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An Extraordinary Award: “Premio Dardos”


I first would like to say it has been awhile since I received an award so this caught

me totally by surprise. Rashmi, who is a fellow blogger who writes “Soul N Spirit,”

gave me an international award, called “Premio Dardos!”  It stands for the darts that

are sent to others called,  “prize darts.” This is particularly exciting since I enjoy

Spanish words, having studied Spanish for 6 years and lived almost 22 years with

a Spanish teacher (yep, that’s my Mom!)

Cultural, literary, personal, ethical and other very important values are enhanced

through our international community of blogging. Her blog will show you the process

to carefully award 15 others with nominations. Rashmi writes with her heart,

passionate about life. I enjoy her photos of her travels, what she sees along the way

and her poetic way of expressing herself. You will enjoy her positive attitude, too:


She has included some of my ‘friends’ who I have held onto for dear life, in my years

of blogging. Beth and Andy are among a list of 13 other fine bloggers you may look

into on Soul n Spirit: seeking for happiness within the psalms of life. I don’t know if

I will be able to follow the rules completely, may end up with only ten new blogs that

I will feature in a list below…

Wishing all my friends and fellow bloggers happiness in your search for meaning in life.

I have chosen ‘new’ people to be given this auspicious award of Premio Dardos.

I remember those who passed me award nominations while I was struggling to find my

way as a blogger. Starting with some adventures to tell about dating, some love stories

which were of my family and friends. Then, somehow I became the messenger of news

and information, which always involves some relationships to people. In this case, it

means a lot to pass on the “Premio Dardos: Prize Darts” to those who I have never

awarded before.

Here are 10 of the newest blogs which mean a lot to me:

1. On this blog, you will find some honest thoughts, photography and a

continuing ‘saga’ of personal content.


2. A fascinating person recently started ‘liking’ my posts, I looked her up and

found a pretty woman with a really nice smile.  You may find Brenda at her

email  address ( or on Skype (brenda.babinski)

She is a writer and speaker, with extraordinary talents of seeking and healing



3. This dark-haired woman is attractive and often has ravens in her photos.

You may find this woman whose poetry is written in Dutch at:

The funny thing is she has her title for her blog in Spanish, “The Crazy

Woman” is how her blog title could be translated.


4. Pauline is a “Contented Crafter” and is a recent commenter on my blog,


5. Dan Antion may have been ‘around’ awhile on my blog and I on his. But

I don’t think I ever nominated him for an award.  So here goes to a man who

self declares himself as a writer of “random thoughts, life lessons, hopes and



6. “Down Many Roads,” Mark Cortland has traveled and is a nice man who

I respect due to some of his recent posts. Check him out at:


7. Yolanda’s like I am, an ‘open book,’ but she is a young mother with her

toddler stories making me wince with pain and laugh out loud at:


8. Barbara is someone I can relate to, admire her talent for writing and

enjoy reading her posts. I just recently stumbled upon her, or she did me…

not sure who started this mutual admiration bond, but here is her blog:



9. This man shows gentle faith, while struggling with a recent accident

which caused some serious health challenges at:


10. Ian is amusing and adventurous, which can be exhibited at his place

of writing:


Please feel free to add some suggested readings in this post, especially if you know I

am not already acquainted with them. I like to think we all are a community of good

friends, where we could all get together and have a wonderful time discussing our

interests, especially how much fun we enjoy writing! Once I include a list of my

favorites and we all were going on a picnic! Another time I felt all the colors of

flowers in my bouquet were represented by all the colors, flavors, dimensions of

my fellow bloggers.

Here’s to all of you, sending you Premio Dardos, hoping this will motivate and

inspire you to throw some darts back out into the world!