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Liebster Award Nomination


I am very bad at cutting and pasting, or summarizing what

goes on during these awards. I was very honored to receive

the recent Liebster Award nomination from a new follower

of my blog, I also follow theirs:


This is so fun! Thanks again!

I will answer the 11 ?s asked, and if it is okay, you may check out this

blog for the questions as they are written:

1. Most embarrassing bed time experience: In a dorm room, while in

college, two drunk couples both getting equally busy, only about 3-4 feet

away from each other. Lights out, thank goodness! No details needed!

2. I would rather date or love a homeless man with a heart of gold than

a rich oil tycoon.

3. Asked what I dreamt last Sunday evening. I try to envision myself on

islands and in warm places but truthfully, don’t remember my Sun. dream!

4. One of my favorite romantic comedies is one of old: “Roman Holiday”

with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. I also love “13 going on 30.” I

liked “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

5. I would rather abstain from meat than sex for a year, if I had to choose.

6. I have not had a life or death situation and hope to never have one! My

little stories about adventures are more silly than life-threatening!

7. I have always felt I “lost a lot of men along the way” in answer to can

I name someone who I let get away! I was not a good judge of the nice

ones and chose some bad ones. They seemed nice at times, though! (in

my defense!)

8. My personal anthem for a long time was: an oldie “You’ve Got a Friend,”

by James Taylor. I have been liking recently a totally different route: “God

Bless the Broken Road that Led Me Back to You,” by Rascal Flatts. I guess it

applies to my long and winding road/search for love.

9 There have been many fellow bloggers that have reached out to me. I loved

my first encounters with She really

touched me with her personal stories and challenges. Also, the sheer love

and faithfulness of her responses when I was the “new kid on the block.”

10. Most exhilarating sexual experience that could be made into a movie.

That would have to be on a hotel balcony, heat lightning and light rain

falling,  both wrapped in a sheet with only one pillow between us. Passion

and otherworldly sense of being above the world.

11. I am not sure which 60 year old male celeb I would like to eat dim sum

off of their belly, maybe Tim Mattheson from “Hart of Dixie?’ Pierce Brosnan

used to be my “go to” guy in my daydreams. Hmm: Denzel!  Okay, I am not sure!

I am supposed to nominate 11 people and I will tell you their blogs:

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3.   Nora

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9.   Tidewater

10. Wayne Green

11. (who honored me with Versatile Blogger award):


Some special “shout outs” to the ones who have a lot of followers and have

been on my list of favorites since months ago!!

Rebecca who is, Sherry who is travelspirit333, Jennifer is

“40 is the next 13”, Chris who is logosconcarne, Be With Us who is at

and Lacy Summers, all faithful in their comments back and forth.

The Untamed Man


This is going to be hard to say but you know that writers do

not always write things in sequence, right? Well, that is why

it will surprise you that I am going to reveal there is another

man in my life. He has been there on the edges of this whole

adventure all along, listening to the dates and the crazy trip

to Florida. He has listened to my evaluations and some of my


I have another confession to make, I have been hiding a big

part of what kind of man I was looking for, because it is an

external decision. I have discarded probably 1200-1450 men

that have winked at me because of their way above average looks!

You will probably think I am crazy but I have to tell you a short

side story.

My second husband would make Pierce Brosnan envious because

he has not aged nor grayed yet. He also has those rugged looks that

make women swoon and some used to give him their phone numbers as

soon as I would leave the room, go to the ladies’ room, or dance with a

friend. He made me realize how unsafe it is to be with a handsome man!

He broke my heart and that is all there needs to be said at this time.

It made me swear off good looking men, so I would delete and not wink

back at any men who looked like they were heartbreaker material!

Anyway, along the way in the spring, I met a nice man who was very

average, so sorry to be blunt. He made me feel comfortable, he made

me laugh, and he didn’t seem to have any agendas or wild past stories

to share about threesomes or such stuff men were actually sharing on

first dates with me!

Here are some quick quotes to remind you of why this is so true and

right to do: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” “You need to look

inside a person to really know them.” “Beauty is only skin deep.”

My grandma used to say, “Beauty is, as beauty does.”  I am sure there

are a bunch you can rattle off the top of your head, too.

I told a friend who was thinking I had a screw loose because she was

looking over my shoulder as I discarded men after men one night.

I told her, “I want a plain, kind, deep, and good man.”  I know you

should not judge a book by its cover but I just didn’t want to have my

heart broken again by someone who thought he was ‘all that.’

I went on a hunch with this man, a dare, and took a chance that this

man was going to be the “one.” He was (hopefully, in my opinion,)

going to be a faithful and true companion. He would not be a “rambling

man, why don’t you settle down?” kind of man!

I cannot bring myself to tell you his name and cannot think of what I

want to name him now. But I will tell you, unfortunately for me, he did turn

out to be a past philanderer, he also had just come out of (in April) from

a four and a half year relationship with a married woman who had divorced

because of him! Kharma will bite him in the butt, I worried. It might rub off

on me for staying with him off and on again, hoping against hope that he

could be different this time.

As my sister in law just recently told me when I said my second husband

was back in touch (also married and not intending to divorce), “Why would

you want to recycle that mess?” Exactly, this current six month dating situation

was with a divorced man who had just exited a relationship that he had created

havoc in, (oh, I love that commercial with Mayhem in it! makes me think of


I overheard him talking to a friend, another person who dates him. He calls me a

friend, also. He said when he got off the phone, “She thinks I am gorgeous! She

always uses that word for me! Can you believe it?” I told him I would never describe

him as such.

“Sorry,” I said, “but I think you are like me, attractive as you get to know

you, but not at the movie star level. I would reserve the word gorgeous for those 10

most beautiful people they show in magazines at the close of the year.”

Maybe I wanted to finally sabotage the agonizing months of liking him more that I

could say, listening to him tell me about the big boobs on one woman, the tight butt

on another, and becoming the man who may have been plain on the outside but he

THOUGHT he was hot on the outside! I was saddened to think of all the time I was

hoping that we would give up all the others and date exclusively, he was thinking

how can I get the hottest babe in town to notice me?

Last word on the subject: he will remain the only unnamed man on my post. I was

hoping that the plain man might be grateful and show consideration for a nice woman: