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Mother’s Day post


The best thing about Mother’s Day is remembering…

You may have had a fun mom,

you may have had a cranky mom!

You may have had a sentimental mom,

you may have had a ‘straight by the book’ mom!

Please feel free to write a comment or two about your mother!

I had a father who read to us, but my mother would come into

our rooms, kiss and hug us every night when we were young.

She also would say a prayer and we would chant it with her.

My mother loved Doris Day and her sweet and clear voice.

She really wished she had a great voice, but alas, her talents

lay elsewhere! She definitely tried to sing us songs each night

with a calm and to us, nice voice. It was many a night I would fall

asleep to her voice. Some songs were older, like loving you until

the “ivy twines.”

One song she sang that has been given a bad ‘rap’ since there are

many people who say, “Que sera sera!” with a little bit of mean toned,

sarcastic edge to their comment.

The song Doris Day sang goes like this,

“Que sera sera:  whatever will be, will be,

the future’s not ours to see, que sera sera.

When I was just a girl, I would ask my mother this plea,

Will I be pretty, will I be rich?

Here’s what she said to me.

Que sera sera: whatever will be, will be,

the future’s not ours to see, que sera sera.”

(For my son, I would sing the verse including the boy, just

as my mother would sing it for my brothers.)

When you analyze the lyrics, it is not sarcastic, but very

accepting of our fate, and being peaceful. That meant a lot

to me, especially while wearing braces and glasses, feeling less

attractive than others.

I think of a lot of things about my mother as this day approaches!

This week, I wrote a lengthy letter to her, filled with some happy


I also found a beautiful, an old fashioned and a funny card so I sent her

3 different styles of cards. In each one, I reminded her that I will be there

for an upcoming special Memorial Day weekend. But NOT on Mother’s


(She is getting very forgetful, but if I were to call, she would say,

“What’s wrong, Robin?!” )

After all, I have two brothers up there to celebrate and take my mother

out for a nice meal or treat! I, on the other hand, have three children and

six grandchildren here and I believe I deserve to be “Queen for the Day!”

My Mom and I write back and forth every week, usually about 2-3 times a

week now. We used to write a little bit less, 1-2 times, but encompassed

very meaningful discourse, some debate and articles/enclosures to support

our thoughts. I am not making this up!

During the years that I was a single mother, these letters sustained and held

my sanity in place!

I have wonderful memories of my Mom. Also, two very different but loving

grandmothers. I have a living aunt and she is very nice to me. We write and

send each other cards on all occasions.

I wish every one had such happy stories to tell.

I went through the security guard scanning area where they “wand” you to

see if you are “okay” (no weapons, stealing products or contraband) to enter

or leave. One of the security guards is a very nice young man who sometimes

belts out some Elvis songs or makes cracks about “Where is Batman?” to me.

And when I miraculously pass through without even my aluminum toed shoes

setting the buzzer off, I crack back: “I have my invisibility shield on today!”

Anyway, he made my eyes tear up the other day. This young man said his mother

was not kind or gentle at all. He said he wished he had had a mother who did not

throw a chili can at his head if he did or said something she considered stupid.

He also said he and his brothers got “beat” regularly. He said he was ashamed to

admit he did not even cry when she died a few years back. (Must have been pretty

young, too.)

This young man said he felt he was always saying the wrong thing for years!

I was so upset and yet, reached up and gave him a big hug.

I whispered, “Thank you for sharing that!”

Well, today when I went through, he said, “Hope you have a happy Mother’s Day on

Sunday!” (side comment: we only work a half day so I won’t see him tomorrow when

we leave. He leaves before we do, he is a third shifter.)

I replied with a question, “I hope you have someone who cherished and

loved you, maybe a grandmother or father?”

He just nodded. God love him, he could not answer me.

Each time I see someone walking alone or shopping alone, it fills my

heart up with a little sadness. I have almost always shopped with kids

or a husband or friend…. I realize there are loners who are quite content

with themselves for company. And you may think that I am the one with

the problem, since I can’t do somethings too well by myself. I hope you

have someone to reach out to, mother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend

or a pet to hug and love on.

I just want to say,

“Hope YOU have a happy Mother’s Day, with some kind of memories

of hugs, kisses and love.”