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I’m Looking Over a 4 Leaf Clover


Good luck charms come in a variety of ways. Some may have

a penny in each loafer, like I did in the sixties. Some

may pick up every penny they see on the ground. Some may

study it, as they bend down. Since, if it is facing up,

then you will have good luck. If it is facing down, the

‘omen’ may be that you won’t have any luck. Just as when

you hang a horse shoe, don’t ever hang it facing down! This

means your luck will be ‘draining out.’

Every culture that I can think of has some kind of tradition

or superstition that some members of it, follow. Now, I have

met many people who feel no fears of walking under a ladder,

opening their umbrella, in the house as they step out into

a torrent of rain or don’t worry a bit, if a black cat passes

in front of them.

I have a picture of my Dad in a little pocket of my car, by

the dashboard. I also have a Las Vegas poker chip (given to

me by a friend who has been there and won big stakes) stored

in another part of my car. I have yet to travel there, but

have a cousin, Heather, who I could stay with, when I go. I

also have a little silver ladybug, who is in my luggage, to

keep me ‘safe’ and give me ‘safe travel mercies.’ My parents

had a St. Christopher medal hanging on their rearview mirror.

I never store a purse, sell one or give one away without a

penny stuck in each one of them. I particularly save the years

of my three children’s birthdays. I suppose, for me, “Pennies

from Heaven” would explain this purse tradition.

I was very excited when someone gave me a list of talisman for

many different areas of the world. It is not the sum of all of

them, I am sure! This will, at least, get you started.

Here is the lovely list given to me:

1. Bumble Bee- for luck and prosperity.

2. Anchor- for hope and optimism.

3. Egyptian Ankh- for health, wealth and longer life.

4. Mushroom- good things to come.

Are we sure this didn’t just come from the ‘stoners’

in the sixties and seventies? Party on!

5. Pig- for wealth.

6. Owl- for wisdom and truth

Now, I understand why people collect owls and pigs!

7. Grecian key- for knowledge and opportunity.

You see on Greek sororities and fraternities, a symbol

of a key. Now, you know what the significance behind

this. We had Key Club in high school, where students who

were wishing to be prepared to become leaders, joined.

8. Horseshoe- for protection and luck.

9. Rooster- for good fortune and justice.

10. Thor’s Hammer- for success in adversity.

11. Pole Star- for guidance and safety.

12. Japanese Frog- for safe travel.

13. Four leaf clover- for luck and happiness.

This goes hand in hand, with shamrocks, which is an

Irish tradition for good luck, too. Happy St. Patrick’s

Day, to you all!

14. Buddha’s Shell- for fortune and sanctity.

15. Elephant- for luck.

I always thought this should include the trait of

memory? Like an elephant never forgets. But this was

not included in this talismans’ list of qualities.

16. Turtle- for wisdom.

17. Lion- for a long life.

18. Horse- for achievement and happiness.

This also I thought would include some kind of racing

reference… like being quick?

19. Eye of Horus- for health and wealth.

20. Sun- for awareness and enlightenment.

21. Dolphin- for friendship.

I feel we, as humans, have an affinity for animals. I

can definitely understand why we would show respect for

the creatures of the world.

Hope that this list will have given you something to

think about. If you have a special token or charm that

you carry around with you, please let us know. I would

like to hear about the significance, if there is a

culture or tradition tied to it, or any other details.

I was surprised that the list that was given to me, did

not include a rabbit. As in a rabbit’s foot used to be

put on key chains and by rubbing one, you were supposed

to get good luck. Probably the whole idea of it seems

horrifying, nowadays, since we have the prevention of

cruelty to animals. But, my uncle, who was a hunter and

a high school biology teacher, would have said,

“What’s the big deal? You have to cut the feet off and

skin it, to be able to have rabbit stew!”

Good luck and “May the Road Rise Up to Greet You!”

Last year’s post around this time, I had a nice St. Patrick’s

Day blessing included, you may wish to check out.

Zany Letters from Mom


Sometimes you may think I am taking advantage of my Mom!

I mean, I recite some of her ‘malapropisms’ and share

some of her misspellings, all in the name of fun. She

would be the first one to tell you that she is glad I

write a blog. She has even sent me a new aspect of her

mother’s life, that I had forgotten about. I write about

some of her silly antics, but you do know I love, love

her, right?

Mom’s last two letters were a little different, holding

new thoughts and also, a ‘rant.’

I will share some of the background information about

what is happening, to help place the comments and

complaint into context.

Mom is 86 years old sometimes forgetful as the day goes

on, depends sometimes, like a child, upon her “selective

memory,” too.

My mother lost 3 cell phones since January. My youngest

brother has been beside himself, getting new ones, then

having to program different family member’s numbers

into them. He won’t pay the ‘transfer charge.’ After all,

he is in charge of Mom’s finances and wants to make sure

she has the best situation, for the least amount of money.

Here is Mom’s viewpoint, via a letter. She includes on

the heading, ‘Sunday noon.’ (This would be March 2, 2014.)

“Just want you to know I’m thinking of you and all!

God bless you all!

The sad news is Rich installed here a phone. That, I

suppose, will cost us to make calls! I’m sorry.”

She adds, that he told her to ‘be more careful’ with her

purse and money. Then, (second mention of phone…)

“It’ll cost us, I guess, to make calls, though (so far)

we’ve not made any.”

In this letter that is two pages long, she mentions the

phone one more time, but no new phone number offered.

My brother sent me an email with the new phone number.

A funny spelling and comment comes next:

“I’ve had a drisselly nose all week. On the first day

of last week, it was very cold, Nicki put one paw up

off the frozen sidewalk. It was as if she was saying,

‘this is too cold for both my paws.’ Maybe it was

feeling sore?”

It took me a short while to figure this next misspelled

word and notice she is a little ‘loony tunes’ because

she thinks something she misplaced got taken:

“I’ve not been filanshilly ahead this week. I need to

replace a brush that cleaning lady took. I saw her!

It was the darling yellow baby brush, that I use to

brush my Nicki’s cote.”

Later, after talking about her tablemates, she brings

up the ‘stolen’ brush again with another long and

misspelled word!

“I think I told you the cleaning lady (girl) stole

my yellow dog brush, so I’ll have to replace it when

I get some money. I saw her do it, Robin, she thought

she was acting surupticially.”

She ends the letter, again sounding sad:

“Hope you’re doing okay. Don’t waiste money by

calling, now that Rich has switched me to a regular


Love you!

Love to all,

Mom and Nicki.

P.S. Hope you’re having a happy social life. You

deserve the best. I enclosed something for your blog,


An enclosed pretty sheet of stationery had a short note

written on it. This is what my Mom wrote about my Grandma


“My mother used to have psychic dreams. She’d tell my

father, and he would say,

‘Don’t tell anyone. They’ll think you’re crazy.’

The weirdest tale from her dreams was our school friend

was sick. She told me, in her dream, that the family

moved the girl’s bed downstairs to the living room and

that she died shortly after that.

The next day, our naybor and friend called (we had a phone

line together) weeping that her daughter, a girl my age,

had died.

So it happened like she’d seen it in her dreams. She had

profesized it, Robin!”

My favorite misspelling in a letter awhile back, that I

had written about in a post, was she called me “speshul.”

I hope that you have some interesting family letters

with ‘speshul’ intrigue and unusual characteristics.

If you care to let us in on something about a member

of your family or distant relative, it will make this

letter-sharing post more interactive.

My Mom forgot that there was one time when my Dad gave

one of my brothers a spanking. My Grandmother had talked

my Grandfather into calling “long distance,” almost at

the time it was happening. My youngest brother and I

heard the phone ring. We were staying out of the way,

keeping a wide swath from the trouble downstairs.

As an adult and parent, I remember what my brother had

done to get himself in trouble. I may have given my own

son a spanking for the same thing, if he had ever been


I had picked up the upstairs’ phone extension. My Grandpa

had asked to speak to my Mom. His usual jovial toned

voice was not there; he sounded serious.

I ran downstairs to get my Mom and she went in the

kitchen to answer the phone. I stayed on the line to be

nosy and listen in.

My Grandfather said,

“Mother has a word of advice to your husband, Bob.

‘Tell Robert to not be so hard on Randy!’

Eerie that she knew down in Florida, had that sixth sense

that my brother was in trouble!