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World Views


When people give me a film recommendation, I take this with a ‘grain of

salt.’ There are so many different interests, particular patterns to people’s

choices in what they choose to watch. This is true of television, movies,

theater, music and cultural events. There are some universal choices that

almost everyone enjoys once in awhile. International movies, where the

cinematography and images are breath-taking and fantastic, are ones that

I am thrilled to receive from someone I admire and pass on to others, too.

My friend, Beth, who writes about all kinds of international subjects,

along with her home town of Ann Arbor, Michigan and her little ones

that she teaches, included “Vivan Las Antiopodes” as one of her posts.

Here is her blog:

We have some kindred sisterhood, which I admit I have been close to

several other bloggers along the way, with similar tastes and interests.

Beth has a reason for her interest in Australia and grandchildren, yet

even I am sometimes surprised at such details as liking the same kind

of ice cream that we have connections beyond what I generally find in

my community and home town.

So, to get this movie, I had to mention my interest to the librarian,

who got online to seek whether it was located in our own library or

a part of our district library in Delaware County. Nope! It was from

Greene County, Ohio, the town of Xenia, where this film was sent for.

I watched it and took notes. I then re-watched it while eating dinner

the next night. It is awesome, beyond description in its simple theme

of how across the world, we are all similar. It is complex, in its terrains

and cultural differences. These four cities, chosen because they are

exactly diametrically opposed on the globe, are called, “antipodes.”

If you watch this, the picture gradually slants from the one place to

glide effortlessly, circuitously into the other one. It is hard to explain

but it shows the world on its axis, so to speak, literally turning from

the one location to the next. The dizzying effect is exhilarating!


Then it is philosophical, here in my own words, I try to explain the

effect this film had upon me:


“We are all mankind.

Look at us, trying to eke out existence where there are few resources.

This is for the desert and sparse land where hardly any green exists.

Where there are miles between homes, across divergent tundras of land.

Trying to make our way among a crowded city, winding between others,

taking care not to enter the personal spaces, but sometimes colliding.”


I felt the movie has themes that are universal, no need to try to interpret

or have the languages translated. Why worry about the subtexts? Just

watch this movie for all the reasons Beth mentioned, along with this

short summary of textures I tried to capture in words. There are so many

dimensions, you will see this if you check out Beth’s post on this, too.














Discordant tones

Musical instruments

Melodic chants

Staccato “coos”






















































Love Story with Peggy + Tim


Peggy is a friend I met the first day of my recent five year job.

She was sitting at a breakroom table and had the biggest smile

as I walked by with my insulated lunch bag. She did not have to

say a word, because that smile caught my eye!

I asked, “Do you mind if I sit here?” Another woman turned towards

me and I read her name tag. I smiled at her, too. They both said, “No,

please join us.” As soon as I sat and took a few bites they asked me a

few questions and we chatted about my past and their children. As

our conversation was winding down, I mentioned that my daughter

has a very good friend with the woman’s last name but we sometimes

call her “Botch.” They both exclaimed and said,

“That’s our niece!”

Anyway, I have mentioned Lu’s story so here is her sister in law’s story

about how she met Tim. Peggy likes to dance and go out around the

Delaware County area. She was out at Roop’s (owner Al Roop) at what

was once called the Army Navy Bar. She was up dancing with her good

friend, Cathy, and this guy who she called “cute” jumped in between

them and started to dance!

I listened and watched her expressions and off she went telling all the

cool things he did: rode motorcycles, worked at Honda in Marysville,

owned his own house, and liked to fish up at Lake Erie.

We talked for a few days in a row when Peggy and I met about Tim.

I really remember the story because I finally met him and it sunk in. She

loves this man!

They have been dating, off and on, for 18 years! Tim owns a house in the

country, Peggy lives in a house about 2 blocks from where I lived in a

housing development “Lexington Glen.” She is a “city” girl and he is a

“down home country boy.”

When I met Tim, I was up in Marion with Bill at a bar. I had talked Lu, her

husband Ted, Peggy, asked her to try to get Tim to come up there too. We

laughed because the guys all went out to smoke and the girls went out on

the dance floor. It was karaoke night and Lu, Peggy and I wanted to sing

but had to get the Playbook or whatever they call the song listings book

that you choose available songs with the words that revolve on the karaoke


Peggy and Tim wanted to sing a duet. We all watched them  get up and

proceed to start a song, Peggy hollered, “Wait, wait, can we start over!

Tim, aren’t you going to sing louder?!”

Anyway, the audience or bar crowd, all hooted and laughed at that one!

The guy restarted the song, (okay it is corny), “Islands in the Stream.”

(Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers’ song, if there are young readers who

have no clue about how this song goes and the BIG CHALLENGE this

one is to sing!!)

Once again, Tim and Peggy started to sing and it was funny and a sight

to behold! We all clapped at the end. Tim whispered some words until

he got confident and Peggy belted most of them with a nice clear bell

toned voice. She can sing well!

They hugged and walked down towards our table with arms wrapped

around each other and Bill turned to me and said,

“That is what love looks like.”

So true!

But, everyone may want to know their road has been rocky. Tim had a

fire out at his house, he lived with Peggy for awhile. He even tried to

give her a ring, proposed and she wore it for awhile.

They have month long fights and they have spaces in their life that

Peggy feels uncomfortable due to fear of her handsome man running

off or getting “bored with me.”

When they are together at the bar, dancing, singing or at poolside at

Wesleyan Woods pool or Hayes Colony pool you can hear Peggy’s

bell sounding voice and her pealing laughter at his jokes. He is a big

teaser and tickler.

They may be the closest they can be where they are at.

This is my first “almost” happily ever after story. Hope it makes you smile!

Lighter hearted topic: My month with 3 Dan’s!


Last year right before I started blogging, I met three Dan’s.

My grandkids made up little chants, “Dan, Dan, the bike shop

man” for one. “Dan, Dan, the motorcycle man” for another. And

the third one we could never quite figure out what would be a good

little way to include his diverse thinking and interests.

Anyway, I met Dan who owns a bicycle shop in a nicer suburban area

at a park with his nephew and niece. He was pushing them on the

swings on a particularly warm late winter day. He started asking me

about my grandson, who I was pushing, who was three years old. I

told him he was my grandson and he was sweet enough to say I looked

“too young” to be a grandma. Micah told him, “She’s not my grandma!

She’s my Nana!”  We all laughed.

I am going to fast forward to where I am giving him my cell phone number

and he was going to call me. We ended up having one nice date. He was

also a big caller that month. We never finalized a second date, but I have

to admit I found out through a long phone conversation, he was a seriously

religious man. He also was not in the same frame of mind about politics as

I am. Dan was a nice man, but I am going to have to say I ‘blew him off’ by

being busy. I won’t call him a ‘holy roller,” but he was definitely more than

I could handle in that area!

The second man, Danny, I met downtown in my small town at a local

watering hole. It is so small, it takes “cash only!” He was younger, wearing

a black leather jacket and had a quiet nature. I did enjoy some casual dates

and our best but craziest date was going on his motorcycle all the way to

Old Man’s Cave in Logan, Ohio. I will tell you that is about a 3 hour drive

one way! One funny (now) thing that happened that killed my interest in

EVER going on a motorcycle again was while we were driving through

Nelsonville. I saw a swarm of insects, I thought, coming our way, but

guess what? They were bees!! And 3 bees were inside my helmet and while

I was tapping and tugging on Danny’s jacket trying to get him to stop

the motorcycle. He waited until he saw a little park, driving straight to

a rest room area. I could understand he thought that is why I was so

strenuously trying to get him to stop! But I was stung by those darn 3 bees!

He saw the red marks on my face and my tears as I took my helmet off. He

felt so bad and we did have some fun finding an ice cream place to cool my

face off. We also walked a bunch of times after that but I found out he was

into smoking pot and I realized I was a little too old for that again!

The last Dan, the one who is hard to label but I called him “Daniel” because

of his serious nature and so I could differentiate my strange month of dating

the 3 Dan’s. I am not making this up and if you ever were to come to Ohio,

to my town, I would have one of my three kids tell you, “Mom is not making

this stuff up!”

Daniel was out on a path in a woods that is by Blue Limestone Park in Delaware,

Ohio when I met him. He was hiking with a backpack, had a water bottle in his

hand and was holding a weird tool in his hand. I saw him from a distance and

believe it or not, I turned around and decided to retrace my steps on the path.

I did not know what or why he was looking downward nor why the tool, he

was a little off the path, and I guess I could have passed him, but my better

instincts were carried out. As I started to increase my pace going back to

where there were fishermen and the playground where plenty of parents

were supervising children, I heard him call my name! I slowly turned and

saw still an unrecognizable man. But I did stop to listen to how he knew me.

Daniel’s father had been in the nursing home I worked at for 4 years, one of

my many odd jobs in my pursuit of my final teaching job. He said I had been

a “lifesaver” for his Dad, a volunteer we called “Sarge.” And, I responded by

saying, “How do you know me and I don’t recognize you? I do remember your

father and mother, Alice, too.” He said he had stopped by one time at his Dad’s

house after Alice, his mother died and seen me getting into his Dad’s car. He

said he also had seen a picture I had painted in his Dad’s den, entitled “Alice’s

Garden.” Sarge would never take hand outs for our activity trips, if there was

a charge like for going to the Clippers baseball game, he paid it. So, after talking

to him a lot after Alice died at the nursing home, I had suggested he come volunteer

and also, that I would like to do a painting as a gift. He said, “make a beautiful

garden please where my wife in Heaven is taking care of it. You know she was

my angel.” Daniel was a coffee shop worker, a spelunker, and an Indian relic

seeker. He showed me one time cases of Indian arrowheads. He was and is a

very good friend. He has moved into my apartment building and we talk about

once a week. Although we decided to not date, we have an affinity for the memory

of his parents. He has listened to my stories of dating, my father’s death, and

my children’s lives. Strange but we just feel like “brother and sister.” Good friends

are always needed! Never can have too many.

That is the end of the month of Dan’s where only one remains in my life.