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Holograms and “Ghosts”


Malfunctions in different work areas can annoy me, slow me down

and also, sometimes create ‘havoc!’ In the zone I was filling my

orders at the warehouse today,there was a ‘ghost!’

I would go to push a button out (they have a light and a Pick #

on them) and the light would ‘flicker’ and go out! Huh?!

Before I actually pressed it! I felt like I was going a little

crazy, since it would then light the next ‘pick’ and just as my

arm went to grab the parts, trying to ‘beat’ it from going out,

the ‘ghost’ would push me forward to the next pick.

I stopped my Filipino friend, Felda, who was in the next zone,

asking her to come and verify what was going on. Unfortunately,

for my sanity’s sake, she was not able to see it happening from

her side of the conveyor belt.

I hurried to the office, telling our order filling ‘clerk,’

Danielle, about my ‘ghost’…

She replied, “That happens when Don is over there! Log off

and try to re-start your picks and I will call Jeff, our

‘systems guy.'” (Well, at least Danielle didn’t think I

was ‘loony tunes!’)

I logged off, scanned my two labels and found the same

frustrating thing going on. I logged off, wrote the time

down and started to sweep, pick up trash and ‘kill’ time.

You never want to be caught doing ‘nothing’ at our

warehouse! (We hand in ‘records’ of our time used, called

time sheets, so what I was then doing was using ‘Indirect


Shortly, Jeff arrived and watched the ‘ghost’ firsthand.

He validated my crazy moments with a big dose of reality.

It would take him almost 40 minutes to figure out how to get

the system to stop this ‘ghost!’

By the way, this is how serious ‘Indirect Time’ is, my boss’

boss, Mike, came running down my zone after about 15 minutes,

catching me bending over and getting dusty, fallen parts and

putting them back where they belonged. He told me to,

“Make sure you write this down under the heading, “Cleaning,”

for ‘Indirect Time.'” Apparently, we have Big Brother on the

other end of our system, and big warning, flashing lights

must go off when Robin may be “Dilly-dallying!”

As I was sweeping, I thought about Angela An, on CBS Channel

10 this morning. She said that she thought the part of the

Billboard Music Awards Show, where Michael Jackson danced

with others, as a hologram, was “Creepy.” That is the word

this female broadcaster used.

I reflected how it makes me feel very warm, fuzzy, and happy

when I watch my Dad’s VHS tape of him following my two young

children and me, while holding my six month old youngest at

the Lancaster, Ohio Rising Park. I love the way he is walking

while holding the camera, so it jiggles. I also laugh at his

little comments to the camera, as he is gazing at my children

on what we used to call the “Rock and Roll.” It was like a

big metal barrel, sideways, where about six children, using

their weight could rock the barrel back and forth. It would

make me dizzy, just watching it! It would make me dizzy,

watching it on this tape. (It had been transformed or

transferred to a DVD, thanks to my good friend’s husband.)

Anyway, I thought of Michael Jackson’s family, they must have

felt their chests fill with pride while watching this Awards

Show! I imagine that it made them smile, thinking a bit of

him was ‘still here on Earth.’

I feel blessed and lucky to watch the only tape my Dad took

of the kids at a park. There is another short segment (filmed

at a different time) of my youngest daughter while her older

brother (age 3) and older sister (age 5) were playing on the

Vermilion Showse Park’s gym set. She is looking inside an old

lunch box which has Raggedy Ann and Andy on it, taking out

some little kitchen items in and out, that my Mom had put in

there. The half and quarter cups and the metal measuring spoons

clattered and made noise when the ‘baby’ would close the

lunch box shut and shake it up.

My Dad is using a lilting, ‘baby talk’ voice while trying to

get her to look up. He is trying his best to capture this

precious moment in Time. Watching this, listening to his voice,

gets me teary-eyed. I love the way he is saying her name,

repeating it until my youngest looks up at him and grins.

She is concentrating so hard, on the ‘task at hand!’

Hearing my Dad’s voice floating across time and space gives me

a combination of comfort and brings me sadness, too. I wish

he could have seen my youngest graduate from college. Been here

to see how the others are today. Grown and having families.

This is exactly how I feel about Michael Jackson’s Hologram.

I feel wistful and happy, for his siblings, mother, father

and especially his children. That his music and his image is

captured in ‘videos’ (oh, I mean film!) and this Hologram shown

last night. I don’t imagine that is was at all “Creepy” to them!

The other famous people who have utilized Holograms, include

Natalie Cole singing with her deceased father, Nat King Cole,

to me, showed the transcendence of time. I think it is beautiful

to see father and daughter, transported to a place where they

can sing together.

I don’t consider that “Creepy,” either. I love the combination

of both their voices singing a duet, that without the taped

image of Nat King Cole and his fine voice, a daughter and her

father couldn’t have sung this special and sweet song:

“Unforgettable” is so lovely as a duet reproduced in 1992.

Just to remind you, Nat King Cole died in 1965. If they

had not been able to use technology, his daughter would

not have been singing, as an adult, with her father. I am

very amazed and marvel at this ability to combine both

their beautiful voices together. I enjoyed this when it

came out, then again today, listening to their harmonizing.

It would be like Elvis singing with his daughter, Lisa Marie.

I would embrace this duet, as I do Natalie’s and Nat’s.

Here is a list that my table of coworkers collaborated with me,

to make. It includes, images, faces and full body poses of

famous people who have been videotaped, filmed or otherwise

duplicated by using other amazing ‘tricks of the trade’ to

create commercials or print advertisements.

1. Marilyn Monroe, (for perfume or cologne)

2. Audrey Hepburn, (in magazines for jewelry, recently a lookalike

in a television advertisement.)

3. Elvis (and his lookalikes, too.)

4. “Singing in the Rain” trio, Gene, Debbie and Donald.

5. The Three Stooges.

6. Laurel and Hardy.

7. Superheroes for advertising. (Maybe this could be ‘Creepy?’)

Have you noticed any deceased famous people featured in commercials?

How do you feel about Michael Jackson’s Hologram?

The 125th Annual Rose Parade


It was so fun watching something that I had treasured while

a young child, with my two little granddaughters, the “M & M

girls.” First, I reminded them about their Mommy and Daddy

taking them to see the All Horse Parade and the Thanksgiving

parade where Santa Claus “closes the show!”

Then, I had to tell them this was in a far away state where

it is beautiful and sunny, California! They had heard of it,

even the 2 and 1/2 year old solemnly nodded in agreement when

Marley exclaimed, “That’s where they make movies!”

We ate Froot Loops cereal, which my spellcheck wants to correct

me and make it Fruit Loops cereal. We had berries with vanilla

yogurt for our protein and calcium. I drank a cup of a blend of

the two flavored coffees I received. My brother, Randy, had

given me Hazelnut Cream and my youngest daughter had given me

French Vanilla. The combination of those two flavors, by the way,

is scrumptious tasting, smells wonderful and very addictive!

The Grand Marshal of the Parade was someone who had broadcasted

years and years with the Dodgers. This will summarize but not

provide all the details, since many times there were exclamations

and questions, along with going to get the “baby dolls” to watch,

and other distracting things! We laughed at the float called,

“Let’s Be Neighbors,” where there was a big brown bear that kept

popping his head out of the trash can. I told them all the natural

wonders that were named to create the bear’s brown coat. One, you

will be amazed with also, is kidney beans were individually glued

on. Emphasizing the laborious task of doing this to create the bear,

the announcer said this detail slowly, “Imagine putting each kidney

bean on the form, one at a time!”

There was what I entitled, “The Honda Extravaganza!” I mentioned

that their uncle had worked at the Marysville, Ohio Honda plant.

This was not the float’s real name, by the way. They mentioned

there was only one powerful engine with one driver on board. It

looked like the best in the new age, high tech race cars category!

The teachers float was precious with their aunt’s favorite bird,

there were several beautiful, winking owls up in trees. The girls

started a cacophony of “hooting” and “who- who- who’s.” We have no

idea which city or state that came from, sorry!

There was a combined International float between Singapore and

joining Polynesians which called their group: the “Sing-Poli Group.”

It had imaginative winged horses and I loved connecting two cultures

with their ornate costumes or appropriate ‘dress’ of those places.

The girls enjoyed this, got a little quieter here. Marley told me,

they were a little like the animated cartoon they love so much,

“Ni Hao, Kai-lan.” This means “Hello, Kai-lan, who is an adorable,

little Chinese girl. They saw the traditional attire and thought this

was very exciting, too! The two sisters like “knowing something Nana


We had to take a break and grab three “Buckeye Candies” apiece their

Mommy had made for us to snack on. I had instinctively kept them from

them on New Year’s Eve. As it was, Kyah (or Makyah) was up until ten

o’clock and Marley crashed at 11:30 p.m. This allowed me to call my

Mom, get us both on the same channel, choosing the Ryan Secrest

show with the New Year’s Eve ball falling on New York Times Square.

We even said the countdown and pretended to ‘kiss’ or ‘air kiss’

across the miles, over cell phones.

(If you have not tried Buckeye candies, they are made of a combo

of peanut butter ball, coated in chocolate, leaving a small circle

of the tan showing on the top. The image is to represent the

buckeyes from our local trees. It is also our Ohio State University

team name and our state tree, too.) The girls had a small cup of

chocolate milk and I had a refill on coffee.

The next float that caught our eyes, was the Tournament of Roses Queen

and her “entourage” of six Princesses. They all had gorgeous red satin

gowns and held red roses in their arms. My Marley was jumping up and

down, oh no! the chocolate ‘hit her already?’ No! She would like to

be a princess and her little sister echoed that idea, too!

A Pup named Morgan was on a float which made me think of an old

Saturday morning cartoon, “Huckleberry Hound.” This was a really

cute float and they again mentioned the use of dark kidney beans

to produce the brown coat on the puppy.

Another lively, interesting float was entitled, “Adventures in

Space.” This had three really funny and adorable looking aliens

that were on the float in their little space ships. These would

disembark, go in a circle, then line up three air ships in a row,

only to ‘load up’ like a car carrier truck! It is amazing to see

how many colors, just using flowers and natural growing plants, go

into create these bright and cheerful foreign creatures.

The two ‘singing floats’ that we caught were both outstanding all

by themselves, then adding the famous voices, made them even more

wonderful. The announcers and I agree, that the years have been

‘kind’ to “K.C. and the Sunshine Band!” This funky music, coming

from the grandly decorated Mississippi River boat made with flowers

and lots of trailing ivy along the railings, made the girls get

up on the coffee table and dance. I let them do such silly things,

but tend to say, “Be careful not to fall off!” while I was dancing

to the songs, including, “Let’s Celebrate and Have a Good Time”

and “Get Down Tonight.” “Stellabrate” was the float’s creative

name and the wine company of Stella Rosa was its sponsor.

They took a moment to tell us that this annual parade on New

Year’s Day, 2014, had an estimated one million onlookers,

along the sidewalks on the path the parade takes. The television

audience for today was estimated to be forty million viewers.

E Harmony was the sponsor for Natalie Cole’s float, featuring her

amazing and beautiful voice. She sang the song, “Everlasting Love.”

On an intergalactic float, the novelty was a 1950’s style rocket

ship. The announcer surprised us by saying that there were a total

of 1.5 million bougainvillea blossoms featured on this one! They

were a brilliant fuschia color and made this float fantastic!

I thought of Samina, who writes posts about service men who put their

lives in the ‘line of duty.’ This includes a wide variety of policemen,

firemen, armed forces and community workers. The float was sponsored

by, K9s 4 Cops, Canines for Cops. The German Shepherd dog looked alive,

his coat very fuzzy and looking like real fur. The announcer intoned,

“These unheralded service dogs are being honored today” with this

float. You can find her blog at:

I thought of several of our fellow bloggers who feature foods, especially

healthy choices. The Queen’s Trophy Award during the parade was given to

the “Miracle Gro” float, with a catch title of “Grow Something Green.”

It had a lovely, edible garden with many large vegetables made of the

very same ingredients, along with extra herbs and spices. These are a

few named, thyme, sage, sesame seeds, cabbage, red pepper seeds, some

dehydrated carrots made larger versions of carrots! The announcer said

you could actually eat almost anything on this float!

I am so happy that the parade is viewed by so many people, that this

family tradition is being passed down to my little granddaughters and

I hope to mention this next year, to the parents to try and get the

children up, sitting in front of the television while they get over

any extra celebrating they have done for New Year’s Eve. This may

keep the children occupied nicely, but sometimes parents or grandparents

may also need to vocalize their enthusiasm and actively participate.

Did you watch any of the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade? What caught

your attention or eye?