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Danger is my Middle Name


For some reason, maybe to enhance my experiences and expand my horizons,

I answered a phone call from the man who had been in Jail!

Well, it was a long and interesting conversation. I had thought I had deleted

his information and he would have taken the hint by my blocking his profile

from my dating site. It turns out this makes a good story anyway.

The man, we will call him, Jerry, had spent 18 months in a heavy duty jail.

He apparently got in trouble with the law first for not paying child support

(Boo! Hiss!) and then, later for not paying his taxes which would have gotten

claims the shoes got a lot of attention and then, after being kind of a bully and

confident man, he earned somehow respect. They then transported him back to

his state and they put him in an even “harder” level of imprisonment. He said his

roommate was big and black and took on a few of the ones who hassled him. Still

mentioning the shoes as a problem he says to tell all of the men who may face

prison time to wear flip flops, no one cares about those. Also, getting snacks with his

“money” rather than reaching out to the ones who wanted him to buy them cigarettes

got him into trouble.

Jerry wrote letters to his children, he says, to try to connect with them and their mother.

He also has made amends apparently for a number of years through emails. He does not

see the kids because they live across the country. He is also trying to save money to visit

them. He seemed to think I would understand all of this, but maybe I just don’t mind

listening to his hard luck tales.

The only other scary thing about Jerry is his frequent reference to his Italian

“family.” Also, to a man who is a good friend he needs to stay in touch with

or he could be into more trouble, named Tony. Hope this is his parole officer!

We may become friends. Stranger things have happened. You never know!