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Twin Double Feature


Are you old enough to have enjoyed going to the drive-in movies

and seeing a double feature? I won’t ask how many of you actually

watched the films! How appropriate to share two stories about the

Color of Green, today.

(Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead, “Spring ahead!” for

those of you that live in this part of the country!) I am

about to tell you two uplifting and refreshing stories about

the power of giving, helping and money.

Have you already heard about the man who gave away $1000?

This story has gone viral! It all started with a prankster,

named Magic of Rahat. He has a way of usually pranking his

friends and neighbors, capturing his antics on film. This

time, he decided to “pay it forward.” The wonderful result

is of a homeless man being given a lottery ticket. (There

was an arrangement made prior to this action.)

The homeless man in Virginia, goes into a convenience store,

handing it to the clerk. The ticket was not a winning ticket,

but the man behind the counter hands him $1000, telling him

that it is a winning ticket.

The homeless man’s reaction is “priceless.”

The homeless man cries, tries to share the money.

He says, “This right here is enough for me.”

Then he offers the rest to the convenience clerk.

He tells Magic of Rahat, (paraphrased),

“Nothing good like this has ever happened to me before.”

When he finds out Magic of Rahat has been the source of the

gift, the man having teary eyes adds more,

“I have never had a friend, had somebody do what you did.


In this story, both the homeless man (the receiver) and the

gifter, were African American. This heartwarming story got

to me, earlier this week.

The second story, in this double dose of great tidings is

about caring and helpful teenagers. Imagine that! I heard

this wonderful act of kindness on ABC This Morning, Saturday

March 8, 2014. The next time someone is ‘picking on lazy

or thoughtless teens,’ think of this message!

In Lawton, Oklahoma a group of teenagers were walking along

a street. They heard someone’s faint, plaintive cries for

help. I am surprised that they could hear the sound. There

could have been some rowdiness, loudness and they would

have missed a man’s appeals. The two boys who decided to

stick around and ask the man what happened, were hearing

a voice from under a manhole!

They are average-looking boys, but are super heroes in my


The man had seen a twenty dollar bill floating along in

water, slip down a storm drain pipe. He had somehow fit

himself into it, trying to follow the money. The man,

who was calling out, had been down there an estimated

two days! He was dehydrated and disoriented, as reported

by the newscasters. He had been shouting and trying to get

attention from passers-by for those two days and along

came the two young men.

The boys called “911” and told the operator that they

thought the man would need help out of his predicament,

along with an ambulance.

The desperate state of the man impressed the teens, they

looked at each other when it was over, the dazed man

being rushed to the hospital saying,

“Did we just save a man’s life?”

What an uplifting story and hopefully, a powerful impact

on their futures. These twin pair of stories show us

the goodness possible in humanity and how relationships

make a difference.

Here is a quotation that if stretched can include the

color green:

“The color within us can color the world around us.”

By Thomas Kinkade.

Nothing better on a Saturday morning, to begin the day

with good news, huh?

You can check out the end result of this story. Who the

man was and how he is doing online. The name and hospital

had not been released when I heard this story.

You may wish to include these fine young men, who I did

not hear the names of, in your thoughts (and/or prayers.)

I will hope that those teenagers continue

to realize what a difference they made…

by listening to someone who needed them to listen.