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In light of the tragic kidnapping of hundreds of young schoolgirls

recently, taken from their schools, you may wish to escape from our

current reality. Once you hear that the evil men, who are part of the

Nigerian “Taliban,’ are threatening to sell those girls and possibly

force them into ‘prostitution’ or to become child ‘wives’…

We all may wish to return to “Neverland!”

I was channel surfing between the semi-finals on “The Voice,” and

the fun, musical show, “Glee,” when I spotted Tim Conway and a few

other elderly, fine actors. “Glee” has been located in New York City,

since the members have graduated from high school and are pursuing

their theater dreams.

I noticed Tim Conway amidst a scene of nursing home residents, a

special retirement home for past performers. The young, thin man

in “Glee’s” cast, who has an excellent voice, was needed since

the person who had been cast as “Peter Pan” in the nursing home’s

theater production had, unfortunately, just passed away. In a rather

bizarre setting, too. The character who was playing “Peter Pan” was

in his ‘flying gear,’ having died while suspended in his harness.

I was mentally whisked away to the days when musicals were played

on my parents’ stereo. I felt like I was listening to Mary Martin

singing, in her role as “Peter Pan.” I was so happy that I ‘stayed’

(and did not flip back to watch, “The Voice,”) with the “Glee” show,

in its Season Finale. When I discovered the scene where one elderly

woman, a reoccurring role as “Maggie” I wanted to see who the actress

was. Her name is June Squibb, and she was singing “Wendy’s” role. At

some time in her young life, she had actually portrayed, (shown in a

brief back and forth camera shot movement from the stage to the nursing

home’s bulletin board with real photos of the original theater roles)

the youngest of the “Darling” family. The showed June Squibb, as a cute

little girl with a bow in her page boy haircut.

Kurt (Chris Colfer) has visited Maggie, the elderly woman who lives in

this retirement home, a few times before this show. Maggie’s character is

of a past Broadway legend, who encourages Kurt, when he has been challenged

by being turned down for try-outs. Last night, he had been ‘shot down’ by

his friend, Rachel (played by Lea Michelle), not able to be included in a

simple fundraiser for a dog pound.

Each time the camera panned back and forth from the present older aged

adult in the cast or audience watching the home’s production, they would

go back to the bulletin board black and white photograph. I took a quick

glance at the older person and tried to imagine them in the roles while


In my Roger and Ebert Movie Reviews Guidebook, they accidentally list

“Tom” Conway, instead of Tim Conway, as the man who voiced the part of the

“Narrator,” in the 1953 animated “classic” version of “Peter Pan.”

Do you know why? Because Tim Conway was born Thomas Daniel Conway!

He used his real, birth name in the cartoon version of “Peter Pan!”

An ‘Extra Bonus Fact’ about Tim Conway is that he was born in

Willoughby, Ohio on 12/15/1933. Go Ohio!

Tim Conway wears a crocodile costume in the “Glee” version of the

play and appears kind of senile, leaning forward with a rather goofy

expression on his face. This playful performance and his ‘take’ on

the older male character was quite endearing.

I remember in one of my theater trips in Cleveland, going to see, “Peter

Pan.” It was not with Mary Martin playing the role of Peter, but the

fine actress and singer, Sandy Duncan.

I will not go into the two different adult psychological directions

that have been taken from the sweet story of “Peter Pan.”

If you wish to know more about the “Wendy Syndrome” of the “Peter Pan

Syndrome” you may be interested in researching farther on those

subjects on your own.

I will let you in on a few more facts about “Peter Pan,” though. The

author, J.M. Barrie, did include the character of “Peter Pan,” in 1902

in a novel called, “The Little White Bird.” There is a lovely illustration

on Wikipedia from that book.

Later, it was published in 1904, as a play production known as “Peter Pan

or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up.”

Now, let’s sing together, “I won’t grow up, I don’t want to go to school,

for growing up…”

Wish we could all escape to childhood…

Maybe not the dangers of “Captain Hook,” his band of pirates and the

crocodile who swallowed a clock, though.

This Actor Deserves the Oscar! (March 2, 2014)


With a few days off from the library, weather conditions

and changes in the month, I feel like I am ‘behind’ on my

posts! I was excited, while anticipating the month leading

to the Oscars, about the Turner Classic Movies’ “kick off”

show called, “And the Oscar Goes To…”

Turner Classics held it at 8 p.m. on Saturday, February 1st.

The messy day had been icy and snowy. Brr! Just the right

show to cap off an evening!

The featured 10 Best Picture nominees from 1939 were aired

throughout that day. They also aired a new documentary film

about 85 years of Academy Awards. The film included famous

actors, actresses and filmmakers who were interviewed for

this auspicious occasion.

Since the rest of the month will feature past movie winners

it will be an excellent time to check out your television

guide for which channel TCM is located on! Also, if you have

a chance you may try to see some of the current nominees,

in varied categories. If the movie, “12 Years a Slave” comes

back to your town or city, I would highly recommend trying

to view it.

The “Vanity Fair” magazine photograph on their cover this

month, shot by the famous Annie Lebowith, features Julia

Roberts, George Clooney, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Idris Elba.

The fine acting of an individual sometimes escapes one’s

notice. As I did not “see” who was the person playing the

character of the translator in “Amistad,” (1997). Nor did I

really try to determine the handsome man behind the face

in “Love Actually” (2003), who married Keira Knightley’s

character. Even though this is one of my youngest daughter’s

and my favorite Christmas movies!

Lastly, I had not realized that wearing those “Kinky Boots,”

(2005), was the actor, otherwise known as Chiwetel Ejifor.

How could I have not noticed the “Who” that was behind such

intriguing characters as in “American Gangster,” “Salt” and

“2012?” Because, Ejiofor, is able to immerse himself into

his diverse character roles, so well, that you don’t imagine

he is an actor. He became the “real” man who had to endure

slavery, as in 2013’s, “12 Years A Slave.”

This year, celebrating some of the greatest movies I have

ever seen, we will have the 86th Academy Awards ceremony,

in less than a month. You still have time to catch up on

your viewing!

Known from 2013 onward, I believe, Chiwetel Ejiofor will be

recognized finally. He will be known as the man who played

Solomon Northrup, in “12 Years A Slave.”

What are his roots? His parents were born in Nigeria. Ejiofor

was born in 1977. He was raised in England and attended the

British National Youth Theatre in 1995. That is where he

tried out for the scholarship to London’s prestigious Academy

of Music and Dramatic Arts. At age 19, Ejiofor was only three

months into his coursework there, having earned his scholarship,

when he was ‘discovered’ by Steven Spielberg. He was chosen to

play the character, Ensign James Covey, also regarded as the

interpreter in “Amistad.”

What dreams other actors have had and not been discovered?

How many actors have worked in different fields, everything

from cab drivers, carpenters, waiters (or servers) for years,

only to make it into a commercial or small acting part?

I enjoyed the action thriller known as “2012,” in which Ejiofor

played the character, “Dr. Adrian Helmsley.” Ejiofor’s father

had been a doctor possibly his inspiration, while he performed

in this scientific role.

I look forward to watching the Academy Awards ceremony with

the funny Ellen Degeneres hosting. I watched, “12 Years A Slave”

when it first came out, with my good guy friend, Bill. I also

wrote an informative post that included a short review. I knew

I had just seen a dynamic, powerful and moving cast of actors.

I believe that this story will someday be featured on TCM as a

‘classic’ movie.

It was Ejiofor’s portrayal of Solomon that really fascinated

me. If you have not seen this movie, try it, think about it,

and realize it may change your life. I have been thinking about

Solomon, why he would write this story, that included his real

gratitude. This incredible story is less about his not being

filled with anger and more of his forgiveness. I value many of

his human characteristics, including his perseverance through

all of his pain. Not a spoiler alert, to tell you that Solomon

showed drive and a continued conviction that he was once a

freed man.

The road through hell is unquestionably a difficult one to


An original copy of Solomon’s late 1800’s book that includes

pen and ink illustrations was what inspired the movie. Before

Ejiofor took the role, he had doubts about his abilities to

portray Solomon. When he was shown an illustration which

depicts Solomon looking somewhat bewildered and scared, yet

calm in his demeanor, he decided he wanted to take the part.

This picture, supposedly, moved Ejiofor. He wanted to become

that man in the drawing.

I think he did extremely well. During the course of filming

the movie, and even now, in his mind, Chiwetel Ejiofor feels

irrevocably changed.

This emotionally moves me, when someone in in character, like

Sandra Bullock was in her recent 2013 “Gravity” space movie.

Also, in her part of playing a fairly wealthy woman who

changed her own life, along with her family’s to take in a

homeless man, in “The Blind Side.” The incredible true story

of Michael Oher, also shows the difference that man made in

their lives, too.

While I am on the road to my Mom’s this weekend, I hope to

have some great music playing on the radio and unwinding

from a very stressful week.

On the road to the Oscar’s, please share with me any movies

you wish to recommend!

You’re the Inspiration


I love the song by the group Chicago, entitled “You’re the


Here are some lyrics that speak to me about why you, the readers

and commenters to my blog, are special and incredibly inspire me!

“You know our love was meant to be

the kind of love that lasts forever.

And I want you here with me tonight

until the end of time.

You should know

Everywhere I go

Always on my mind…

in my heart

in my soul…”

(Peter Cetera sings, Chicago 17 album)

I have to say, I do carry you around in my heart and in my soul.

I am nominated for an awesome award called the Very Inspiring

Blogger Award. I appreciate it very much and especially this award

means a lot to me coming from Shandra who has stories and poems

to share, along with her Heart Wide Open Ministry. She has a passion

of empowering women and children to see themselves the way God does.

Shandra’s blog can be found at:

The rules for accepting the nomination goes like this:

1. Display the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

2. Link back to the person who so kindly nominated you.

(see above about Shandra!)

3. State 7 things about yourself. (That will be a challenge

since I pour out a lot to you…)

4. Nominate 15 bloggers who inspire you.

5. Notify the 15 bloggers so they may get all excited and receive

their award!

Here are seven random things you may or may not know about


1. I am a people watcher,

2. like to talk to strangers,

3. listen in on other people’s conversations,

4. I feel like a reporter!

5. I enjoy movies,

6.  listening to music of all types,


7. watch a lot of television, too.

And now, here are the Nominees who I have never before

given credit to:

1.Uzoma (far away in Nigeria but close soul)

2.Suzie (life, stories, great commenter!)

3. Phoenix Flights (some wild and unique posts)

4. Yoshiko (gentle spirit)

5. M- (nice posts)

6.Kay Bee Bee (single with stories to tell)

7. The Real Darla (some karma, tarot, elements…)

8. Evie (different perspective)

9. Theresa (humor, poems and prose.)

10. Carol (stories, restoration of cottage, plus!)

11. Bill Brown (illustrator)

12. Hands on Bowie (cute kitties!)

13. Andra

14. A friend of Jesus

15. Mom, wife of 40 blogging a year today!