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Early Sunday Sillies


I will be working on this Sunday, to “earn” my Friday off after

Thanksgiving. I am glad to be here at the library, able to post a

Sunday silly post for your enjoyment today or tomorrow. You

know, when we write daily, we assume people are reading daily

but sometimes this will be read a whole week, month or someday

in the future!

I am happy to say my Dad used to read to my brothers and me,

while we waited for my mother to get ready for church every Sunday.

My Dad used the philosophy that is echoed in a wonderful, special

song that Andy Griffith sings with Brad Paisley, “Waiting on a Woman.”

If you have not heard this, be prepared for a lovely and emotional,

sentimental song. I get teary-eyed often, when I hear it or especially,

if I watch it. My Dad is in Heaven, I believe and is “waiting on his

woman.” That will tell you the gist of the song, but it is aimed at

impatient people who want their significant other to hurry up and

get ready.

The Sunday comics that my brothers and I loved were varied. We

liked, of course, Peanuts. I have the paperback books of these close

to my heart characters and one, I look back at and cherish was the

one, where Linus is expecting his baby sister, Sally. This one is so

precious, showing Sally later in the book, being a baby! He even

shares his beloved blanket with her!

My brothers liked the ones that had action that had superheroes and

they are probably around in comic books, but like the older Peanuts

not seen so much anymore. We liked the “Sarge” cartoon, the “Wizard

of Id” and we liked the different ones that were found in the Sandusky

Register and later, the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Cleveland Press,

(now defunct).

We also loved Saturday morning cartoons! I am going to announce a

wonderful surprise for my older readers!!

“Hot” assembly line:

The new Hot Wheels’ production of a Jetson’s car!

Here are the details for this 2014 edition of the line, “Tooned II” tm,

also called “HW City” tm.

The packaging says “Born in 2062 and gives the Birthplace as Orbit City.”

You may purchase this car from Advance Auto or anywhere Hot Wheels

are being sold.

“Specialty: Bubble-top Aero Sedan

with rear fin.

Undercarriage landing gear and the ability to fold itself into a handheld

suitcase.” This is called a “suitcase” on the product cardboard literature,

that holds encased vehicle. But I would say that I

remember it turning into a “briefcase” in my memories for Mr. Jetson to

carry into work.

This car is in bright neon green, has Mr. and Mrs. Jetson (“Jane” and “George”

in the front seat and their daughter, “Judy,” maid, “Rosie” and son, “Elroy” in

the back. No dog in the back! The family dog was called “Astro.”

This will tell your age if you remember it from 1062-63, when it first came out,

but it did start playing daily in 1987 onward so that your children got a chance

to imagine the high technological wonders and what they used to call, the “Space


This “Blast from the Past” may give you extra smiles, as they did me, yesterday

while I packed them for shipments to Advance Auto stores that will be selling them!

How many of you are disappointed, as I am sometimes, that we don’t have our own

flying cars in our garages or parking lots? Or that we could have them collapse into

a portable briefcase?

What did you think, if you were a kid in the sixties, would be happening in the year

2013 and soon to be, 2014?

Linus and Sally talk about “Dog Days”


Tomorrow, July 11th, is the end of “Dog Days” as I listed on my

August post. I would like to tell you a short capsulized version of

Charles M. Schulz’s recent repost of his comic strip, “Peanuts.”

In the first box, or segment of his comic strip, Schulz has Sally,

baby sister of Linus, walking along some grass with her brother.

Sally asks, “What are ‘Dog Days?'”

The next part has Snoopy lounging on his back, atop his bright red

dog house. He is peering curiously from his position and with a few

strokes, Schulz makes him look adorable!

In this box, the all wise Linus (who you know loves Beethoven and is

a genuis!) says,

“‘Dog Days'” are calculated by the rising of Sirius, the Dog Star. They

begin around July 3rd and end somewhere around August 11th.”

In the third part of four segments, Sally is in profile, her cute curly

bangs, blonde hair in an upswing, followed by Linus who has thin

lines of hair that go across his profiled face. Linus is continuing his


“People used to believe that ‘Dog Days’ were so named because

dogs got rabies during the hot weather, but this, of course, isn’t


In the fourth and final segment, comic box, Snoopy has turned

back fully on his back, his one ear hanging downward and his

beagle nose pointing upward, he says,

“I’m off the hook.”

Loved Charles M. Schulz paperback books, I sold my collection when

I had to move into my tiny one bedroom apartment. This was one of

my more fun style of readings from the sixties. I also was a codirector

of, “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

The most wonderful memories of my father were of him reading the

Sunday comics to us, while Mom finished getting ready for church.

When she would come into the living room, her nice bright green eyes,

auburn red hair, hat and gloves on, signaling she was ready to go, all

such fine and special memories.