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Don’t know what you’ve got…


So true, all those sappy love songs!

How many times have you been dumped?

How many times have you been the one who broke things up?

What actions did you do to set the ball rolling uphill, just to have it

smack you in the face?

We read about love probably more than other subject. The subject fills

library shelves of books about romance, along with the psychiatry books

that help us figure out what we are doing wrong!

We hear about love in a high volume of the songs we listen to on the

radio. We name a special song, “our song.”

We also go to numerous movies with love as the theme. Sometimes

these are mistakenly labeled “chick flicks.” How unfair! In some

couples there are two girls, some a combination of girl and boy, and

there are two guys together. Don’t they all enjoy watching whether it

works, how it grows, and if it is like them, relate to it?

Someone recently said “I am a hopeLESS romantic.” Think about it!

Have you ever said those words? Don’t you mean “hopeFULL romantic?”

If you were hopeless that would be so sad…