way. Not my true loves.

Nor my lifetime partner for sharing my kids and grandkids with, unfortunately.

6. I love to draw pen and ink with watercolor pictures, children’s books (4- I have written

and not published.) also I enjoy drawing historical homes, I did at least 8 home tours over

the years.

7.Last but not least, I have an interest in all kinds of nature. I enjoy hikes, walks, and looking

at the details in the way God or Mother Nature created the creatures, flora and fauna.

Here are some very special blogs to check out:

I am nominating only 10 (but these folks can follow the rules and list their honor roll of 15!)

1.  Nafees who writes wonderful stories of his faraway country  or  or Nafees Ahmed who has a Facebook page (

2.  Maxima who writes poetry that is romantic, with some photos and art,

3.  eyedancers (who nominated me last week):

4.  Jason who writes a funny blog:

5.  Jules who honors us all with such lovely poetry, haikus and rengas.

6.  Be With Us who makes special and unique jewelry, alway writing such positive and

encouraging posts:

7.  Marty47 who can really tell a great story about Chicago and has a vast lifetime or

cool experiences to continue writing about!

8.  Rebecca 2000 who is from my very beginning group of people I will always love.

I mean that, Becca! She will make you laugh and spray your coffee all over the place!

You can find her at:

9.  Jennifer S. who is sophisticated, reminds me of JeanKerr or someone famous who

speaks about today’s topics! She will make you think, smile, reminisce and also relate to

you as a parent…

10. A new post writer,  (Funny and poignant

concerning divorce.)

Please if you are on this list and would like to follow the rules, check back with the

blog that gave me this honor: