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Titillating News from Cleveland, Ohio


My Mom, warmed up from a visit with my brother, Rich, and a nice

dinner of prime rib, sat in her pajamas and told me a rather exciting

story. She and I had our second juice glass apiece of her favorite wine,

Sangria and I had a blanket wrapped around my legs pulled up to listen.

She said, “Why not title this, ‘What does love have to do with sex?'” She

showed me an article about the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

that got her creative juices flowing and her need to provide ‘fodder’ for

my blog.

Here is my Mom’s recent shared story for one and all!

“I am embarrassed to tell you this, but think it will show that in the ‘olden

days’ we still talked, thought about and engaged in racy behaviors! I was

a teacher in Middletown, Ohio and met a nice man who worked on my

car. He owned and worked in a car service garage. He told me while I was

getting my oil changed that he was saving up to move out to Montana and

own a horse farm. I was very interested in his story, since he was a very nice

and handsome man around my age of 24 years old. He had inherited some

money, had opened a loan at the bank and was doing what he had learned

from his grandfather and father, how to repair and service cars. He asked

me if I wanted to “date” and I gave him my parents’ home phone number.

He was an upstanding citizen who was well known in my small town. I did

not worry about his behavior and knew he would be a fun man to date. At

this time, your father had graduated from UC’s engineering program and

was up in Cleveland, writing letters but I was not engaged.

On our first date, Harry came and picked me up at the door, he met my

parents and shook your grandpa’s hand. He and I headed off to eat at a

local diner and on our way home, he drove to his garage, place of business

and we went into the garage in one of the service areas and got out to get

the garage door pulled down. We sat in his car and made out.”

I stopped her, “On your first date, Mom?!” I used a rather incredulous voice,

since she and my Dad had been very adamant during my high school and

college days, NEVER to kiss on the first dates!”

Her answer was, “Well, Robin, there was no time to waste! I had to decide by

November, when your Dad would come to see me and my parents for our

Thanksgiving meal.”

Hmmm…. different take on my Mom, and wondered for a moment. I still don’t

kiss on any first dates!!

Mom continued, “We did this every Fri. or Sat. once a week from September until

November 15th or through half the month. Each time, we would engage in sexual

escapades above the waist. I will tell you Harry was hairy. But, no below the waist

foreplay or fondlings. We were not making big dates, just simple dinners, no movies

nor plays. I told him I wished we could go to the theater and he said it was too late

in the summer to go to the drive-in.”

I interrupted the flow of her story, to ask her a question, “Why did you feel you wanted

to do this with him? Didn’t it feel weird, weren’t there lights on? Why didn’t you go to

a forest or park?”

Mom looked at me, like I was crazy, “Police would have taken their flashlights and may

have interrupted our nice times of cuddling and it warmed me up a lot.”

She finished this three months of enjoying the pleasure of a handsome man who did

give her some satisfaction, but I pictured his really wanting to go farther, too. I asked,

“Did he ever say, ‘Let’s go to a motel’ or ‘Maybe we could take this farther somewhere


Mom again, looking nonplussed, “Why, he knew I was a lady! We would do this for about

an hour, then Harry would take me home. I suppose it did take a lot of restraint on his


I asked, “Did Dad know you were dating someone while he was far away?”

She answered, “I did not tell him, nor did I ask what he did in his spare time!”

She did finish the story saying that two years later, she was married and expecting me,

her first baby. She was at a public gathering, she is not sure if it was political or one

her parents had invited her and Dad to. The man, Harry, walked in. She said, “I looked

across the room and spied him. He looked back at me, he looked downward at my

expanding belly, I was really showing you then! He walked over and put his hands out

reaching my shoulders. He looked into my eyes, I looked into his eyes. I could see regret

and I felt a little sad, too. Robin, he never said there was a future, he never took it beyond

making out in a car with food beforehand. How would I know he wanted me for something

more permanent?”

This is her story that she thought you would all be fascinated with. I was very interested

but am not sure how it will be received.

I did want to add details about a recent exhibit titled, “Nature’s Mating Games: Beyond

the Birds and the Bees.” It is a shared or joint exhibit with the London Natural History

Museum, being held at Cleveland Museum of Natural History. It is rated “PG-13!” It is

so interesting to read about, I had to share! The language in the exhibit is labeled,

“Frank.” The images are called, “Graphic!” The whole show is an extra $5 and is called,


One example of wit and humor, “What Does Love Have to Do with Sex?” inspired my

Mom’s recent (above) revelation. It has the juxtaposition of a British firefighter’s helmet

and a pair of steep stiletto-heeled shoes.

Mom’s final remark on the subject, arrived this morning over our breakfast of almond

crusted cinnamon buns, oatmeal with brown sugar, butter and raisins, with a juice

glass of tomato juice and coffee:

“Heavens, Robin! A few glasses of Sangria and I spilled my guts. I just hope you will

tell your fellow bloggers, that I never drank on my dates. I found out from your Dad

that if I had a stiff whiskey sour, I went below the waist!”


Your kiss is on my list


While I told you about several men who have met me for coffee,

I am giving you just examples of the variety of men who I would never

have run into during the course of my everyday life. That is the reason to

look at online dating sites and other meet-up and group functions.

I would like to tell you that of those 100 first dates, only 3 got kisses

and that is NOT because they bought me dinner!

I was not sure about one who I felt should be in the friend category

right from the beginning. That person is a good man who is raising

wife is. They stay with him, he has a neighborhood pool close by.

This man is named Gary. He is a sports writer and editor for the

Columbus Dispatch. He is caring and takes them to movies with their

friends, too. He recently, even took his daughter and friend to Cedar

Point. This is amazing on two levels, his and hers.

Who has a teenager who would allow his/her Dad to hang out with them

at Cedar Point? Or anywhere these days? More power to that relationship!

I just allowed  time to share ice cream and coffee on the date with this guy,

but did think that we could try a kiss.

It might make me change my mind on whether I felt he was ‘just a friend.’

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

I know that is so basic (probably dumb to make conclusions from…)

maybe not realistic to judge whether there is “chemistry” but it did help me

to determine he was just a friend.

The other two kissers out of 100 dates include the man who pulled my hair,

if you want to look back at that disaster it was entitled “you know things aren’t

going well when…” and the other man is the one who I am taking a big chance

on. He is the “bad boy/man” that I am starting to care about because of that

darn kiss.

Faith Hill is so right in her song about kissing, Cher is also right about

its all about the kiss, and I think maybe even Shania is one who would

agree the way you kiss a woman can clinch the deal. And of course,

the great Hall and Oates, “Your Kiss Is On My List (for the best things

in life…)”

If the kiss knocks your socks off, it is hard not to move onto

date #2

or 3 or….

Unfortunately, I am old enough to know that is no guarantee of any

sort of commitment, emotion or lasting outcome. I cannot help my

reaction though, and it makes me think of a much older song from

of all things, the musical “My Fair Lady.” When poor Eliza Doolittle

is being courted/wooed, she sings a song about “Don’t tell me….

just show me!” Meaning don’t tell me all of your love and affection

grab me and kiss me, man!