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Summer is a Time for Healthy Retreats


I have been on a lot of spiritual retreats as well as many

work related team-building retreats. My youngest daughter

is at the Deer Creek State Park Lodge, where she is getting

pumped up in her part-time career of being a Health and

Wellness Coach!

There are benefits to living with a daughter who every

time you go to the store you say, “What would ______

buy?” It definitely keeps you on your toes, out of the pop,

junk, snack and bakery aisles!

Her frequent complaints include,

“Mom! Do you know anything about how much

hydrogenated fats that cookie or muffin has in it?”

“Mom! Do you know you can get just as much protein from

kale, broccoli, quinoa, black beans or (insert any other healthy

food choice here)?

“Mom! Do you know that creamer has a ton of corn syrup and

fats in it?”

This could fill several posts how my daily diet needs to be much

healthier and I need to make healthy choices!

I make sure I purchase some dark chocolate to indulge in;

its good for the heart (and still a treat!)

I am going to add a nice quote at this point to this post to

refrain from going on any longer on a “kind” and “loving”


This is what she says when she is looking after me!

She is just being “kind” and “loving” so she can have her

“Mama” here with her forever.” I know, “Awww!”

I like to say or read these encouraging words when I feel

I have gotten off track of my goals, fallen “off the healthy

diet wagon” or just ‘having a bad day!’ I like to say I am

retreating from the battle and regaining my composure.

This quote was kept in  Paul “Bear” Bryant’s wallet from

when he became an adult and carried throughout his life:

“This is the beginning of a new day,

God has given me this day to use as I will.

I can waste it or use it for good.

What I do today is very important

because I am exchanging

a day of my life for it.

When tomorrow comes,

this day will be gone forever

leaving something in its place

I have traded for it.

I want it to be a gain, not a loss – –

good, not evil.

Success, not failure.

In order that I shall not

foresee the price I paid for it.”

Healthy retreats in our daily lives can include communing with

nature on a walk, bicycling down a path or sitting on a park bench.

We can meditate or seek a peace that “passeth all understanding”

by talking or praying with God/Allah/Mother Nature/Higher Being.

We can also share, help, listen and go a few steps extra in our daily

walks through Life. This will build good karma (kharma) and what

goes around, comes around.

Don’t retreat completely from the work ahead.

Just stop. Breathe in deeply. Breathe out with a “whoosh!”

Take a respite and drink some water to quench your thirst.

Now, get up fully rejuvenated to continue your Journey!

Summer has just begun with the Summer Solstice (June 21)

and the Full Strawberry Moon tomorrow night (June 23).