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Position Open: Nice Grandpa


I have six grandchildren who are all “adorable” as most

good grandparents would tell you! I like the fact that

they are all talking to some degree or other. I have also

been telling them off and on about the dating scenes I

have encountered. Their interest is very sweet and they

ask good questions and give out their free advice often.

I mentioned last summer while at a water park with my

two grandsons, (ages 7 and 3, at the time) that I saw a

“rocker” from a group that I have followed around the

Columbus area. (He always reminds me of Rick Springfield.)

The boys were so cute and echoed all of my comments. I

was saying, “I love your group’s music” and other gushing

comments and they just repeated them along with me.

Kids are so supportive of their parents and grandparents!

They also enjoy adding people to the family, any attempts to

bring extra people to their birthday parties!! (The probability

of increasing numbers of gifts, maybe?)

Also efforts are sometimes done with the purpose of making

or keeping their Nana happy.

Skyler is now 8 and he recently sat next to me while watching

the cars race down the ramp at the Pinewood Derby contest

with his whole pack present. We talked about the style and

the designs of the cars.

This is exactly how he switched topics in our conversation,

“So, Nana, how are things going? Have you met any nice men yet?”

I told him a little of my latest adventures, as far as where I had

been (restaurants, parks, and other places). His humorous

funny retort was, with a delivery sounding like a t.v. show host:

“What’s it going to take to get you to like one of these guys?”

(Laugh track please!)

While over at my son’s house on Sunday, my two youngest

granddaughters were sitting with me on the sofa. They both

like to look at my pictures on my cell phone. We laughed at

the pictures I took of Marley when she was only 2 with her

baby sister, Makyah, only six months old, sleeping on a big

pink sleeping bag. They cannot believe they ever were so little.

Marley turned to me and said, “Who was that man who made

us laugh?”

I told her, “That was my brother, Randy, he is your great uncle.”

He was making different sounds from a toy cell phone and also,

pretending to be the “operator.” How she remembered that, I will

never know!

Later while Makyah, (now age 2 and sister is 4) wanted to know

how to get the pictures to change on the phone and I said,

“Press this button.”

She looked at me, puzzled, “Button, where?”

I think her literal self thought, “Aren’t buttons on clothes?”

Marley asked me, while we were playing tea party, “Do you think

that Daddy really likes when we pretend to drink tea?”

I said, “Why do you ask?”

She answered, “He makes his face turn into a funny one.”

I do know my son plays with the girls (Lara was not here, age 8

and Landen, grandson, age 7 are both grandchildren by proxy,

my son married their Mommy.) My son was combing My Little

Pony horses’ manes and tails that I caught in a picture and my

friend noticed.

She commented, “I wish I had a Daddy like that, when I was a girl.”

So, I can raise a nice man, can meet nice men, just need to figure

out how to keep them!

Lara was, along with the other 5 children, at Chuck E. Cheese a few

weeks’ past. Maybe due to watching too many romantic movies or

too much television, she got me to lean down and whispered to me,

“What do you think of that man over there?”

I followed her finger pointing at a handsome man who was all of

38-42 years old. (Darn, too young!!) He had a daughter about 11 years

old and a son around 9 years old. I agreed with her that he was very

attractive but said, “Does he look like a Daddy or a Grandpa to you?”

She replied, “What does he look like to you?” (So smart!)

On another recent occasion we were all playing at the Burger King

play land and had been through the food line, ordered and chatted to

the young servers and workers. We also had had the manager lean

over the counter to look at the children and say kind things like how

cute they were and well behaved. Not too long after that nice moment

that I was beaming with a broad smile, my youngest (yes, the 2 year

old!) granddaughter went over to a cardboard life size Burger King

and knocked it over. The manager came around through the door,

and really, not kidding my grandson, Landen (age 7) said in a rather

loud voice, “Quick Nana! Write down your phone number for him, he

is nice!”

Nothing like taking every opportunity….

Yes, I have my grandkids scouting for a man for me. Sorry, hope no one

is terribly offended. They want me to be happy, I guess.